What's your let's make a new toon routine? (no GDstash, cheats)

So far what I got is:

  • get Lokkars set
  • buy a ton of clarity potions
  • get the ultimate merit

Then you start in ultimate, get a mission or 2, instant 35+ level. Then go to normal, roflstomp content and get some devotions. Try elite a bit, get more devotions. Try ultimate again, etc.

Still takes quite a bit of time to reach level 82/84 to start getting decent items, let alone level 94.

What’s your routine of preference?.

Ideally a class-less level 94 toon would be great, but I cant find of a way to do it properly that I’m aware of.


Lokars set, ultimate token, exp potions and as many mandates as I can fit in the shared stash.

Agreed, even with all that, it takes quite a while to level a new char.

75ish to 94 is a slog unless you have something good to equip, justice set/ stonefist rebuke or anything appropriate to your class makes a huge difference.

Gotta apply those faction mandates and any Nemesis warrants as well before going in.

Besides Lokarr + Tonics, you can squeeze more xp out of quests with the a pair of Leovinus rings, the Wilhelm amulet (which I don’t have yet) and a pair of Officer weapons.

I have a few bits of twink gear as well like a pair of Incorruptible white rings for making resist caps around Level 70 and up on Acid/Aether/Chaos a breeze.

It typically takes me around 10-15 hours in-game to push a character up to 94 and I’m not being nearly as efficient/fast as I could be.

GD Defiler has everything you need…

Just make a “base level 94” blank… copy and paste it elsewhere out of the way, then whenever you want a new toon copy and paste it back in, rename the character to whatever you like (in Defiler) and yer set.

*Not highlighted in the pic but be sure to click the “Save” floppy disc icon when finished adjusting. You will also need to switch to the other tabs to adjust other things like masteries available, the correct amount of skill points etc.

I’d argue Lokarr’s set and clarity potions are cheats in themselves. :rofl: Also using merits and then dropping down to lower difficulties. Man/woman up and do all in Ultimate.

Me, I just play the game and don’t worry about hitting 100 asap, in fact the opposite. I want to hit it as late as possible in the game since I play base game/expansions on all difficulties.


I mean, whatever the game allows you to do that is not an exploit, its ok to do.

Defiler/GDstash/etc just breaks the game.

You either cheat or you dont. There is not middle ground unfortunately.

It’s a single player game which supports modding so no cheating anyway. Play how you want using whatever you want.

You literally made a statement:

And I showed you how to actually achieve it. How else beside “cheating” do you imagine this is going to be possible to otherwise achieve? It breaks “nothing”. I don’t pretend to know how you even reached a conclusion that it’s breaking anything at all.

Your understanding of how these things work appears to need some refinement. If you want a blank level 94 toon with which you can start off with and avoid having to do the whole “leveling up” scheme, this is how it gets done. There is no other way. Period.

Alternatively, for those who would rather just download a ready-made blank someone here:

…posted an updated ready-made blank 100 you can just download and then rename (in Defiler or GD Stash) if you find making your own entirely too complicated and beyond your capabilities.

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You do it like you do any other character. Use what you find along the way and/or what’s in your transfer stash that might be useful and farm like hell for the items you need.

Contragor is already doing classless HC here

He up to L87 atm.

Thing is you want classless, but quick with it and that simply isn’t going to happen - even if you do use something like GDStash for items.

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I personally am too big of a noob, so I over level my characters in normal :sweat_smile:

After that, just do quests in elite/ultimate without going off track much. I don’t use any merits.

Word. Realistically, very few people would ever attempt this (what Contragor and adoomgod did). You need to be willing to invest a ton of time as well be very familiar with nearly every aspect of the game and have an exceptional understanding of the games mechanics and be a pretty good pilot on top of all that. In this case, patience is a virtue you need. And alot of it at that.

One other way possibly would be to have people level you in Crucible maybe. It’s kinda “exploit-y” tho and would still take a while. In the end the only truly practical way to get a leveled blank base character to then mold as you like is to use the available tools.

Yeah, you only have to look at the hours of video adoomgod made when he did it and he twinked the hell out of his character.

This! The process is a thousand times more precious than the end goal. Once you have hit 100 and completed the build, what’s left? Couple crucible and SR runs and you shelve the char.


Here’s what I do. In fact this is exactly what I did just this weekend with my very first Warlock build :slight_smile:

  • I grab a Merit, a Lokarr’s set, 25 XP pots and bunch of Dynamite sticks. Plus all the stuff that is needed for certain quests, like Scrap, Seals of Binding, Royal Jelly etc.
  • I start on Normal (or Veteran if I’m feeling bold) and do most of the quests and shrines except a few that are way off the beaten path, like Mogdrogen’s Shrine.
  • Around level 70 I’m done with Normal (incl. AoM and FG) and switch to Elite.
  • I try to cap my resistances, then quickly rush through Elite, doing only the main quest and maybe a few sidequests along the way. I also get all the shrines that are easy to reach, usually around Act 3 or 4 I got all 55 devotion points.
  • At level 75, if my build turns out to be too squishy I get rid of Lokarr’s set and wear some real armor, if not I continue wearing it until 84 or even 94.
  • Around level 90 I’m done with Elite and switch to Ultimate, by now I have most factions at Revered rep so I can buy their precious augments and once again fix my resistances.
  • At level 94 (which I usually hit right after Act 1) I try to decide my final gear, skills and devotion route
  • When I’m happy with the results, I go on and complete every single available quest, adjusting and optimizing the build along the way.
  • The build is not “done” until I get really bored of playing it. All my lvl 100 characters have at least 48 hours of playtime, some even have more than a week.

well some people feels totally fine to leech off crucible/SR runs of other people, “Die Farm” than just GDStash.

Simple for me.
Never had the patience to farm lokarr, stuck with helm only.

So it’s lvl 1 + merit + exp potions + gazer wear. Rush normal for easy devos and when around 30-33 devos + lvl 30-50, I hit elite/ultimate with full potions.

I don’t care about the time. Running almost 2 difficulties=iron bits + loot.

Sometimes I do no mandates, no merits, so I can acutely experience how unrewarding playing the actual main game is compared to playing one of the stat-gated minigames of SR and Cruci.

Most of the time I go purely mandates. For builds weaker at leveling (or when I get bored of walking over challenge-free trash that have practically no reason to exist, and calling them champions and heroes is a bad joke), I give them a merit boost (instant level 7 from conclave xp notes) for faster devotion points.

I started hardcore lately pure self found and legit (except those freaking Battered Shells which I refuse to farm for hours) with Stonefather->Octavius as my first char. On my second char (Silver Sentinel->Deathmarked) I did normal with tonics all the way, no Lokarr set, doing most quests and some bounties too for reputation. Then merit and straight to ultimate. Elite is a waste of time imo. Crucible and SR are imo for endgame.

I’m not a big fan of speed leveling. If I want a new char quickly I just GDStash it. Also, not a big fan of Lokarr set. I like the looting and upgrading with found stuff as I go.

  1. Create Character
  2. Go to Crucible, get
  • 10 XP Potions
  • Lokarr Set
  • 50 Scrap
  • 9 Royal Jelly
  • 9 Chtonic Seal of Binding
  • 20 Aether Crystals
  • 20 Dynamite
  • Activate all Mandates possible
  1. Go back to Main Campaign
  2. Start leveling on Normal and play through the entire Vanilla Campaign
  3. Complete Ashes of Malmouth
  4. Start Forgotten Gods and play through Cairan Docks to get every Devotion Shrine on the way
  5. Start Elite playthrough
  6. Finish Elite Vanilla Campaign
  7. stop at AoM Expansion at Steelcap District
  8. Start Ultimate Playthrough
  9. Do basically everything on Ultimate :slight_smile:

I don’t wear the Lokarr Set while leveling. I only put it on when I turn in quests.

Generally speaking, I prefer a smooth, linear and comfortable leveling experience over a speedy one. It usually takes between 12-15 hours to level a new character from 1-100.