What's the best Pet Class in the Current Meta?

I just ripped (again) Playing a Vitality Conjurer. Even though I healed to full every tick, I got burst down before I could even pot…

Anyway, I’m looking to play something different this time and wanted to try out a pet build. I’ve played a Conjurer and Cabalist before, but I just want to play whatever’s strongest in the current meta. Preferably something defensively powerful, since I don’t know all the game’s mechanics (It’s always some monster that I haven’t gotten to yet that is over-scaled that ends up getting me).

The way I understand it, Maya’s the girl to talk to when it comes to pet builds?

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Kinda depends on what you mean by “strongest”. Basically all pet builds are defensively powerful.
If you want some faster builds than Mayas, check out AlkamosHaters pet builds. And if you are HC oriented, check out DuskKeeps builds


I personally like the most Conjurer. Feel pretty uncomfortable playing other classes. Conjurers lack sheer brute power but are good defensively and you have multiple working concepts. Cabalist is also good class, although I prefer Conjurer. Ritualist with Ghol is pretty strong, well balanced build. Probably without this set is third strongest pet class combo.


I am (dunno why, I seriously get so bored unless I play HC), you have a link?

duskdeep’s topic list. As far as I’m aware they’re all finished and decked out Legendary setups. If you’re looking for something that is easy to put together follow the link medea dropped above to Maya’s Carnival and check the orange tab for levelling.

Or … (WIP) [] SSF Budget Bleed & Chaos Pet Conjurer (SR 65-66) :sweat_smile:

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Thanks, all. Think I’m going to farm any pet MIs.

I am a bit late to the party, but yes, definitely go for a pet Conjurer.

Do note that my Currently Updated Builds are also HC viable, with the only difference from Duskdeep’s being that he uses Green MIs in his builds for better character defenses while I stick to Legendaries.

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And DuskDeep’s builds tend to be more piano builds. Personally, I play with a controller and yourbuilds are more controller-friendly, so to say.

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What would be your recommendation for making the leveling process not such a slog? The damage is great on a conjurer, but the clear, OMG kill me…

I have a lvl 26 briar thorn (at level 21), but maybe I over committed to it? Having necro in there just feels so much stronger in these circumstances (just for the mages).

Damage is great but clear is?..

Why would you wanna kill monsters that are not 1) a quest objective 2) can drop items you want/need? When leveling, the most experience comes from doing quests.

When I did my bleed/chaos pet conjurer from scratch (linked to above) I never felt it was anywhere close to be slow to leveling. And I have made around 70 chars during 4,3k hours play :slight_smile:


Hm… are you focusing on Shaman side first?
If so, switch points to Occultist instead. Briarthorn is more of a tank rather than DPS until you get to endgame.

If you already have a maxed out Familiar and a lvl 26 Briarthorn, then it shouldn’t feel slow.


Not true according to my experience with my SSF build. Last time you leveled a pet build maybe that was true :slight_smile: With zaria amulet and bloodsworn off-hand briar hits like a truck!

I do not base my experiences on double rare greens in budget builds :stuck_out_tongue:

KEKW even the base items are insane, 65% total damage :smiley:

You should try to level up a pet conjurer in a modern patch Maya!

green MIs IS budget these days :slight_smile:

Yeah, no arguments there. Any pet would become insane with such mods. But I highly doubt that most players are going to go and farm the items the instant they hit lvl 20.

I actually don’t level up dual class builds. Never have. Even the Conjurer/Cabalist build diary and stuff given in my guide, is based on my leveling solo Occultist and Necromancer.

I currently have a solo Shaman in the works. But I don’t farm for stuff and play strictly based on what I find while doing story. I don’t even bother with Vendor items. And the reason why I haven’t added it to my guide is because it is painful to level and I just can’t motivate myself to go through with it the rest of the way.


No I did not do it either, I did it around level 40ish. And it was not even “serious farming” I only did like 8 Zaria runs in each difficulty. Up til that point, focus was birb and dog. But my point was that you do not have to wait until end game as you proposed for briar to start dealing some serious dps :slight_smile:

(in those 8ish zaria runs in ultimate, I got several double pet affix bloodsworn off-hands - meaning that their drop rates are not that terrible so with confidence I did use subjugators of binding in my final setup)

That sounds very painful, if you are gonna limit yourself to pets and no intermediate farming :slight_smile:

I was talking in the context of this:

But regardless, I am willing to bet that other pets save for the Hellhound will do just as much damage or more with the same amount of investment interms of items. Like for eg; A 26/16 familiar with 22/12 Lightning Strike.

Then again, Briarthorn does get more stuff interms of greens. Could add in a Scorpius Pummeler on top for extra Crit for eg.

Yeah, same way I leveled my Occu and Necro. Although… I kind of cheated on Necro leveling with Lokarr set.

Since I like to take weird combinations of masteries for pet builds and didn’t want to bother with providing guides for each of them (like say Pet Spellbinder), simply decided to make it in a way that all potential combos would be covered.

Except the ones that use Shaman as base… for now…

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So did I :slight_smile: but level 40ish is not “endgame”

Definitely! I think it just boils down to what “flavor” of build you want to do. Dog has nice off-hand that you can vendor farm from Hyram and also gets bonus from Zaria amulet and Halion medal. Birb is kinda strong as it is, even though there is no (?) easy to get MI that will boost its performance outside endgame items.