Xbox version questions

So it is now October and I was hoping maybe we might get an idea of the Xbox eta and general features like if it has couch coop.

Any eta of when we might get a little more info on it?

Since Crate want to do the Xbox as a bundle until FG is finished I can’t see them giving any definite timeline for when the Xbox will be released. I assume that the new rogue at least has to go in before they can possibly finalise the Xbox version. That’s coming some time later this year, but that’s as definite a timescale for that as we have atm.

Understandable, I just know quite a few of us are just wondering about specific features like couch coop and such which they should know by now if it will have.

Also, if they are going to keep waiting for 1 more dungeon to add, it may never get released.

They can easily add content after the release like they are doing now, just make it downloadable.

Mainly though, would be nice if they were just willing to tell us if there will be console specific features or if it will just be a mirror image of the PC game.

For me, I will prepurchase the game, as well as the best version if they have a deluxe or standard version, if it has couch coop. If it is going to be a copy of the PC version then I have no need for it.

I don’t see why they would add console specific features…

besides the obvious console specific optimizations.

Couch coop is fairly common for Xbox games and would be a huge hit with Xbox players, but is unavailable for PC players.

There really is no reason not to include it for the console. It allows people in the same household to play together on 1 console.

Agreed. I love playing D3 on the xbox with my kids now. Playing Grim Dawn on the Xbox with them would be awesome.

I think the amount of work they would have to do to the UI is just too much. It would essentially be a completely new UI so all the work they put into the PC UI to get it working better with a controller would be for not. I think I also read sometime, somewhere, that the console support for the PC UI was just a side project of a single employee.

That was a very long-time ago and actually pertained to the very first iteration of controller support. They are indeed actively working on an Xbone port of the game and have been for quite some time now. Many features from that work have already been integrated into the current PC game.

That’s like saying it would be too much work for Blizzard to put couch coop in to D3, which they did btw so it can’t be THAT involved.

A multitude of games have couch coop including Borderlands1/2/3 and I believe Gears amongst them.

It is not beyond the companies to do it, otherwise it wouldn’t be available on as many games as it is.

I’m not saying it’s impossible but I think it is more involved than you think. And just a quick google search for staff shows that Crate has 13 employees and Blizzard had 4,700 in 2012. Beyond the UI work they would also have to make sure the console can handle the mobs, effects, and calculations added by a second player.

BTW, I am totally for couch co-op and if it does come to Xbox please also bring it to PC! haha!

It never became a thing for PC although I have played a couple games that have it, but they were old.

Xbox/PS couch coop though is a common thing and pretty standard now for coop games. Running it without will just cost them sales.

Hell I buy every addon I can to support them and I will buy everything on the xbox as well to support them as long as it has couch coop. =)


Id like to add my voice for couch coop, I buyed everything on pc, would buy everything again if this comes out with couch coop on Xbox, would love to play that on cosole with my wife like we do for D3

Hi guys! I recently started to play this game again, I was preordering it and things gone far till than. I am also surprised how well the optimalization goes with this game, but there are still some rough edges. Do you think that we will get more optimalization when the xbox port is finished? I mean that the Xbox one cpu is a little weak for handle this game in only one core so multi threading needs to be in that version.

Well, given how “nerd” and “fan” i can be sometimes and taking into consideration, how many copies i bought of Torchlight (2) and Diablo 3(and on this both game i’m on the edge to buy it on Switch again) i guess i will buy GD on Xbox One either way - to support the Devs. However if there would be a Couch-Co-op we would definitely buy the s*** out of it. So it would be really amazing if we would get one.

Which is kinda sad, because i really love playing co-op / splitscreen on PC as well. If i look at Divinity original sin 2 (which is by the way - not a old game) that’s one of the best features for me.

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The game doesn’t run on one core and never has. Crate have worked on the engine over the years to improve from the TQ days.

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Yeah I know that and it is great. I just had an idea which might work but I would need some help. I was playing with the settings, and I realized that shadows and particles can be set instantly(without screen reloading and stuff) so it is pretty fast to do it real time. I saw tere are mods for the game as well so you can make som stuff in it already. I was thinking, what if we try to make a mod(or even better if the Devs implement it!) that dinamically changes these settings. I mean, when example there are a lot of enemies on the screen, it turns off shadows and particle effects a little(or a lot if it is agressive). particle effects and shadow helps a lot (and propably other effects that can be changed real time). Hope someone in the Dev team reads this and consider it or help making a mod.

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Yes, there are a few things that might impact the controller play adversely, depending on the final philosophy and what the users expect.

For example, there is a bit of an ongoing discussion about camera aggro abuse and design around it. This is really a non-issue with controller due to how the controls work.

And a few other QoL skill placement restrictions, movement rune restrictions, and so on.

TLDR. I suspect it’ll be nice on release, but have patience.

Any news on the Xbox release?

will it really come?

Yes, it will come. Crate are still working on it, but it will get released.