[V1.160] | Updated(1) - 32builds | Deep SR Builds | All Classes | Build Count 100+ | SR 76 - 100+

Hi I am back again.
After a while, I’ve collected lots of high quality SR builds. It’s about time for another share.
Please enjoy!

**Update track: **
3-9-2020 V1.160-1 updated & Added 32 builds
2-25-2020 V1.152-8 the last update of current game version, see you in V1.16
2-5-2020 V1.152-7

This document contains plenty of builds both from this community and that of China. But at first allow me to offer my apologies if some of your builds are left out. Please feel free to PM me your builds. Meantime please be noted that this is deep SR requirement so fast clear of 7576(at least), limited use of elixirs, time efficiency and death control is implied.

and majority of builds of recent version come with a link of GT, and also a link of game video, so you can check out details in the simulator and even more details from the video about its performance.

one more thing, you just need to simply drap the PDF to your chrome, then click on the links, it will forward you to sites accordingly.

Here is the whole thing


我来支持了 :grinning:

能看到下载的附件吗? 我咋看不到呢?

Weird Why the attachment is not viewable?


我用Google Drive吧
显示是附件成功了。 不知道为啥看不到。

I wish I could read Chinese to be able to understand all those descriptions / notes to the builds but at least I can use the grimtools links there. Thanks

:smile:ha, I ve been studying English for a lot of years. Maybe it’s time for you guys to pick up some Chinese too …

It would be nicer to be able to read though, everything will make perfect sense in this Pdf.


I have been waiting for so long for your update, nice post dude! Perso I don’t feel any burden of reading it though, since grimtools tells me everything I need about the build :yum:

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Some of my builds that are there are not relevant anymore - those gt links from like Malmouth era :slight_smile:

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Yes I am aware. But keeping it is like keeping footprints of certain builds. :slight_smile:
Plus, it won’t cause confusion since everyone comes with a code which contains game version info.

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Nice compendium!

Since I am little inquisitive ferret I wonder about my builds and if they are noted? :slightly_smiling_face:

I will try some deeper run with my Bone Harvest Oppressor, certainly have potential

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Thanks for the build post!


Thx a lot love it !!!

Hi Nery,
I am actually following you on youtube, but most of builds only pursuit achieving SR6566.
The reason why we are appointing 7576 for a standard demand is because with fast clear of those two levels, you will get the the most lucrative loot-drop.:slightly_smiling_face:

I have no doubt with a bit more effort in it, you guys have no trouble conquering it, yo just need to aim higher than 6566. :smile:


I aim at SR 65 only for my budget guides :smile:

I have 5 builds over SR 80 and my Oppressor is sitting there, when I rerun it to try 85 or above will quote you.

I know you guys at Chinese community are very serious about SR, so will not throw “peanuts”.

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Thank you.
Maybe you can PM your builds, It’s just a bit hard to keep tracking builds at this forum. I like the old one :laughing:
Most of time, I keep tabs on them through your YT channels

One Moment PLZ
100% of my builds pass higher than 76 SR
You can find it here