What happen to EoR?

Subj, i played a EoR at release, it felt like a good skill, so fluent, so spin-to-win. Right now i can barely move while spining and any interuption cancel it out. I can`t spin around enemyes, often find myself locked in place. What happen? Why its so clunky ?


Can’t seem to find it in patch notes now but I vaguely remember the move speed while channelling EoR getting toned down at some point. Something about being able to deal damage while moving/dodging enemy attacks consistently made it stronger than intended.

Its not just speed, i get interruption all the way. Anything fart in my face and i stop. Anything block me and i stop.
EoR feel horrible right now.

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Are you sure it’s not your Stun/Freeze/Disruption/Petrify resistances? I’ve not heard anyone recently have major issues with EoR so could be you’re getting CC’ed constantly.


I’, sure it work differently . I even tried to bind it to KB , still a clunkfest.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd2sS1TdbD4 thats how this skill used to work.

Yeah, it stop all the time, recast animation, then stop again, recast animation. Get struck all the time. What the? Its not even usable right now.

Looks similar to recent build videos I’ve seen like Valinov’s Tenebris spinner a few months back: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceyCA7GjkUI.

@Ptirodaktill If I were you, I would test

  • putting EoR on 0 - 9
  • making RMB hold spam EoR button (or maybe even RMB itself if we leave EoR on RMB)

You can use https://github.com/kowariantny/GDAutocaster/raw/master/GDAutocaster.exe for that
I’ve tested and EoR is fluent then and you should never need to re-press+hold RMB again if your issue is the same as quoted one.
If EoR is on 1 then config (GDAutocaster.ini) would be


[periodic casts]

The button is spammed with 1 press / 100 ms frequency by default.

I hope this get fixed, cause 3rd party software is the last thing i want to use. What a pity, i loved EoR =(

Maybe it was like that in the beginning but you weren’t cc-ed back then.

No way, i litteraly played EoR as my first character back to the time when expansion was released. I binded it to RMB from the first second i unlocked that screen and spinned all the way to endgame, including shars, crucible and stuff. It never felt so clunky. Heck, it felt really good, i loved that skill =(

I just booted up my old chaos EoR sentinel (boy do I need to reoptimize that one) and He bbbrrrrtzs his way through normal campaign enemies like a overheated buzzsaw through butter. Only stoppages I get are when I try too sharp of an angle around corners, or Body Blocked by Big Bad [email protected]. In other words: it plays like how I remember and how it looks in the videos.

Either to some unintentional mechanic changes or due to collateral changes to gameplay caused by some rework on the monsters, endgame now challenges a player with increased number of interruptions.

It gets more prominent with channeling skills that need to be recast and have some activation delay. For example, if you have an AAR char without overwhelming amount of dmg, you can easily die to repetitive interruptions when enemies swarm you. Capped cc res obviously don’t save you because you can’t be immune to effects, you still get interrupted.

If i recall, it happened after 1.1.6 release. Many players i know reported of the same experience. Z said nothing was changed so… :man_shrugging:

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EoR got nerfed few times and then with the introduction of the fixed aggro the severity of CC-effects increased like tenfold. So not only you are playing with a chanelling skill with sucky adtch (unless it has adtch mod from gear), but you also get interrupted like all the time. CC-res became even more valuable in a sense that low cc-res makes your life complete hell but at the same time capped cc-res doesn’t offer much solace either, but you kind of have to have it anyway on any aa/chanelling/spam-caster build.

That’s why casters and builds with passive damage/adtch rule the meta and it’s not even close.


I posted some EoR builds and never had a problem with being interrupted much.

That’s because you never test them against high end endgame content, mate.

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Back to the topic; it happens also to other skills/builds aswell but channel ones are the most obvious ones so no one notices anything with %200 as DW FS purifier etc. However since I started the game with the 1.1.6 I have no experience on previous patch monsters/skills/builds/playstyles etc so it’s just all normal to me. You may ask how do you know then? I always play melee, with highest possible as and %80 all CC resist(even if it means some damage or other proc lost etc) so I notice every little interruption that stops my speed mostly which are not always stun or freeze. So imo there is nothing wrong with anything, it just the monsters gets harder when you reach higher levels of things that’s all.

I made fire Cyclone EoR Shieldbreaker with insane damage. Problem? My character just randomly stop spinning and just watch instead of fight.

If that happens during Nemeses fight in Crucible you lose your AdctH and dies in a flash losing the run. So I would say EoR on a character that relies on AdctH for survival is extremely risky and unrewarding.

I know some people are in awe of EoR sheet damage but you can’t fully utilize it.


The problem here, like there are some irregularities with some skills like Cadence or some damage like physical etc they’re now the part of the game and people act accordingly. Now this problem also probably will become the part of the game and some builds that use these channelling skills should be prepared accordingly. I’m sure even with the disadvantage there are a lot of channel skill builds that can so serious shit in SR and Crucible. And if some other skill or build has other disadvantages that’s just the game also. If anything gets serious, people like the opener and you will let the devs know the incident and I trust devs to buff them accordinly, like they do always :stuck_out_tongue: