[] [melee] Fire Retaliation Commando - Celestial Killer [sr+] [c+] [g5] [vid]

This my 3rd version of Commando. I changed this build with every new large DLC and now time has come to change it relative to current realities and game requirements. Due to new game meta melee tank builds suffering a lot in Shattered Reality, especially when you face few strong Nemesis that does a lot of Resist Reduction, but I think this build is worthy by your attention. My best result was SR96 and I think it can do more, but with so many game crashes I can’t be shure what the best result can be.

Superbosses time:
Ravager of Minds: 9:58
Ravager of Souls (x2 PL): 10:10

Ravager of Flesh (x2 PL): 12:15
Callagadra: 10:50
Mogdrogen: 39:40
Lokarr: 2:50

Full videoguide and more information about build:

Please welcome Fire Retaliation Commando Celestial Killer and that’s not just a “huge” words. It really can kill any Celestial Boss (except Crate because it has other game mechanics bad match with current design). This build can kill: Callagadra, Ravager of Minds, Lokarr, Ravager of Souls (tried multiplayer solo on x2), Ravager of Flesh (tried multiplayer solo on x2), Mogdrogen (long fight but doable, due he isn’t receive direct retaliation damage). For sure absolutely safe kill of any other bosses in main campaign. “Don’t say me about maggots!”

Devs did a lot of good things to Health Regeneration mechanic in this game, it still a bit less strong than life steal, but it works really good with some builds that has good synergy for HR. This build is a combination of overpower defense and passive health restore, that has huge AOE fire-retaliation damage but not super big damage. I think the damage here is at average level in total. There is few green items and it’s a bit hard to find them all but I will tell about them in this tread.

Stats: procs are active

Grimtool: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j8ekvZ

Basic Resistances: Fire 83%(+230~) Cold 83%(+90~) Lighting 83%(+165~) Poison 83%(+27~) Pierce 90%(+27~) Bleeding 83%(+96~) Vitality 83%(+57~) Aether 83%(+70~) Stun 80%(+31~) Chaos 83%(+8~) Physical 53%~ Armor 4000~
Flat Damage Reduction: Overguard (90) \ Blast Shield (990) \ Stone Form (400) \ Prismatic Rage 130 \ Shield 3900~
Health Regeneration: Basic 2360~ \ Procs 7420~ \ + Royal Jelly Potions 8800~
Damage (MAX): Fire Retaliation 132k + Physical Retaliation 50k + Lighting Retaliation 20k + Acid Retaliation 10k
DOT damage reduction: Burn 20%~ \ Bleeding 50% \ Poison 50%
Resist Reduction: 17 \ -62% \ 10%

Required items is a mix of a different game items, no sets here. Jugdment of the Three increases damage of Counterstrike and it does a lot of deal, cleaning all basic enemies really fast, and more enemies around, faster they will be dead. Colossal Fortress decreases CD of Counterstrike so it work a bit faster. Judicator Seals have no alternatives here, because they give a lot of health regen bonuses. Mask of Infernal Truth one of the most important items here because of transmutes to retaliation damage, such bosses as Valdaran doesn’t receive flat retaliation damage so we having some damage from spells Grenado \ Flame Breath \ Canister Bomb, numbers are not so big around 20-130k. I used Antivenom Salve component - that is not because I don’t have Ugdenblooms (no joke I dont have it) this is because they give armor and life regeneration, so this is better choice than Ugdenbog Leather.

One of the most important items in this build is amulet “Conduit of Destructive Whispers” it’s a craftable item that has a lot of different affixes and suffixes, but you need exactly one “+40 Health Regeneration to Vindictive Flame +100%” that does a lot for this build, you get about 900-1100 flat health regeneration from that amulet. Best of all to have also +40% Aether resistance (and +% armor Angrim craft), you will require some time and math to craft it.

Shield: Colossal Fortress best to have with suffixes\affixes “Overlords” “of Wildfire” this two will give maximum damage, but most important here is to have shield with no less than 20% physical resist. Also you can look for “Durable” “Impassable” “Immovable” “of Thorns” “of Vengeance”. You can get this shield from Malmouth vendor or from Aetherial Titan etc. Not the hardest item to found.

Gloves: Emberguard Gauntlets best to have “Seraphim” “of Ulzuins Flame” best stats and damage bonuses to fire retaliation. It’s a craftable item, so be patient to craft one. (I did it from 104 try T_T) You can also check for any other versions of suffixes\affixes with similar stats.

Armor: Fleshwarped Platemail. This is one of the hardest things to find. And I must say I burned a lot of nerves to find it, my friends helped me (“hi there Antaniel and Skuler”). I had one with suffix “Ancient” but this one “of Ulzuins Flame” is perfect. Try to get similar or exactly. Better to have “of Ulzuins Flame” suffix can be any other.

Head: Mythical Mask of Infernal Truth
Amulet: Conduit of Destructive Whispers
Rings: Mythical Open Hand of Mercy \ Mythical Closed Fist of Vengeance
Right Hand: Judgment of the Three
Left Hand: Overlords Colossal Fortress of Wildfire
Torso: Ancient Fleshwarped Platemail of Ulzuins Flame
Shoulders: Mythical Dawnshard Pauldrons
Gloves: Seraphim Emberguard Gauntlets of Ulzuins Flame
Pants: Mythical Tornhide Legguards
Relic: Ulzuins Pyroclasm
Medal: Mark of Fierce Resolve
Belt: Mythical Sash of Immortal Sage
Boots: Mythical Stormtitan Treads

Gameplay: another piano build, don’t spam too much of skills, this build don’t has enough energy regeneration, so you will feel some problems with mana regeneration from time to time. Use all attack skills on mage-non-melee enemies to kill them faster. Make your health scale subside before activation of Blast Shield it will give more Fire Retaliation damage and will protect you on 4 seconds. After that, use Overguard+Stoneheart Oil to have max active stats on shield. When you feel things going heavy use Courageous Tincture and don’t forget you will have Prismatic Rage+Menhirs Will as last defense line. You will need few seconds to restore full life from health regeneration, so if you feel like you’re taking a lot of damage just kite or use “Rune of Dreeg’s Wounds” to get out of battle for a moment.

Shattered Reality: Easy clean of 75-80 shard. Avoid few mutators that can do life boring, hard, and nervous 1) Thoughened 2) Regenerating 3) Drained 4) Shattered 5) +200 Chaos \ Aether damage. This is the worse roll you can get in SR. Also avoid “Arcane” champions, they require a lot of time to kill, because you need to be close and there is a big chance to get nullify. Same things about healer monsters - they don’t receive flat-retaliation damage and healing themselfes, if you see Myrmidon+Chtonian Bloodkeeper+Flamebearer skip it… Any of Royal Jelly potions will give life much more easier due good synergy with life regeneration.

Some tips if you wanna try this build against Celestial bosses on Ultimate. If you use different buff potions like: Elixir of The Dranghoul, Ugdenjuice etc. you will easely kill bosses: Ravager of Souls, of Midns, of Flesh, Callagadra and Lokarr. Mogdrogen requires a lot of time because he is non-melee but doable. I did it without hard buffs on solo (and x2 players solo: Ravager of Flesh, Ravager of Soulds), just kite few seconds when you feel you get hard damage. You don’t need to change any items in build to face any of them, typical setup about which I spoke earlier. Check the videos in this thread how I did it. And aslo do not use skills when facetank Mad Queen because of she’s aura, better just stand in front of her, that’s all.

Depends on your items, but you can push regeneration and fire\burn damage (*not retaliation one) from the beggining, use Mines, Cocktail, Canister Bomb, Grenado from the beggining and than switch to Fire-retaliation on lvl94. You can use current devotion route as main from the start lvl1.

This build is good for softcore and hardcore game, and for those players who like tanky builds for safe game. It cleans Crucible not so fast, but without any banners. You can go to high level Shattered Reality, and it’s nice for multiplayer party. Don’t try PvP any lifesteal build or Pet build will kill you. Hard MI’s and some problems with mana regen, but easy kill of any game boss (except Crate, don’t try). This is my third update of Commando on regeneration, and I love this class more than any other.

P.S.S. Does anybody can tell me about stack of 10% Damage reduction from Boots and Shoulders with War Cry or Blackwater Cocktail, or works only the skill with the greatest number?


g4 tag, uses two double rare MI’s :thinking: I thought that was g5-tag

anyway congrat looks like fun and safe build

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oh thanks I guess I’m very sleepy lol, give me a moment to change

Did you intend to tag it as a pure-soldier? There is the tag soldier for the mastery.

Do you have any plans to re-post your Retaliation warder from FG? I think it got lost in the forum re-roll :confused:

I made a beginner warder guide and I “had to” link to your YouTube videos in the “example of builds” section.

btw the chest armor can be shopped for in Port Valbury I think

I dk how actually tags works on new version of the forum, when I trying to type any other> does tag field actually does something here?

I don’t know if I will repost it, there is some promblems with that build after few patch, I guess it requires to be polished up to update, maybe a bit later, I have few other build on mind right now. If it can be byed from vendor than it makes life a bit easier, but I prefer to check fields near Necropolis and Homestead, there are a lot of Fleshwarped guys, and armor drops frequently

what problems? Overguard nerf?
If you repost it, perhaps I and other can have a look for suggestions of updates?

no they don’t stack, only largest number is active.

changed tag stuff :slight_smile:

Ok I will repost it, I think I might did text backup somewhere

I kinda had a similar Warder at that time, and I forgot to save your before the forum reroll and I kinda lost interest in trying to improve/adjust it. Would be really helpful

Any specific purples that could be okay substitutes until those greens drop?

you can powershop the chest in port valbury and the shield from hyram in steelclap. Try to find something similar

Chest^ Mythical Voidforged Battle Plate (Epic Heavy Chest Armor) blue item - for more resists and health regeneration

Shield^ Mythical Bramblevine - gives nice physical resist and retalitaion damage, but you can easely buy green Colossal Fortress from Malmouth’s Vendor. Just check better stats for physical resist and retaliation bonuses.

Gloves^ Mythical Blacksteel Gauntlets (Epic) or Mythical Dawnguard Gauntlets (Epic)

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So in the current version how would this one work?
Trying to level for farming and didn’t really have much issues besides non-melee during Normal, but can’t really tell wether it was due to Blackwater Cocktail & Mine, don’t think early retaliation played much of a role.
Then again Normal doesn’t really require that much…

leveling on retaliation damage is a bad idea in total, use mage build on fire skills, than switch to retaliation

Well havin new MIs, that boost Grenado help dealing with casters with reta, while leveling DO help.
But yeah, not havin real leveling sets unlike say acid/poison reta has, kinda hurts.
It’s not like toon dies a lot, killing just takes time no matter how much one avoids finishing trash.

That’s not the biggest problem, but yes it’s truly annoying to spent too much time on leveling. The biggest problem is “Healing monsters” that restore 100% life to bosses, nemesis etc, it can be really annoying or even impossible to kill for many retaliation builds.


Is there some flaws in this I might have missed?

is it build for version of grim dawn with Forgotten Gods DLC?