[] [HC] Blightlord Oppressor - fire Ravenous Earth [vids]

Hello everyone, this is the first build I’ve posted here. I’ve tried tinkering around with Blightlord set and found a way to convert 100% of Ravenous Earth’s damage to fire.
Updated for!

Check out all of my builds over here.

GRIMTOOLS patch https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j5oGvN
(patch 1.1.4: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZodd79N)
(patch 1.1.2 https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV74JddZ)


Highlight video from patch

vs Target Dummy
vs Bourbon Clones
vs Lokarr
vs Mogdrogen in ~4:35min
Crucible 130-150 and 150-170
Shattered Realm shards 50-52
Shattered Realm shards 65-70
Ravager: Could be done on SC I guess.
Callagadra: Probably a big NOPE.
Crate of Entertainment: uhhhh…
Main Campaign Bosses and Dungeons: easy mode
First time ever doing Riggs’ Morgoneth questline

Update History

  • Changes with 1.1.2

Most important change: new FX
These changes are a net buff to this build. It gained -12% additional fire RR, 1% OA/DA, 16 flat fire to RE, 20% RR to RE and only lost it’s 10% attack speed slow on enemies. Also the set’s skill is now a passive proc instead of an active cast. The skill being changed to a proc is a trade off between having the RR insantly (cast) and not having to waste your time casting it (proc). In the end the QoL that the proc gives you is probably worth a little more, especially in dangerous environments such as the crucible and the shattered realm. So everything this set got is a net buff (except for the removed attack speed reduction) and it also makes the viper devotion not mandatory anymore. This build should perform better now than on last patch.

  • Changes with 1.1.3

This makes Justice chest obsolete and I switched it over to Fateweaver’s to increase phys res. Also switched the boots to craftable Grey Magi footpads. Also switched around grava’s pants to a different roll that I managed to get in the meantime. It is still not mandatory and can still be switched over to sth more accessible for new players. Only thing that needs to be changed alongside the pants is using a seal of resonance instead of the second seal of might to keep stun res at reasonable lvls during ascensions downtime. The insane amount of res overcap this build got with this change actually made me go for +30 DA augment on armor, which I really don’t like generally, but in this case they fit perfectly. Also featuring new FX for Siphon Souls.

  • Changes with 1.1.4

literally no change for this build

  • Changes with

another small buff

  • Changes with

+33% more damage via Guardians

  • Changes with

QoL buff

Tier 1:

  • Viper: OA, %RR (not required anymore, still good for the OA, but if you can make use of the points in another way, feel free to)
  • Eel: DA, movement speed, affinity
  • Quill: DA, affinity, aether res
  • Empty Throne: 1 point for stun res
  • Bat: your life leech besides Siphon Souls

Tier 2:

  • Rhowan’s Crown: flat RR on proc, resistances
  • Solemn Watcher: still the best defensive devotion imo, DA, armor, resistances
  • Solael’s Witchblade: -RR on proc
  • Behemoth: good HP, some regen, flat armor, heal on resiliance proc
  • Magi: fire %, insane proc
  • Chariot: OA and cunning, DA and armor on proc

Tier 3:

  • Ulzuin’s Torch: OA, fire%, decent proc

Other options:

  • Behemoth and Eel instead of Bat and Sailor’s Guide

helm: Blightlord
shoulders: Blightlord
amulet: Blightlord
weapon slot #1: Blightlord
weapon slot #2: Blazeheart for vit to fire conversion
rings: 2x Blazeseer for vit to fire conversion
medal: Korvaak’s Brand to allow dw of melee weapons (or Direwolf Crest)

not mandatory
chest: Fateweaver’s for tons of res, especially phys res
gloves: Viperfang Grips for OA and flat acid to RE
belt: Crimson Lotus for +2 RE, +1 Oathkeeper, resistances and %fire/%burn
relic: Serenity, best all around relic atm also +1 to Necro makes it easier to reach 26/16 RE
pants: Grava’Thul’s Legguards for +3 celestial presence, affixes are great for double Seal of Might set up
boots: Footpads of the Grey Magi for phys res, spirit, elemental res; Stoneplate Greaves

example build using 0 greens: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVb97d42

ring/amulet augments: feel free to choose any combination of Osyr’s Wisdom, Osyr’s Temper and Irrah’s Patience


  • Fire RE is the main dps skill and due to its shotgun it’s still one of the best damaging abilities in the game while also reducing enemy damage.
  • Support damage coming from 3x 26/16 and 21/12 Guardians of Emperion
  • 3k base OA, 3,4k with ascension - not anything crazy, but very good
  • 8% CDR - pretty bad for a RE build, I would love to have much more
  • 139% CS - again I would love to have more, but it’s not as important as CDR for this type of build
  • 61% crit damage - decent, but not amazing imo
  • 1912% fire, 1797% burn multipliers - not amazing but anything around 2k% is fine imo
  • DA reduction debuff from Crushing Verdict
  • Resist Reduction: -122% (celestial presence+eldrich fire+siphon souls bonuses) + 32 reduced (elemental storm) + 20% reduced (viper/RE)

Conclusion: Even though sheet stats aren’t amazing, the nature of the RE skill gives this build a lot of dps and also very good kiting potential (at the loss of dps).

Play around ascension and mark of torment, you can’t tank anything without one of them up. Switch between tanking and kiting playstyle depending on your cooldowns and the type of enemy you are fighting. Phys res was improved a lot compared to former setup.

I’m pretty sure you guys can achieve better time for crucible, as I am a total crucible noob. This run was literally the first time ever that I did crucible gladiator 130-170 in hardcore. Also the gear can most certainly be optimised a lot more for crucible, I’m sure some of you guys can do that :wink:

Shattered Realm
Managed to do shard 50-52 (no problems with 52) without really trying much. You can probably do shards 65-66 on patch now.


  • level early lvls with skeletons
  • switch to RE at lvl ~12
  • get bat devotion and bind it to RE
  • get bone spikes from mountain deeps
  • get RE medal from act 5
  • build example for lvl 31: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNn9dndZ

Speedleveling VoDs:
part 1
part 2

RE = ravenous earth, RR = resist reduction, OA/DA = offensive/defensive ability, CS = casting speed, CDR = cooldown reduction, HC = hardcore, HP = health points

Final Words
It’s been a lot of fun theorycrafting, playing and streaming this build! Thank you very much everyone for reading this build and watching the videos! Feel free to comment, critize, etc., any feedback is appreciated :slight_smile:

Have fun blasting away enemies with the burning fire exhaled by ravenous maws! :smiling_imp:

The build has basically only seen buffs in its existence, so it should be performing better than ever right now.


Wondering if this can go to high SR…

In SC and with rune of Displacement, I think it should be able to do SR 75-76 now.

updated for + new video

Cool build, deserves more recognition imho. :upside_down_face: Great use of Blazeheart, I’ve always loved siphon souls, I guess Crate hasn’t implemented fire FX for it?

I’m wondering how this would stack up vs. thejabrixone’s vitality blightlord cabalist. I’m in the process of converting my cabalist to it. Sadly I lack the time to level an opressor, but damn fire RE looks cool. :fire:

How much damage are the Guardians doing?
I had a similar build theorycrafted but I left them at one hard point.
Is it just because there are not that much left to spend points on that you went with maxing them, or are they contributing a significant amount of the total damage?

So I tested the Guardians vs dummy and I also removed eldritch fire from them. So with 0 debuffs whatsoever they crit for 15-20k on average with occasional 35-45k crits per hit and they hit ~12 times in 10 secons. Grim Internals shows me a dps of 65-85k for all three combined. Dps would obviously be higher with all debuffs.
I wouldn’t call that amazing and you probably don’t absolutely have to max them out, but they are not bad either. It’s good secondary damage and as you also said I kinda don’t really have better options.

Is that many points you have spent in Foul Erruption worth it? Only works if a mob gets killed by RE and explodes (+ you already have flat rr on Elemental storm devo proc)

Judgment for DA shred, but that’s another button to keep track of. More Siphon for radius, blood boil for DA shred. Mark of Torment. Presence of Virtue for more flat OA.

You are looking at the outdated GT link my friend…

ahhhh I see now :slight_smile: great thanks

Added a SR 65-70 run on patch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0OB3r0w49I

Small buff with

HI Rekt

Is this still good for current patch - im at Lvl 55 right now, still on on normal, as im trying to get my First HC character to 100.
Hopefully this build can do it


The newest Grim Tools is in the video description not in the OP:
https://www.grimtools.com/calc/w26Kmq8V (

You’ve got this as a build in your collection, but it doesn’t seem like you touched that since Your GT link is even marked as Since the gap is just too high and would had counted as relatively recent, I’ll be adding it as a build into compendium for a time being.

Updated the thread and grimtools link for patch There was however no real change since the build only got buffs at it stands and I personally haven’t found any upgrades so far.

Added a Mogdrogen kill on patch

Also old speedleveling VoDs have been added to the leveling section.


Hey Rekt!

I would like to ask you something about what i’m quoting: Those tough guys are still same with new patch/build? :slight_smile:
(only playing HC)


Yea pretty much, the bosses haven’t changed and while the char got buffed a bit here and there, it doesn’t have enough physical resistance to be able to facetank or even semifacetank ravager or callagadra. Technically you could run around in circles like a headless chicken until they die, but due to the nature of ravenous earth that will come with a big dps decrease. Thus the fights would probably take way too long and be too risky for HC.
Crate of Entertainment is a lot squishier but also the rippiest boss in the game, so I couldn’t get myself to kill it more than once so far and I probably wouldn’t try it ok this char.

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