Would Crate ever considering selling more storage slots?

So I’m super happy when AOM increased inventory space. But it disappears quickly as the blues and purples start to stockpile. So as an unabashed packrat, any chance you would ever release an optional mtx or dlc that included or was solely more storage space? I don’t use mods/cheats in the game at all so I don’t just create whatever I want, I save stuff for future builds so just curious.

I doubt it, there are stash mods available after all. Here’s one that just increases the size.


If the devs had wanted that in the game, they’d have included it early on don’t you think?

The simple truth is: unless stash space is (near) infinite, it will never be enough. With more space people will probably stash more and you’re right and the beginning again rather quickly. It’s an endless race the devs cannot win as long as there is limited space. Since numerous mods and noncheat tools are available, I’d prefer Crate to focus on other things.

And Medierra said this a long time ago.

While I love infinite storage and use GDStash for this I can see his point. I’ve used the TQVault for many years, must have over 100 different vaults now and it’s still sometimes difficult to find things. There must be thousands of items in there, most of which I’ll never use but kept because they looked good, I thought they’d be useful for another character I never got around to making, etc.

Not for everyone, as not everyone wants this form of stash. Here’s part of a repy I just posted in a different thread on the same subject

I think you misunderstood me -> Even if Crate increases stash size to e.g. stasher size, some people would still call for more. Even +50% on top of that will not make those calls for more vanish.

At some point certain people may decide that stash space is sufficient, but there will always be some asking for more.

And they can use programmes such as GDIA or GDStash for that. Both provide infinite storage. Medierra’s last paragraph summed it up.

“Either way, it is almost a certainty that someone will create a GDVault type program to add infinite storage for those who desire it - in fact, I know people have already worked on one. So it seems most practical to build in some reasonable limit, not too small and not too large, that will please most players, then let modding take care of those who need to collect it all.”

This is why the devs made the game fully moddable, so people can add things to the base game to make it the way they want it to be whether that means other masteries, extra stash, etc.

Massive space is only really needed for a holy grail challenge. For those unfamiliar with it; it’s the challenge to self-find every item in an ARPG (it is particularly hard for Diablo 2 for example, which has some item drop rate of 1:200.000).

One feature that I’d like to see in an ARPG is slot-fillable stash combined with a search-function. With slot-fillable I mean, any duplicate item cannot be put in, cus the slot is already filled. And a component stash of course!

THIS…is the one thing that does need sorting… in my humble opinion. A component bag that they auto collect to and each with its own single space so you can seen how many components you have yet to find. :smiley:

This is the one thing I agree with as well (and have suggested a time or 2 over the years).

As for Crate selling stash. Horrible idea and all of us already know all the reasons why it’s horrible for this game. The concept is as bad as Bethesda selling us Horse Armor.

Give me a GD vault tool that don’t use other 3rd party software like Java and I’ll use it. I just don’t like Java RT machine installed on my PC. TQ Vault was a great tool none of the existing similar tools for GD isn’t as good imo.

Yeah I think most long term posters have wanted this one way or another.

Slightly off topic, but as that was the very first bit of dlc ever offered by them and they did learn very quickly and the rest of the dlc’s for Oblivion where worthwhile, Knight’s of the Nine (or whatever it was called) so I guess it could have been worse :wink:

True. They have had to learn the hard way more than once tho :slight_smile: It wasn’t all that long ago that they endured the Valve/Bethesda paid mods scandal. Which, btw, I was actually in favor of. That’s probably because of my tendency to swim upstream. There’s just something about going against the grain and sticking up for the underdog. Weird as hell to think of Valve and Bethesda as underdogs but in this situation that’s exactly what they were.

Can we agree on components being annoying when they get to the right side of your inventory (extra bags) and there’s no quick way to get them outta there in bulk?

You can get them out of those bags the same way you get them out of the first one. Hold left-shift and left click.

I know, I was just jumping on the complaint train. Them components going through your multiple bags like fleas isn’t the best, it would be nice if the sorting option in the inventory could affect all of your bags too.
I try not to get lowtier components anymore for that reason. Ah, see, another idea, a component filter for the visible loot!

Yeah, but when another component is full, while you are combining them, the others will be compiled to the next one of that type in your inventory, which is why they are always all over the place and that’s really annoying. But I don’t know how to fix that apart from stacking the uncompleted upon the completed as in “132 and a half” or having a dedicated inventory for them with two slots for each, which is still the best solution, I think.

Back to the topic: Selling space is just a big nooooo…

But since I am one of these guys that want to collect every single blue and purple at least once, I know the pain. I have 9 characters that are only there to store stuff, since I too am not that fond of using third party programms and yeah, this gets tedious pretty fast. Another Idea which would solve that is the possibility to manage the inventory and stashes of other characters while playing with one. That would be a livesaving quality of live improvement for me, because that way, anyone can manage the space and create space as they see fit.

They’re for sure not gonna sell it.