Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist

Because Master of Death is terribly underpowered for an exclusive skill. We get more benefit from Possession’s Chaos Res and Dmg absorb.

Also, welcome to the forums :blush:


Build is still the same for

Not much of a change performance wise :blush:

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Update: Callagadra kill time is the same as Fluffy Squishy’s atm and Crucible Clear time is about a min or two faster on average (depending on the exact mobs + mutators).

So this one is currently going neck to neck with my Fluffy Squishy Conjurer as my best pet build.

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Thank you for this build, I finally speed leveled a Cabalist and used your Occulist leveling guide. I am currently using budget builds to try to get the true set based build going, its been really fun and I appreciate the time and effort you put into all of your pet builds.

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I put three points into blight fiend, rotting fumes and blight burst to get some aggro off of me.
Do you know if more points into rotting fumes and blight burst increase the threat generation?
Also can the raven pet heal other pets with their heal ability?

Correct, threat generation increases with more points. But with most bosses having high resistance to taunting, it is not that useful to go out of your way to put points into them. Also, if you wish to use the Blightfiend to hold aggro, you will need to invest into the base skill itself to make sure it can actually tank the attacks instead of dying in a few hits.

Raven “can” heal other pets but don’t count on that. It is mostly for the player instead.

Starting to level a character to eventually become a Will O Wisp today. Ghosts and birbs are two of my favorite things so this build looks perfect.

Considering that this thing for some reason actually got buffed as a result of the RR nerf, can wholeheartedly recommend it :yum:

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I’ve been gathering up pieces to play this build. Only things missing now are the bysmiel trinkets.


Do you think they can be switched with something else to serve as a placeholder until the trinkets come? And with lokarr set, following your solo occultist until 94 is the best option for leveling?

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Do you have kelph rings (lightning pet rings) ?
Those could work for rings. Or the Barrowholm faction Familiar rings.

As for amulet and medal, any generic pet one would do.

While leveling, you can get a 16/16 Blightfiend for another Pet right after getting Familiar + Hellhound. But other than that, going heavily into Occu would be ideal, yes.

Though, with the Lokarr set, you can also go for Reap Spirits before 94 since you get 2 of them at 17/16 (+1 skills from lokarr set)

I would love to play this build but I don’t know a sequence of skills I should put and devotions, could someone help me?

What do you mean Sequence of skills?

And devotions are given in the GT link.

i mean, what skills should i put first, second and etc…

Btw, As long as I don’t have the complete set, the only one that damages is the Familiar?

Order of skills depends upon you if you are talking about their arrangement on the hotkey bar. Like, which buttons to assign to which skills.

For leveling up or when you don’t have the necessary items, refer to the budget Cabalist setup from here instead: The Carnival - A Guide to Pets

Few changes made to the build :3

Alright, testing complete. Build is now officially back.

Is faster than before, but also a bit squishier than before.

Note: Cannot be played Drunk!

#deadbuild :put_litter_in_its_place: :laughing:


im gonna try this build thank you

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Hi Maya, thank you for all of your efforts. I have really enjoyed your build. I had a question about the boots. Since your build doesn’t use any of the skill bonuses, are those still the best? I apologize in advance for my ignorance. I am trying to learn more about how all of this goes together.

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