[] Classical S&B Cadence Warlord tank for easy SR 75


Tank is a build,which is supposed to be sturdy and good defensively,but doesn’t excel in dealing monster damage and clearing packs quickly.So decide to create defensive,non retal Warlord.It’s build to deal with SR 75 without much sweat.



*permanent buffs,with Overguard DPS is slightly lower,but OA and DA are higher

GT >>> https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVWl8Q5Z <<<

The core is Warborn set,which can be used for empowering Cadence.RF is charged to increase armor and gives other stats.


I tested few setups and different items like Siegebreaker shield or Barbaros pants.I like Hellforged for their Physical resistance and overcaps,also nice +2 to Cadence.

Untouchable gives monster to Overguard and I rely on that skill.Medal is gold,giving monster life steal,amulet allows me to have Overguard almost permanent,10 sec duration,10.8 CD.Also attack speed is over 180%-nice for Shield Build.

Craft everything with armor bonus.My armor with all procs is over 7k.


Used on block devotions,like Menhir and Targo.Also Ghoul for CB and Ulzaad for damage and armor.

Last few points are open for change-3 points in Hawk and 2 in Jackal.In late SR,I used Crab proc.It’s possible to switch them to Ulo for extra resistances or even Boar.


From the 3 possible exclusive skills,I choose Oleron,because of the high OA bonus.Also Cadence is caped,which is good for the build.WPS skills are open for debate,I don’t have enough points to invest in Zolhan.

Shattered Realm

There are few combinations at 75,which will be difficult.But majority should not create problems.It’s not required to abuse aggro,but it’s not sound tactic to try face tank everything.Probably 1 Nemesis+1 Boss or 3 Bosses is the limit.After 80 almost every build need kiting.I have some lucky spawns,but reached 83,which was really bad combination.So videos…

SR 80 :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3IUBn2Grco

SR 81 :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zM4zDg8iE4

SR 82 :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9c7PALz28E


Build is not very fast and probably Retal is better,but this is classical Cadence build,which at the end of the day get the job done!


Cool tank, man! Have you tried Divine Mandate? Also, no capped Ascension?


I tried initially with Barbaros for extra OA.I like Oleron,but for Crucible extra slow and crit will matter more.

Ascension is cool,but I don’t have free points,no Aeon or big CDR.Overguard is better here.

Nice build Nery!

Few suggestion:

  • 1 point on fighting form. I think useless it only affects the 3 hit.
  • Hard capped break morale.
  • Soft capped Squad tactics.

I would take points from war cray 1 point figthing form and give up Veterancy.

Why not Markovian’s Stratagem?

I don’t think 1 point in fighting form changed something.
Break Morale is nice,although I can put one point Celestial Presence,too.

This medal is way better than Markovian.My inital run was with it,but 10% AdctH constantly is huge.And also life steal boost to Smash,so defensively the one I used is better.

1 point still enough, i didn’t feel the difference when i tested my markovian family.

Celestial peresence is better than.

I see. Got buffed the amulet? I didn’t notice or see before.

That 10% ADctH is really good to overguard. May be i changed some of my markovian build to at least on tactician.

Amulet was buffed and is great, -3 sec on Overguard and 12% attack speed.

Medal with basically permanent Overguard has 10% life steal all the time.WIth healing bonus my AdctH is effective ~20 %.

I mean medal got buffed or something? (I didn’t want to mean the amulet.) :sweat_smile:

Before i didn’t see.

Nice build. Is this one possible to pull off untwinked too initially? Not to do endgame runs, but at least get up there at level 90+?

If you want to play Warlord the most logical way to level it is with Forcewave. Cadence is very slow way. I tried this build only self found and was really boring. Being tanky enough requires some sacrifices. So if your damage isn’t enough you can always switch to Forcewave. This build isn’t super gear dependent, but needs Warborn to dish some damage.

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