Witch Hunter AAR build


So the other night I had an Aetherstorm Crimson’s Arcane Scepter of the Aether drop and I thought the name was hilarious (I have a low threshold for humor) so I decided to make a build around it. I decided on a Mage Hunter. The above is the build I made. It’s my first I’ve made myself so I’m guessing I’m missing something. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

My beginner AAR guide nerys budget aether version: [] Budget AAR Mage Hunter


  • no lifesteal
  • no energy regen mechanism
  • double damages, if you wanna focus on aether you need to convert the fire and lightning damage on AAR to aether. Now your amulet is converting all the fire to lightning…
  • low oa and da
  • not 200% casting speed

Also the title is confusing, you wrote Witch Hunter AAR build…

It seems you dont understand how AAR Mage Hunter works…
First, you MUST use Pulsing Shard, period. It’s a MANDATORY item. Without it, AAR is a piece of shit. Go kick Amalagamation’s ass till you get one. No matter the mods, ANY mods would be better than your current useless offhand.
Second, max Overload and Mental Alacrity. Do you REALLY ignore a passive with +150 OA? Or a passive with reduced energy cost, whle using the most energy-hungry skill? Also put some extra points to Vigor, Steel Resolve and Conversion, and one into Elemental Balance. You can remove all but one points from Arcane Empowerment, Arcane Will and Fabric of Reality, and some - from Deadly Aim, Mirror of Ereoctres and Inner Focus (15 points dont make sense, put 12 or 14).
Third, how do you plan to fix energy consumption issue? Your energy regen really, REALLY sucks! If you lack energy regen, use Ectoplasm for rings, get devotions with energy regen (bard’s harp, Scales of Ulcama, Tree of life), augments, items, etc.
Fourth, bring your Armour Absorbtion to 100% (or close). It makes a VERY clear difference in tankiness. Use Scaled Hide and similar augments for that.
Also, try to get “Mythical Essence of Grim Dawn” amulet. Your is good, but that one is better… And try to get bonuses to Inquisitor Seal, it rocks.

For reference, this is how a proper (perfected) AAR build should look like:

I personally used this guide to test it out and it’s really strong. Only died 2 times on ultimate so far, and those were before i got my bis gear. Only things that i changed is the pants and boots and rings, and some components. I’m at over 180k sheet dps, and over 200k with few procs. All nemesis i’ve killed are 100% facetankable. Grava thul probably isn’t, i’m too scared to even try.

Its not a guide, it is a grim tools link, some pictures and videos.
Nevertheless, crafting that amulet in a legit way can be very tricky…

Yeah but i mean it’s not shit even though i’m not using any green items.

and what is wrong with green items? It is much much easier on average to get a decent pulsing shard than crafting that amulet which gives skill modifiers to AAR for instance.

A major reason why some ppl do not include greens is because then in theory the build is easier to just copy for someone who lacks knowledge about the game but just wanna play some strong build.

For reference, my own AAR build has only 2 legendaries but can do almost just as much dps and I have only played like 90 hours in total so I have like 5 stash tabs with legendariers in total all across my account. So I would claim its easier to make good AAR build with just some core greens than an no-green version actually. BiS rolled green version is harder than a no-green version. But my point is you can’t treat all green items equally…

Well it took me 3 tries to get that amulet. And i have a personal dislike of green items, problem is i never get good ones so i don’t like to plan builds based on them. And for a 100% fire based build hexflame ain’t bad at all!

Yeah i was lucky to have most of these legendaries, i think i’ve only ever played 1 build with actual “bis” items ever.

Here’s an actual picture.

So? I got Sandstorm of celerity Pulsing shard after 5 min powershopping Port Valbury xD

On average, the chance of getting that prefix on the conduit is 1/9 so in order to be 95% sure to get one you need to be prepared to craft 30 or so amulets.

and then they have 5 independent suffixes…

Do not plan builds, do builds based on what you have… as I explained to someone else, just plan on getting the base MI and then judge each item if it is an improvement or not. So funny, you can plan a build around a legendary with random prefix that is actually the skill modifier. But you can not plan a build around MI’s which have the skill modifiers fixed… :thinking:

Funny think is, the author of that build you are linking to said that he do not use greens because legendaries are stronger :stuck_out_tongue: So not even all the build creators that says “no green build” have no idea even why they are doing such builds to begin with…

Lol my mage hunter is called ray too ^^

Opps i just noticed i still have an ectoplasm on a ring…i guess i could swap something better to it ^^

Yes i like ray though it reminds me of the chick from the new star wars movies :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I never said it was bad, but you need to convert rest of damage to fire too…

Or just powershop in Port Valbury…

Depends on the damage you wanna deal, for lightning AAR the aetherbolt pendant is BiS

I think there is a big difference in “proper” and “perfected”. That build you linked to is why some people are allergic to green items :wink:
btw do that build even have fire to lightning conversion?

That’s right. Legendaries arent always BIS. Sometimes, some epic item is better that any legendary one for a certain build. And sometimes, rare item do. Sure, you cant expect to get a double-rare item with specific mods, but getting a specific MI with decent mods is absolutely doable. As well as getting a rare with decent resists. Pants and shoulders in particular, if you can farm Crucible.
For AAR build, Pulsing Srard without any mods is BETTER, that any legendary offhand.

Nope. It could easily get conversion with craftable faction amulet, but i believe an extra 4% ADCTH is far better. Fire damage isnt so bad for that build either, as it has decent %Fire damage and RR for it. DPS difference between those is ~10-20% (and mostly because of -10 resist). Aetherbolt Pendant isnt as mandatory as you think.
Yes, that build uses some crazy MI’s you would never get from drops. But i believe, as long as you have 2 rings and belt for 100% Aether->Lightning conversion, it will work with self-found items, just like yours beginner’s AAR builds. That’s what differs a good build from bad one - a good build can work even without crazy items (even though performance would be worse).

And MI’s without a certain affix combination especially without rare affixes, are much easier to get than any specific legendary.

This is EXTREMELY off-topic, but are Log and Kra’vall shoulders drops in Crucuble/SR possible?

I konw why I’m not use green items
Because Legendery items at 99% are better than green
Except Green-Core-Build items like Pulseshard
But I’m not use such items too. 'Cos it is much harder made full purple build than use 1-2 green items with fantastic affixes that have overmuch resistance and etc…

That is of course up to taste, if one prefers more adcth or more sheer damage. Also adcth depends on the damage you deal, so if you can up the damage you also steal life better.

The +%fire is less than half the lightning damage scaling, and is lacking around 35% rr compared to lightning.

Is tip of scales enough for energy regen btw or do you need potion now and then?

then why are you bragging about “no green build”? :wink: then it should be an accomplishment using green items and still push high SR etc xD

Good choice
But I’m recomend you to use Barbaros 'cos it is 10% total speed and 150% total damage
Also boots can be very helpful on figth with Kubakabra

Maybe my english is very poor

I mean made full purple build is much harder


use 1-2 green items in build

that’s why I’m not use green items
I like hard :robot:

But i am converting all of my AAR to fire. My medal converts the lighting and weapon the aether part of it.