The silence is deafening…
Least played buildcombo, or?
Any news or input for my coming L78 project?
Started out with Pox, Dreegs evil eye and curse of frailty…
Carried the toon to 78ish, but after that, meh…
Any new cool ideas around? Acid DW/2H, Chaos?
Input appreciated!

feel free to check this small guide: [] Rah'Zin's Slaughterhouse - Yet Another Chaos WH [c+] [sr+]


I don’t think it’s unplayable. Actually you have few pretty good options. Here’s my DW acid build.

Other options are Demonslayer PB, RahZin chaos or nuke DEE with Dreeg set.

WH isn’t battlemage. It’s just frequently overshadowed by dervish

Why comparing it to battlemage? BM is in bad shape while WH is pretty strong, no matter vit/acid/chaos damage you focus on.

WH isn’t bad class, although undergeared isn’t good at all. End game is above average class. Lot more good options then Saboteur(N&O only), Battlemage(uhh), Warlock(AAR, Trozan) etc.

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Yeah! A Chaos build i will go for that!!!

Thanks @afanasenkov26 @Nery, …i have a poison Sentinel but no Chaos toon, ill need to check it out!!!

But! After that is my Battlemage!.. And I see you are already started the battle!

Since you are such an awesome bunch, and thanks for the input…
Here is some Chaosmusic…


Chaos music name sounds cool.

But I have question for you, I thought you liked us and not hate us? :rofl:

Because of that very reason? It’s not in the dumpster but there’s frequently a better choice.

For melee chaos? Highly doubt.
Acid/poison and vitality - WH is pretty equal for Derwish/Reaper in terms of damage and clearing speed.

The one you love, you spank!.. (a lot…)

And I dare you to provide some chaos music that people actually would listen to! :innocent:
And I bet that this will be really interesting!

Grab the popcorns folks, it showtime!!!

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Oh Yeah my skeleton cabalist need a revamp! Any drunken cabalist builds?
I have so fun with your warlord…

Skeleton Cabalist: Skulls & Bones - Pet Cabalist
Birb + Ghost Cabalist: Will O Wisp - Pet Cabalist
Fat Fiend + Ghost Cabalist: The Rawr God - Pet Cabalist

All 3 are Drunken viable :stuck_out_tongue:

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Both Will O Wisp and The Rawr God looks intriguing!
Need to farm some gear I see…
Well I have a Drunken Warlord for that! :crazy_face:

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