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on an unrelated note, can someone please split the topic? it dwelled too much into offtop.

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done some testing
alright so what matters is the Slot Priority Order for conversion
but if an earlier slot number shares conversion with “last” slot spot, they merge and take priority over the conversion in between
tested using global cold conversion items (rings, neck, chest shoulder head) and ele conversion rings+belt

  • if ele conversion belt/rings are on, they take priority over mono ele in ex shoulder/chest/head slots
  • if mono ele rings/amulet is on they take priority over belt tri ele belt
  • if mono ele conversion amulet (“first” slot) + chest, shoulder, head (“last” slots) are on, all cold conversion take prio over tri ele in ring and belt slots

(and all of this hinges on the ingame tooltip/stat display is even correct)

… this is a giant clusterfrack and nightmare to keep track of “casually”/just browsing GT and not remembering/thinking hard about slot priorities @_@

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I just tested both situations. Yes with Avenger Crusher + Bladetwisters, %100 Lightning>Physical comes first;

But my situation again;

Main Hand Chillheart + off-hand Blood Orb of Chthon + Flame Touched. WD shows both fire(because not %100 conversion on chillheart) and cold damage; when Blood Rite activated no cold and most importantly no fire(if main hand conversion come first there should be some little cold damage).

But; Blood Rite is a buff so

This might be the reason I have had different results. I don’t use GDstash so it’s harder for me to test and as far as I know there is no %100 global conversion on 1 hand slot nor the off-hand slot so need a GDstashed items to test that properly to see if main hand override off-hand or the opposite.

Little PS: when two buff collide; (Beronath on MH/BOoC on OH) they are treated as equal so %50 of elemental goes into phys, other %50 goes into chaos.

And apparently it’s not just related to Elemental Conversions but all that conflict(among global conversions); I wore Bonemonger helmet and shoulder, Galakros Dread Plating, Decree of Aldritch and Gladiator Belt together> then removed weapon slot to see if belt take prior, and it did; converted all vitality into physical so nothing left to be converted into aether although there was still %80+ vitality>aether conversion. Belt slot override chest+helmet and shoulder.

Hey Z, cold and undeath seems to go together and I propose a set that reflects that! Something that links OFF and skellies? Like a Mageslayer / Lost Souls set hybrid!!! It would be great and there’s nothing cooler than zapping baddies with an Olexra and watching your undead minions mop up. Call it the Lich set? Mainly due to me 1) loving this game play, and 2) sick of searching for a spectral bludgeon of caged souls or spectral crown of shattering !! Seriously though, this is all I want to do when I play haha!!!

Do you know what happens when you toss in skill tree conversion auras as well, e.g. via Namadea’s Eye and Galeslice’s Mark? (Unfortunately I can’t test right now :cry: ) The latter interests me the most, since unlike the others, its not elemental->X but fire->cold.

Second and final part about my cold Callidor’s Tempest Harra feedback. I was able to “finish” the character in time and I made a forum thread with videos of performance in Shattered Realm and vs Lokarr. Tldr: apart from aether version, Callidor’s Tempest seems a very weak skill.

Since we’re talking about moving Savagery bonus from Bloodrager helm to other pieces - Rylok Crest and Packla’s Visage really need bonuses to Savagery. This is an issue other items have, for example, Bloodlord’s Vengeance got buffed last update with flat fire but honestly it would have been just as useful to grant it +3 to Ascension. Very hard skill to cap, just like Savagery.

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about Rylok Crest’s revamping
Z, why does a Fighting Spirit MI, give bonus skill points to Fighting Form ?!? @_@

Gutworm’s Mark gives skill points to deadly momentum and circle of slaugther.

Fightning form points are more worth, to get extra targets to cadence? Fightning spirit just gives damage

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aeh that makes entirely sense, since the modifiers mod those skill lines
+mod to RoS, and +points to Circle of Slaughter
+mod to Cadence + skills to Momentum
^following the normal trend of all other medals/MIs

Rylok Crest is a bit off the path compared to that, with Fighting Spirit and Fighting Form being completely unrelated

so if it’s meant to be a Cadence line MI move the crit to Fighting Form? or something, because it just doesn’t make sense it’s pairing completely unrelated skills, on its own, much more compared to every other medal/MI and their mods/skill distribution

How can you move the crit damage to fightning form, have to be on cadence instead.

Recall that this particular MI had more Fightning spirit skill bonuses earlier, like duration etc

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Basilisk Mark also gives non-relevant skill bonus to NJE while skill mod is for RoS.


I’m sorry I don’t like posting over and over in this thread but new stuff keeps popping out as I play the game and I gotta ask, just why was vitality resistance removed from Spellscourge Bulwark? It’s very odd because the Helmet got buffed and honestly at this stage of the game it just seems like a dick move to make people change up their builds. It’s one thing to nerf an item’s damage by reducing the strength of item modifiers but changing resistances forces you to revamp how all your gear pieces fit together. I like using Silversand for health regen so it’s not as simple a matter as switching up some augments. And from my experience bleeding resistance is by far the easiest to get and the least I try to overcap…

I enjoy making builds but I would like my established to remain static if possible, unless it’s something like Harra which got a gigantic buff then I don’t mind using the newfound freedom to drastically improve things.


builds don’t get rebalanced with or without your 1 specific build in mind
the fact you prefer 1 augment to 10 others is a matter of personal decision, not that your build got nerfed/broken
if resist were shuffled it was probably for a reason, ex being that perhaps Vit res is in general abundance, or just easy to stack on a set’s “intended” approach

most of the times you don’t see resist removed as a “screw you”, but part of a larger buff shuffling things around so they overall fit better in the grand scheme of things
it’s not about what we had made on 1 build or that we’d prefer our 1 build to remain static throughout 10 patches (that’s gonna be longshot i bet), but things that overall/non personal preference sentiment aside, make better sense or fits more

make a case for why ex the Vit reshuffling is bad, requesting it back because you prefer 1 specific aug/potential greedy approach, doesn’t really help balance-scheme-wise when trying to butter up Z



I’m still hoping that one day, fire and chaos resist for fire item be toned down and spread to acid and pierce resist.

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Accurate statement, it literally never happens like I can’t remember the last time something got a resistance removed, maybe phys resistance on Blood Knight set? Which is not the same as removing other resistances. I mean even when people want resistances removed for acid themed items, a dumb suggestion btw, it never happens, so I really want to know the philosophy behind the change.

if resist were shuffled

It’s not a “reshuffling” to replace vit with bleeding resistance, everyone knows bleeding resistance is not nearly as valuable or hard to get as vitality resistance. You can literally get bleeding resistance out of every single gear slot with components, it’s so very rarely an issue. Plus Soldier has Scars of Battle. Want to nerf Spellscourge survivability for whatever reason? Decrease modifiers on Overguard. That is if the change was intended as a nerf which I doubt.

And really I’m just echoing what people have said earlier in this thread, that I would like some stability in the game’s balancing going forward. No resist removals or shuffling, no more Conduit changes, no more crazy conversions added to items like it happened a while ago with Spellbreaker Waistguard. Hell I even see people suggest changing devotion affinity requirements/rewards, like no wtf?

requesting it back because you prefer 1 specific aug/potential greedy approach

Oh yeah I must be really goddamn greedy because I want health regen in my build, all because I don’t like basing my sustainability around life-leech and gluing myself to targets. I bet that afterwards I’m supposed to bitch about Grava’thul’s fumble destroying my sustain and killing me, for the 100th time in a row on a balance thread.

It doesn’t matter in my case anyway because I already revamped my build with Chariot devotion and a few other things. I’m saying, we want some stability in the next few balance patches, there’s no more major updates coming, fixing missing resistances is not fun. Adding resistances is obviously ok.

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If I remember right, it was asked by someone in the community for the Vitality resistance to get replaced. I don’t think they specified Bleed resistance in place of it but that’s what was chosen - maybe there was further feedback from others that had played various Spellscourge builds or Crate analysed a couple set builds and came to the decision that Bleed was an appropriate trade instead of giving it a more valuable stat in place of the lost Vitality resistance.

It’s still gonna be a while before then but we’re probably getting there I think :stuck_out_tongue:. At the very least, we can hope most/all of the Conduits are locked in place at this point.

Changes like the conversion to Spellbreaker Waistguard are often the result of balancing to dissuade certain builds away from using it. A similar case has been discussed recently with moving the Elemental->Pierce conversion on Pack of Treacherous Means into the ranged bonus as well for the same reason.

actually, yes. this was asked multiple times by myself to replace the vitality res that spellscourge could get in a plenty (at least in my spec https://www.grimtools.com/calc/0V0mPoyZ) but I was insisting on replacing it with sth useful, mostly with phys resist as the majority of shields have it and that would fit perfectly for the concept of a very tanky set. But if not phys res, it could be sth like aether/poison/pierce res. Bleed resist here actually makes no sense as it is generally one of the least valuable resists and soldier can easily overcap it. So I don’t support it at all too.

I tested Siegebreaker warlord build https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoa1WB2. It can do crucible around 6.30 not stable.I really don’t like wps Shattering Smash. He need some degree attack arc for base skill.
Now about build items.

  1. Siegebreaker.
    Bonus 53 flat phys damage sounds as mem because Shattering Smash is WPS about strong dot. Change this to flat IT.
    62% pierce resist too much for phys builds. It can reduce to ~40%.
    Shield can get slightly more OA bonus.
    Shield can get attack speed or mod attack speed to RF.
  2. Runeguard Greaves.
    For phys builds vitality resist is no problem and he can change to 40 DA.

I would like to upvote this because after such a long time, out of nowhere, with no logical reason comes to my mind, now i have overkill Bleed res on my Spellscourge Battlemage and almost no overcap on Vitality Res. I really dont like this kind of changes. Same goes to nod position change on Obelisk that screwed up 10 or so of my characters.

In my opinion, at this point of the game, resistances should either get buffs or not change at all because it screws all the component/devotion setup of the player (unless really necessary though). Same goes for devotion nod switch, it is a dangerous approach at this point of the game imo.