You Tube builds with MI's I call GD stash cheats

Recently I have found a few builds to try out via you tube. The problem is many of them use MI’s with specific roles. I have come to the conclusion that these streamers must use GD Stash or are the most lucky people on the planet. I’d wager they use a build tool, Grim Tools, to theory craft then jump right to GD stash to make wanted items with the right prefixes and suffixes.

My current build that I haven’t found all items for is Doom bolt/ Aegis of Menhir Sentinal. Most items will be farmable easy enough but for 2.

1 was a crafted Conduit of Eldritch Whispers that rolls -15% aether and chaos damage to bloody pox and 100 vitality to Chaos to bloody pox. While this one is doable if you have the resources to craft item dozens of times it’s unlikely to happen first go. For me it rolled a useless vit to pierce and -15 pierce. I quickly went to GD stash loaded up 50 amulets and out of those 2 rolled correct, I kept the better of the two.

the 2nd I call even more no way never on the you tuber. Involves the MI Basilisk Fang. (from the stone form and some other snake guys) I’ve had several drop but… not Sentinel’s Basilisk Fang of the Gildam Arcanum. I think the odds of that are incredibly rare to find thus right over to GD Stash I went.

There’s no way in a sane amount of time desired items, MI’s more importantly can be farmed. I’d long be done with the campaign by the time I farmed the right roll that it would be pointless to want it by then and see the creators intended use.

Another dilemma is second build my son wants to try involves too many MI’s and one Rare.

Shrewd Solael-Sect Legguards of Insight
Vigorous Cronley’s Signet of the Arcane Blaze
Resonant Preserver Gloves of Kings total bs you tuber found this rare legit
Impervious Chains of Ygraad of the Dranghoul

That is a stupid amount of luck to get these rolls not to mention his build also utilizes the Vanquisher Helm and Chest Armor. There so much time in the dungeons to acquire the vanquisher items let alone ever finding the MI’s (even with 3 of them coming from a single targeted baddie)

GD Stash is the only way for you tubers to theory craft these amazing builds.

I now say absolutely not to any build that uses MI’s

So what’s the opinion here on this, you tube filled with cheaters showing off ideas or legit farmed items?

None of these items are triple rares and even they can be found with some luck since v1.1.7.0.

Those items look pretty realistic. However, if you try to get the exact same items, then you are asking for a lot of luck.


Everyone builds as (s)he likes and it’s up to the players to follow builders that resonate with them and share similar character creation philosophy.

Conduits are usually build-defining so I think it’s reasonable to demand a particular prefix.

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People pump thousands of hours into this game, myself included, so it’s not always a simple task to tell what’s legitimate. Is it reasonable to farm these items? No. Is it possible? Yes.

Besides, it’s very rare for a build to hinge on a specific combination of affixes. There is usually a “best” combination of course, but don’t be discouraged by attempting to find that exact combination

  1. there is no cheating in Grim Dawn, it is a single player mod-able game

  2. In 99% of the cases, you can swap the affixes for something else just use your imagination and will power. Learn how to make builds, itemization is a puzzling game. If you do not have exactly those items, try to get similar or mix/match. When I post builds, I do not assume someone will copy it but rather use as inspiration/template. Are people not allowed to use those items? Are people not allowed to share the fruits of their hard work?

  3. Conduits are not hard to craft, really. Just farm blooms, I do that every time like trying to get 20 of them each day just to keep a steady income. Like you tried one craft and then gave up? Wtf come back when you have crafted like 800 conduits in total…

  4. Shrewed, Vigorous, Impervious are MAGIC tier affixes.

  5. I have several of those item and hell even way better ones. Like vanquisher set, I have four full sets. And several veeeery good triple rare MIs. Etc. I if I posted my vanquiser build, you would see two triple rare MI’s (Oathkeeper belt and Zart off-hand). I have farmed like a psycho to get them.

  6. Just get it, some people farm and play this game way more than you. Like me :stuck_out_tongue:

  7. There are these builds on the forum too.

  8. You are admitting you are GD stashing items yourself :slight_smile:


You don’t get an MI with exact affixes you desire anyway. Only randomly. I got Frenzied Celestial Halberd of the Abomination in Morgoneth dungeon. Is it a good item? I guess so. Do I need it? Not a the moment, no. But maybe I’ll make a build just to use it, only to be called a “cheater” by some guy on the forum. Not that I make YT builds, but you get the idea.


what is a YT build anyway? There are several platforms ppl share their builds and gameplay. YT is just one of many medias.

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It’s also worth checking how reliant a build is for specific gear affixes. Most of the time they are just for capping resistances or some extra OA/DA which you can get with plenty of other affixes and some work to shift components or armour augments around.

Unless you’re playing something that is really niche or lacks gear support, affixes that give skill bonuses like the Sentinel’s Basilisk Fang aren’t going to break your build if you don’t get the right skill bonuses, just means you’ll kill things a bit slower.


Not sure which YouTuber’s build you try to follow exactly, but I personally never use GD stash for anything and I try to use MIs with not too hard to get affixes or when I do use some crazy lucky affix combination you will still be able to play the build the same way with easier to get affix combinations.

You will NEVER need specific affix rolls on MIs to be able to beat the campaign (unless the build is just terrible), those are only needed for high endgame (SR 65+, crucible Gladiator 170, super bosses).

That would be stupid imo. MIs with single rare affix or dual magic affixes are probably the most reliable and easiest to get gear in the entire game to build around imo (together with faction items and other vendorfarmable items).

Considering myself a GD YouTuber I really feel offended… I understand you are ranting, but please refrain from these generalizing statements.


Rekt by YouTube

But yeah I try to make easy to gear and play builds like this [] Uroboruuk - a build journal and guide for SSF Drain Essence Apostate have several MI’s but its not like any specific affix is needed, just use brain and combine the stuff you get. And I think ALL beginner friendly builds uses MIs for this reason.

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If I’m getting this point correctly you might re-consider how you’re looking at WHEN the perfect MI is needed. I’m going to go out on an educated limb here and say through campaign there will NEVER be a reason for you to have to have the perfect MI. Campaign isn’t scaled like that. I love running campaign. I’ve fully leveled over 100 characters through all three difficulties of campaign. Virtually any thing you do (within reason obviously) can finish campaign. And with MIs just choosing them for the base components they can carry you through.

Now endgame is a whole different matter and I don’t get into that alot so more folks could discuss that but the perfect MI is more for those really needing to push high into endgame.


Look what just dropped - the formerly prized double-rare of GD-Stash builders:


Gd stashes item and drops it on the ground. Sad.



Meh it’s not even MI item, just regular green. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also I don’t think you can GD stash craft these.

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It was a joke friend, considering that OP thought those redeemer gloves in YT build was GD stashed

You can GD stash redeemer stuff

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I am sad to hear the effect of your experiences has brought you to this point.

MIs are generally the coolest item type in the game (my opinion). Forget about anyone else’s builds for a minute, and focus on the actual gameplay and the unique way most MIs can manipulate it, either through granted skills or skill modifiers/damage conversions. Dont these make the game more fun for you?


You can stash anything. Got a bad roll on your mother in law? Just stash a few dozen until you get a better roll. Got a min roll on penis length? GDStash got your back


why would anyone GD stash redeemer gloves? when there are these bases with more stuff on them

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Yes, it would be really stupid.

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Got it, if you’re not happy with your life, roll the variables with GD stash.

And damn you Elon Musk! Next time post some YouTube videos.