[Vitality Caster] Vitality Storm - Vitality based Storm Totem Conjurer

This is what Red Lightning looks like in game.

I wanted to post this before the patch notes today but got lazy and now surprisingly enough Valguur Set supports Corrupted Storm transmuter. So instead of adding it to the Vitality Hagarrad guide I am posting it in a separate thread.

Below I’ll show two setups one is the original setup and the other one will be around Valguur Set


1. Conjurer - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwKEQqZ

*Screenshot with Chaos Strike on LMB with Hungering Void and Blood of Dreeg

2. Ritualist - https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pnyRpZ

*Screenshot of Chaos Strike on LMB with Hungering Void, Soul Harvest and Blood Pact


What is that Conjurer wearing?

Why not go for Valguur’s Life Leech RR?

You are tanky enough for the campaign, but more importantly going full Valguur turns this into Ptiro’s Leech Tankwhich is a different build entirely. For Storm Totem focus, the Groble MI is BiS.

Is Valguur not usable on Conjurer?

It is but I see no point in using it. My current setup gives me more damage.

Have you tried Light’s Defender Helm on Ritualist?

Yes and the CDR from Valguur’s Helm makes it much more valuable.

The Light’s Defender Shoulderpads on the Ritualist look odd, are they BiS?

Don’t think so, I didn’t want to add another MI so I kinda stuck with them.

Isn’t the Conjurer variant basically a Doom Bolt build?

Not quite, you see most of the time I don’t bother casting DB at all. The Groble MI’s skill mod makes Storm Totem a good damage source. Once you get 2+ storm totems, the damage stacks really fast.

Which is better among the two setups?

I prefer the Conjurer personally but the Ritualist is pretty good as well. Probably is a little stronger.

Does the Groble MI require specific rolls?

NOPE! The base item’s skill mod is key to this build.

Where to farm the Groble MI?

Refer to this thread - http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=61826

Is Fang of Ch’thon better than Mythical Damnation?

4% CDR and RR proc make Fang of Ch’thon BiS on both setups.

Is the Groble MI better than Valguur’s Focus?

Yes, that skill mod is the key to a proper Storm Totem focused build.

Is Rattosh not good for this build?

Rattosh is a great devotion but not going for it gives me more freedom in devotions. Of course one could go with Rattos-TD-DG setup.

Is Solael’s Witchblade not usable here?

While it’s true we have a little bit of Chaos damage left on our DB but Harvestman’s Energy regen, DA and other defensive stats is what I prefer.

Do you really need Harvestman’s Scythe?

We have a lot of energy so feel free to drop it. You won’t miss it.

In Closing-

Firstly credits to Superluff for introducing the TD Bolter concept to the forums and to skipperx for reminding me of the Conduit skill mod.

The build is fun, this is much more enjoyable to me personally than my otherVitality Casterthat I posted. I was particularly surprised at the Ritualist as I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much, but it was pretty fun as well.

Hope you guys enjoy these builds as much as I did.



Looks awesome! Conjurers are my favorite. I am going to have to try this when I get my pre AoM vit Conjurer moving again.

Glad to hear it. Enjoy the style :cool:

Remember to check the thread below for Groble MI farming. The base item is what you need.


Been looking for a updated vit-conjurer, this looks nice.

Shaman is such an easy class to level with. Very beginner friendly imo.

Here’s the spawn location of the boss monster that drop the Groble Sky Effigy (image link seems to be down in the post you linked). Dropped on first attempt for me. Spawns right where I stand (middle of map).


Cheers, looking forward to continuing the next few days.

Yeah, Shaman has such an easy early game. Maxing Swarm, Vines, and/or Briarthorn lets you steamroll until you can get your main build going.

Surprisingly the build is almost identical to my own, except for devotions…mind explaining why you took Wretch and Harvestman’s Scythe, if it’s not just the points? I’ve never even used the latter.

All the classes have an easy early game :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG this is amazing! I love totems but im bored with my warder and this is exactly the type of build I was looking for. Perfectly timed release for me :smiley:

One question: did you try it in crucible? I enjoy that dlc from time to time and this build looks promising.

Thanks for all your work

I played similiar kind of build quite a lot and I figured that Bloody Pox is a great support skill. If you trim some unnessecary points of Shaman mastery and some low value overcaps (like Vulnerability), you can use Bloody Pox’s Wasting modifier potential, which is great against hordes of mobs (they hit far less frequently), plus it’s cast and forget.

I am also not sure why you have chosen Scythe over Tower.

Hey thanks a ton for this bud. I have a high level conjurer that I’ve been wondering what to do with. It was originally built for pets but we all know how that has worked out in GD.

Wretch is in my devotion path
Scythe for defensive stats

I mentioned devotion is flexible

I am the opposite, I do not enjoy the crucible at all. And if they nerfed Crucible 170 this patch then I probably won’t be touching crucible anymore

Although the build I was inspired from could clear Crucible 150 gladiator(through DB alone). So if you want to do Crucible then you should be good :wink:

B.Pox despite being good is another click and these days I am avoiding piloting such builds

As for Scythe, yes Watcher has more DA but it lacks Energy bonuses. To be perfectly honest I don’t think I am going to run out of energy easily but I still decided to stay safe

Glad to hear it
With Valguur changes I expected people would have renewed interest in corrupted storm

Thank you for the new direction for my old vitality caster as well. Never found a build afer the expansion. Best one was this:

I would second that bloody pox even including fevered rage and wasting maybe beneficial…
Before AoM, I followed this build of ceno:

I found it helped that with fevered rage they come running at you and inside yout totem range and the kill speed does increase.
Sigil of consumption even with the chaos damage from destruction was not really deliverying the damage as it should


PS: pls add ‘grimmtools.com’ infront of url because post count

Ty Chthon for this build.

Maybe we could use voidheart ring instead the green one and mythtical Soulbearer as weapon to get more energy back.

We can also use a whisperer amulet from shaman with bonuses to Storm totems.

Conduit is good actually. I had completely forgotten about it, thanks. Will update when I return, if I get time today then I’ll update it today. At the end, it boils down to whether I update this or post something new today before leaving

Voidheart ring isn’t exactly required as RR is in a good spot, OA on the other hand could be higher so I am using this

Anyone not having the MI should also use something that gives them OA rather than Voidheart ring

Sigil is for survival in boss fights. You can invest into B.Pox for fevered rage as well.

Hi I am a novice player and I’m wondering if you can (1) offer insight/tips into how I should level this build and (2) order in which you selected your constellations.

Thanks very much

-Maxing Devouring Swarm early on or getting Dreeg’s Evil Eye early on helps a lot
-You could use Flintcore bolts Granted skill - Greater Fireblast OR Searing Ember’s Granted Skill - Fireblast
-Don’t be swayed by the end game setup like that, focus on your survival first. Getting Behemoth, Fiend and Bat should help a lot in early levels

long time ago I leveled the Char with sigils and swarm with bone talisman to spam it on bosses :slight_smile:

here is my theocraft valguur vit. conjurer:


I use that setup on a certain ritualist. I’ll update the guide soon with a setup for Ritualist and for a Conjurer

Guide updated

Changed images for a better angle.