[] DW cold Infiltrator for beginners-build diary

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Shard of Beronath blueprint can drop by random mobs, can be sold by Vinelton in Ancient Grove, probably too by Hyram in Malmouth area and also some monster totems may drop it. Sadly Infiltrator don’t have other options for auto attack and is one of the strongest builds in the game.

Luckily you can do Shadow Strike focused build in the meantime, using Spectral Longswords from Steps of Torment. Like this:

Awesome! I’ll follow that build for now, then respec to your stuff when I get more money. Is it easy to respec devotions and skills this much?

Thank you so much, awesome content :slight_smile:

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Both devotions and skills can be respeced by Spirit Guide, either in Devil’s Crossing and later in Coven. Devotions costs some iron and aether crystals. Later there’s potion which resets your whole map. And skill points can be respeced too, cost only iron. The cost increase after you made lot’s of changes, but early points are very cheap.

@Nery - that makes a lot of sense. I’m actually about to hit level 50 using the Shadow Strike build. If/when I find the Shard of Beronath blueprint in the next few levels, do you think it makes sense to switch to your build?

It’s personal preference, I think having auto attack with WPS makes more sense, but depends what you like better. But if you find the blueprint I am sure you’ll want to try it :slightly_smiling_face:

I just found the blueprint in the Feral Thicket! I’m going to grind up to level 55-60, and then switch over to your build!

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Hey @Nery. I just respec’d over and I’m having a little bit of trouble. My damage feels a little bit less than when I was playing the Shadow Strike build. I’m very new to this game and the mechanics, so is there anything I’m obviously missing? https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RZRrynKZ

It doesn’t look bad on paper at all! But if you play classical melee, you need better attack speed. I think you can switch to Revenant and take more points in Veil of Shadow for instant RR application.

Honestly build is a bit old, don’t remember much what I was doing. But yes more speed and better aura should help you. Later stages, when you have gear with +skills you may even do Beronath/Shaow Strike hybrid. But for now is up to you. If you feel Shadow Strike is better or you like it more stick with it. You can always change your setup.

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Thank you, that’s very helpful! Are there other cold infiltrator builds you would recommend besides this one then, if this one is old?

I mean the one that link you by Stupid Dragon is more recent, also you can check this one: [] Beginner's Shadow Strike Infiltrator. Cruise through endgame in faction gear and without keyboard

But overall most of my leveling guide/budget build is still viable. But I haven’t play recently as Shadow Strike through leveling, so maybe is better than my approach.

But if you like DW melee auto attacker Infiltrator is perhaps the best class for it in the game. But you need substantial attack speed to make it shine and mind Inquisitor mastery don’t provide any boost, so you need to acquire it through devotions/gear.

Hello Nery! Thank you again for another great guide, im still testing nub builds (more interesting for me than getting high lvl lol). Im playing at normal/veteran and happy with that build! Very mobile and high survivability. BTW, can you check my GT for basic gear advices to make it better at my lvl?

Well, to be brutally honest considering the low price of this build, I can’t think of something to make it better, you have done great job of building it!

I would only swap points from Pneumatic burst main skill and Merciless Repertoire with Dual Blades, since your physical resistance is low and you’ll gain some small %cold damage as well.

Oh im sorry, thats someone’s char. Wrong link, i didnt notice… haha so that guy made a great work… Fixed link now :smiley:


I am not fond of your off-hand weapon, since it’s fire but otherwise solid build for now, max of Censure and Night’s Chill is great. Now your next step should be Murmur and increase of life steal and attack speed. Here since it’s auto attack getting extra points in Pneumatic Burst is helpful and maybe that can free gloves for Restless remains component.

Since at level 45 you are fighting chtonics and Log I assume, work on vitality, chaos and fire resistances. Arms and chest have low armor, gloves have attack speed, so using something with speed and resistances may be better.

Chest also can be subbed. I notice my build also lacked some vital stats early on, hmmm.

Btw the upper link should be Stupid Dragon’s build, right? :smiley:

yea :slight_smile: checked some builds to better understanding. still learning. Btw, which dmg type should i max after ice?

Murmur devotion, with Rumor proc for - cold RR.

Hi Nery, I’m thinking about levelling a cold character next since I don’t have any, and I’ve been reading your guides for ideas, both this one and the Blademaster and Trickster ones. I made this character on grimtools with items I have laying around in the inventory, what do you think?


That would be my end game build with the items I currently have, do you think it can do all dungeons and SR 50-51 on ultimate? I have silver sentinel set too, if that’s better. I left the armor augments open since I already had max resistances, so they can be used for whatever.


I can’t see GT link from my phone.

But Silver Sentinel is great set. Mind is too glassy. Also Rune of Haggard was improved since my build was made, so hybrid melee / caster is interesting idea.

Does soft capping dual blades make up for dropping second Scaled Hide?
Or is 1% phys resistance more valuable than 1% in Armor Absorption?
While leveling If it makes any difference.
Resistances kinda sucky so in a need of fix by components…

You can use both Dual Blades and Scaled Hide. Physical resistance and also you gain small damage from Dual blades, it’s decent place for dumping few points.

Resistances, you have free source of aether and chaos from Inquisitor mastery.