[] (2H Melee) Fury of the Wild - Blazerush Elementalist [c+] [sr]

I like the elementalist class and want it to become more powerful, and also I like Blazerush. So, I’ve put these two things together and - here we go!



  • Armor - obvious choice, since Justicar is the best fire-oriented set in the game.
  • Weapon - BiS here and core of the build.
  • Amulet - for extra sturdiness and +1 to shaman. May be replaced by Beronath’s Essence, though the build will become more glassy.
  • Helmet - for +3 to Savagery (to get 9th stack), also mods for it and proc are cool.



  • One of a few builds that use Blazerush. And one of a few working Elementalist builds.
  • Capable of landing face-crushing blows - just look at this DPS dealt.
    Jokes aside, the build hits like a truck, but only in a small area.
  • High RR - goes up to -126%.
  • High crits - 86%.


  • No healing ability, so the build relies only on ADctH and Bat’s proc to survive.
  • Grava and especially Iron Maiden are extremely annoying.
  • Rather low OA.
  • Poor AoE, so the build is not very fast in cruci.




(best run made by Anton Wojcsehowsky)

(made by @Nery)


Special thanks go to: Anton Wojscehowsky for recording the Crucible vid, @Nery for the same and also for feedback, and to all Safarel Discord Community.

All my builds are available here: Afanasenkov26’s Build collection


Congrats for posting the build. I will do the same in few hours but budget build. Blazerush Elementalist is the classic though, since the weapon is designed for this calss.

Oh and that Anton guy is real magician! :mage:t5:

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Is it classic really? :thinking:
But anyway, among all possible Blazerush builds, elementalist is probably the one with best synergy (imo, ofc).
Waiting for your build too!

Love the elementalist - it’s actually a mastery I struggle very hard to theorycraft with. :+1:

Out of curiosity, why use direwolf here?

Direwolf is here because I tried to get all 9 stacks of Savagery.
Probably it’s worth trying Blood Sigil of C’thon as IM is super-annoying :thinking:

Also build need the OA. And Kuba is extremely fast with this build with racial, Reaper too.

Maiden, I hate you :sob:

Nice to see some unorthodox 2H working, gj

Elementalist has potential for one of the strongest DW setups. Just you wait :wink:


I’ve always prefer casters to autoattackers. :stuck_out_tongue:

khm khm


And I play the build too. :sweat_smile: But the OA is low otherwise .

I forgot who mentioned this to me, might’ve been @cinder, but the increase in end game difficulty has actually pushed the optimal OA threshold higher. This is especially true with the incredible amount of debuffs which get slapped on you.

The best example of this would be @thejabrixone’s iskandrian TSS spec which did markedly better with OA than offensive devotion procs during the testing phase.

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Yup, no more Ptiro builds with 2.6k OA :smile:

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Yeah. I’ve noticed that 3.4k effective OA is actually a sweet spot for DPS, which is kinda absurd if you ask me.

That being said, I cannot quantitatively confirm my above claim. It’s based merely on how the various builds “felt” while I was piloting them

@nery: about ptiro’s builds…I think I’ve been influenced by him too because I usually don’t bother to get higher than 3k effective OA. But that value just isn’t that effective anymore. So I’m actually quite interested in testing a warborn battlemage.

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has it? :thinking: probably yes, but current state of DW elementalist is very poor.
Both fire savagery and lightning FS have little flat and 0 WPS. Also note that melee FS works on very few builds like SB/Defiler with 2 Blazehearts.

I don’t see it too. You can make DW FS and charge Savagery for stats but it’s not going to be something special. And you lack DW melee WPS skills. So to me it’s exaggerated.

Fire strike is underestimated. I have a dw aether fs sorcerer that can clear in under 7 mins and is pretty durable by melee standards. Will post it soon

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@banana_peel got anything for ranged?

Haven’t played around with ranged yet. Shaman doesn’t have any ranged support as far as i can see. But full Dagallon should be decent despite of it’s a Purifier set and obviously much better for Purifier.

Shaman 2h Primal strike is great. But DW isn’t worth it . On DW ranged, you want Purifier. Even 2H ranged are working better.

Top auto attack builds are Desolator, Valduun and Dagalon. All of them are ranged and ofc are Purifiers :thinking:

duuuuh :stuck_out_tongue:
Just like how NB is king for DW melee