When will the DRM free version on humble store be available?

I have had Grim Dawn under the radar for a long time and am a huge ARPG fan and Titan quest fan. The group i played a lot of titan quest also wants to play this, however one of them hates steam and will not buy it before the DRM free version is released. I’m the only one of the group of 4 that has bought the game, but i’m waiting to play it myself before the others get it. On the Humble bundle page for the key it says “When the game is released, you’ll find it available to download right here!” So i was kinda hoping this would be on release day. Since i can’t download it on humble bundle right now i’m guessing it’s not.

So i’m just wondering whether the DRM free version is not coming, or it’s coming soonish?

I would also like to know the answer to this too. Since I’m against Steam/DRM and purchased originally using Humble Bundle 2 years ago.

The DRM free version is coming, it should take about a week to be available.

You only bought it if you bought the game via KS or this website. If you bought on Steam or Humble, you did buy the Steam version only, from my understanding.

If only the devs had a post about this. Oh wait.

Thanks for the info. Haven’t seen the post about the DRM version.

Another question, will you be able to play the steam version for the first week and then switch to the DRM free version when it’s realeased. Or will you be unable to use DRM free if you claim the steam version?

That’s a good question. It seems a bit unclear on the Humble page where you download your keys. That seems to indicate it’s Steam OR DRM-free. The impression I had was you could do both, but it would be nice to have a dev response to that.

I’ve been playing the Early Access version with Steam and haven’t had any issue playing since release, and I’m still playing.

Edit: To be clear, in order to get the DRM-free version you had to have bought the game from the Grim Dawn web site, or backed it during its Kickstarter campaign.

I think this should be stickied or at least edit an faq to highlight this more prominently, I’ve seen confusion in other places over which versions come with what DRM.

I bought it from Humble, but they haven’t given me a DRM-free version yet as of 30th of April, 2016. Am I doing something wrong?

You need to buy it from Crate’s website directly - it’s operated by Humble though. But if you buy via their website, you only get a Steam key.

Contact their support and ask for a refund, if you want to switch.

I bought it from Crate’s website directly. Then, I got redirected to humble which gave me a key only for steam. They said ‘copy this key into the Steam client.’

My bad - Humble Support needs to exchange your Steam key for a GoG key. See GOG game key and DLC code saga - the latest for directions.

Thanks in advance!

Oh I see. Since you are the almighty Minister of Information, I only bought the game through Crate so a larger portion would go to the devs (love the game). I don’t mind DRM, but If you were me, would you do the switch?

The reason I’m asking is, is that I’m planning on playing other gamer-made mods and custom maps so it may be easier to install those mods on steam (right?). Also I read that steam version gets earlier updates.

Also I want to share my game with my friends so they can try it before buying, but that’s not really necessary.

What would YOU do?

I doubt that any good mod / map will be exclusive to either Steam or GOG players for long - if that is even an issue. But someone who is more familiar with modding might want to confirm this.

GOG Galaxy allows cross-play with Steam users, Crate only needs to implement this:

I did not find any information about sharing your GOG games / library with friends.

I guess it is just a matter of preferences.