Which Ravager should I face

Quick Q here.

Sorry if this has been covered before but I can’t find a solid answer to this

I’ve not killed him before as have been preoccupied with SR/Cruci and all the rest of it, but decided I need his helm, Ravager’s Dreadgaze

I see there are 3 versions of the helm - can each of his 3 forms drop all 3, or is it specific to each form?

Grimtools item database appears not to specify. I’d probably be after the one which grants ADCTH

From what I gather, Callagadra is also more deadly than Ravager, am I right?


Calla is harder yes

Grim Tools item database does state which helm drops from each, read at the bottom of each item what it reads.

Ravager’s Dreadgaze item 8133

Ravager’s Dreadgaze item 8132

Ravager’s Dreadgaze item 8134

Here you can read how to get the one you want

study their skills etc here:

Ravager of souls https://www.grimtools.com/monsterdb/368/skills

Ravager of minds https://www.grimtools.com/monsterdb/366/skills

Ravager of flesh https://www.grimtools.com/monsterdb/364/skills

I suggest that you start in Elite, since those can also drop their level 94 purple helm.


Oh yes so it does (just me being dense / tired last night)

I guess it is Ravager of Souls I am after

Do most people also go for the AdCTH?

Thanks for your guidance Ulvar!

Unless you play some retaliation build or pet build, focus on trying to kill a ravager in the first place :wink: I most often use the ravager of flesh one for the huge hp bonus. But the other ones have been useful in some of my builds.

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I will try. I was originally going to wait till my Warlord is complete since he has all the best natural defenses, but I’ve been focused on my Infiltrator/Purifier (trying to “fix” the latter who sucks ass) and am getting impatient. Meanwhile I’ve just completed the Infiltrator when I found a lovely Menacing Kaisan’s Burning Eye of Clout.

I was going to try my hand with my Tactician whose natural stats (non-specialized) are 2.9k armor and 37 phys res but I suppose I may need to boost these.

Try normal first, and see how it goes :slight_smile: They are pretty good helmets too.

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I am now pleased to report that I have killed Ravager of Flesh on Ultimate on my Warlord (first attempt, no deaths)!

I didn’t bother trying to mess about on my Tactician or any other character. I was first going to attempt him on Elite, except the problem was that none of my characters have completed any of the expansion content in Elite :sweat_smile: - only Normal / Ultimate.

Therefore I thought I’d bring my Warlord to 100 as quickly as possible and equip him with as close to “finished” gears as possible.

With pretty much finished gears except for amulet slot and a few other tweaks, I was able to boast a ridiculous 4.1k armour (when in Righteous Fervour) and a whopping 53% phys resist (using “Immovable” Prefix on a Colossal Bulwark shield). Bear in mind I also equip an Ugdenbog Girdle and a Stonefaced Gargobol Ring of Attack, among other things, which boost armor. I also run near-permanent Overguard with 70% block chance and 100% recovery cooldown.

Therefore, given what I know about Ravager, I figured this toon was ready to face an enemy renowned for its monstrous physical hits. And he did not disappoint! It was a long battle, a battle of attrition - given that my sheet DPS is only 71k - but in the end my ultra-tankiness won the day and I was awarded with a Ravager Dreadgaze drop :relaxed: I don’t know how long it took - I didn’t time it - but it could have been up to 10 mins. I might time it next attempt!

I decided to choose Ravager of Flesh as like you, I decided the hp% bonus was probably most beneficial.

P.S. It does make me wonder how difficult he is on a non-shield build though!! My “Damage Blocked” stat is also 4.8k (when in Overguard) so when you add this to the armour and phys resist, these are defenses that most other builds simply cannot even come close to obtaining…

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This is my go-to ravager lazy killer https://www.grimtools.com/calc/62aawbk2 takes about 7 min

Here is my guy


I’ve not completed all the important quests on him yet so there’s still some stat / skill points to collect (inc. shattered realm)

I’ve been looking for a good Kaisan’s Burning Eye for him (I love + skills) but haven’t found an appropriate one yet. Have been hoping for an Incorruptible of Alacrity, as I could use the Aether/Chaos res (everything but 2 slots is Mankind’s Vigil :pensive: ) and he’s a touch low on attack speed. Hopefully with some skill points freed up I can boost DPS by putting more into Righteous Fervour/Retribution.

Do most people look to overmax RF by the full 10 as they do Cadence?

It’s very interesting looking at other people’s builds - we all do things so differently (and that what makes this game so great). I see you’ve gone the Cadence route! What sort of DPS are you hitting if you don’t mind me asking? I also love that you’ve included Bear in your set up. I was looking at the Maul proc, the armour reduction must be very useful, but I couldn’t really fit it in my setup. I’ve mostly tried to stack Internal Trauma (going the Bull Rush route) and the Elemental to Physical on Octavius helps with this (e.g. converting Burn to Trauma on RF, Fire to armour pass Physical elsewhere etc)

I’ve also opted for Dark Progenitor on my medal - the Rylok Wings attack is a beaut!! OA and DA reduction all in one attack, and that meant I was able to spec out of Judgement.

EDIT: I’ve realized it’d probably be more effective for me to opt for Serenity in relic and pick up Spellscourge in ammy slot, as per your build. Comparing notes is useful!

I can show some pics later with different procs, I did not bother with RF, build is skill hungry and its so clunky to charge RF.

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Cool stuff, look forward to seeing it!

My Tactician is a Cadence pistolier with Warcry (plus Warborn visor and all the trimmings) and so I wanted to do something a little different with my Warlord, so I built him as primarily Oathkeeper with Solider support, rather than vice versa. :relaxed: It works, and he’s fun. Just need to up that DPS. Jealous of your -45 physical RR on one click though.

I use tip of scales only for energy leech on ravager of flesh. For other content i do devo change

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Yeah that was a big pain in the backside during the fight, I had to chug energy potions constantly / disengage to avoid the “puddle” (which I think triggers the energy drain?). I was going to pop a Arcane Spark in the medal to hopefully fix this issue!

P.S. I’ve changed my gloves as per your slot, I had a pair in my GDStash :slight_smile: I might also swap out the boots. Don’t have the amulet though, so will have to look out for this in SR. Also need to craft a Serenity. Fun times :sweat_smile:

I bet you can kill Callagadra with that set up then?

I just wanted “hold down LMB and win” build playstyle against ravager with this one so no kiting or potions at all basically :slight_smile:

With Deadly momentum and overguard:

plus Ulzaad:

Btw I just killed ravager first time this patch with this build 5:46 :slight_smile:

Oof very nice :hushed: If that’s the kind of DPS you get on your tank, what are you getting on your other toons ?! :thinking: