[ -] Witch Hunter Strikes Back ... Again [c+][sr+]

In the age of Forgotten Gods, with the release of Dervish class, Witch Hunter got almost lost and … forgotten, hah.
So I’ve decided to make a build which would not challenge Dervish in damage/clearing time, but just to be good and comfortable for playing as acid/poison build. UPDATE: got rid of the Conduit, changed devos and items a bit so the build became significantly stronger than before. New videos were added too. GRIMTOOLS LINK - CLICK ME

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GRIMTOOLS LINK - CLICK ME UPDATE: changes in gear, devotions and skills. Far more damage, more survivability, easier to gear-up.




  • Armor/weapons - obvious choice as Vileblade is the best set for acid ABB;
  • Rings and belt - flat acid, total 100% vit->acid conversion, nice rings’ procs;
  • Medal - probably best choice here, some flat and healing skills with lowered recharge;
  • Gloves - global crit, crit mod to ABB;
  • Shoulders - for some extra stats and for boosting LA and BoD.



  • Fast, deadly and versatile build with high damage and good survivability;
  • High AoE - almost all skills and proc are AoE-centric;
  • High RR - up to -136% to acid.


  • Rather low energy regen so Energy Potions are needed.



CRUCIBLE - my fastest run of 4:27, average runs are all under 5 mins.


Huge thanks to @mad_lee for help with polishing the build and to all Safarel Discord Community.
All of my builds can be found here.


Gotta love the old classics!

Witch Hunter was my first build in Grim Dawn pre AoM and I am glad,that people still playing and posting builds with that class.

Yeah, as for me, I still haven’t got used to OK so I prefer such “classic” builds :slight_smile:
And WH is still one of my favourite classes in the game

Venomblade is pretty good set and is already weaker on WH compared to Dervish.I tested WH without the set and it was bad.I wonder how Reaper will fare?For DW melee you have access to best WPS skills for melee and still is lackluster.

Think I will test a reaper soon. I have one with Soulrend but it lacks almost everything except huge damage. Maybe it’s time to test a dual-wielder )

Please do!

I have tried cold DW and is pretty good,Deathguard is rubbish.Vitality DW Reaper lacks RR,aether is decent.Idk Pierce is good.

could you explain why you didnt take amarastan quick cut and execution (i think i read some change to AQC)

also, will this work with dunefiend?


AQC is still too slow to be used.
And Execution … imo, it doesn’t make much sence here.
Dunefiend is about shadow strike/EoR, and Vileblade is about ABB. So don’t think Dunefiend will be good in this field.

I was just looking at the devotions, and was wondering why you picked Reveant over Manticore?

Revenant is overall better devotion due to its nodes and the rr is less only by 3 points so Revenant is the choice.

Thank you for the quick response and the explanation. :slight_smile:

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Crucible time of 5:56 is really great!

You have become good pilot it seems. And build it’s really solid.

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Btw, I just figured out that I did runs without Solael’s Witchfire. So I will upload a new video of 5:45!

looks fabulous, how’s it do with pestilence ammy?

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I haven’t tried Pestilence of Dreeg by myself but imo the Conduit gives too much to be dropped for extra RR button and some % damage instead of huge resists and mods to ABB.

You and me both man. I actually checked and it was the same case on my run :rofl:

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Hello there!

I’m new to the game and I have a question: where do you get the first green affinity to unlock a constellation? I seem to be not able to follow this build.

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Welcome to the forum!
The answer to your question is very simple: firstly you take the green point in Crossroads and after completing a certain constellation remove that point and invest it somewhere else.


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One more Crucible run

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