[] Fire Aegis Shieldbreaker SR 65/ Crucible viable


Virtue set offers you great support for Aegis fire/burn build.For second class obvious choice is Inquisitor,but I select Demo.My first idea was to try full burn,but failed with surviving biggest challenges.Especially in SR absorb,healing,circuit breakers,health,CC,physical resistances and overcaping crucial res are more important than burn damage and procs.So goodbye wyrmborne gloves,blazing inferno ring,crimson lotus belt,magi devotion(so sad to drop it) and hello to our new friends:D.Before continue I want to express my gratitude to sir spanksalot,he helps me figuring SR and I took ideas about healing devotions from his build.

Updated Build-


  • DPS for RF

Grim Tools- https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxmYnJZ

Decided to give this one update. Now it’s no green guy. Also Aeon to ensure almost perma Ascension. RF is now filler since Aegis have CD. Build is safe, but slow in Crucible-times are 9 minutes and above. In SR build can no longer consistent in SR 75+, but can still do SR 65 with ease.

Original Build

pic with permanent buffs and Ascension,almost perma
Grim tools to current build https://www.grimtools.com/calc/JVlJLllN
Pic was takenon previous patch,on new one 2k extra health from Haven buff,thanks Crate!Note that I tweak versions constatly so…


I tried it up to level 75.I had to play some waves multiple times due to crashes.Most of the time is facetanking mode,unless small boss room force you to kite.Other than room toughest opponent is Grava Null the fool.His orbs has to be avoided at all cost.Kuba is PITA,dodge Alex meteors,Maiden has innate high fire res,but she posses no threat.Benni or Valdaran in combo with hard hitters are nasty as well.
video from last chunk of 75 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-rVrmEjLMI&t=4s


I have tendency to record just one video,cause it creates extra lag on my old laptop.Mine is with some subpar version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lKu6klOGQg&t=5s
Also I never played naked Crucible before,but wanted to try.Use some consumaiteves,but nothing too fancy
On my second try,was able to shave almost 2 minutes,too bad wasn’t recording.With buffs and banners better players/specs going full offense can achieve probably around 7 minutes time.Frankly even in new tougher Crucible this build is little overkill.
Updated version

I tried more offensive version for Crucible https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YVW8xwrZ Using Magi,Absolution result in one minute decrease of time!Build version is still stable enough to warrant almost 100% clear rate and do SR 75.Incoming nerfs!
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uRpDo02Uqrs&t=392s


I wanted to finish naked Crucible and SR 75 and this build help me.Virtue set is in very good state right now.This was my first try using GD stash.After trying some many combinations of items I tested dozen of version that I like.I hope more class combos are gonna be created around this set.Enjoy!:stuck_out_tongue:

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Nice one :slight_smile:


  1. How good is the new Dryad Constellation? I must confess I’ve never tried it.
  2. In a 3 man Virtue-Aegis-Deathmatch, who would win: Shieldbreaker, Paladin or Sentinel ?

Nice! :slight_smile:

Looks very strong

Hi, nice effort, you have to boast highest damage dealt though before it is nerfed into oblivion.

Do you think lone shieldmaiden is an adequate investment though? At below 50% chance to block and when all your recovery comes from that devotion? I found it to be more like usual, either you go full block or ignore it. In your case there is scarab, Hyran left, and perhaps mark of the myrmidon for recovery.

  1. 2.5k heal with CD of 2,7 sec is not groundbreaking,but is ok
    2.Paladin is the most versatile,SB is close,Sentinel is weaker,but requires further testing


Shieldmaiden is good for every shield based character,is extra layer of protection.I consider myrmidon viable,but i have to drop one of the componets and I like them.Scarab is viable option,dropped it to get Dryad.As nerfing this bild,I have no worries.Aegis is very good and gonna be toned down,but more points in bwc can compensate.


recommend crimson lotus belt cause it converts up to 60% ofthe flat acid from absolution relic

I don’t have flat acid.I used Serenity for +skills,cb proc and DA bonus.Plus aether and chaos resistances.I tried lotus,but in high SR infernal is better in my opinion.

Oh please try Absolution:p 500K crits are fun

Yes,I will try it in Crucible all offense with Magi,Absolution and lotus,maybe pyre ring also.But for SR,no way.I am bad pilot,so I want to create multiple layers of protection.500k crits look small with 180% crit damage for Aegis.

Oh shiiiiiit! Nery with the fire shieeeeld!

Nice guide bud. :slight_smile:

Thanks,I learn a lot of from you:p

Hi, just wondering if anyone could tell me what the devotion order (the order you would pick for the devotions) is for this build. cause looking at Grimtools just confuses me.

Have you made an attempt?

Scolars light
solael witchblade
shield maiden
remove eel
remove yellow
remove red & green
torch (up to proc)

just was not to sure how to proceed thanks a bunch. Also is there a way to switch to the second skill bar in grimtools?

You switch with key y by default.Put your active skills on first tab and passive auras and buffs on second.On grim tools when you click open slot you see all possible skills.Actually when I respec my char I go exactly the root Glenn told you :smiley:

thanks a lot. Having alot of fun with this build

@Nery : Before the forum rollback, you posted an improved version of the build, could you please post it again ?

Very nice build, it gave my SB a second life :smiley:

And with the, Virtue has been nerfed. In what proportion ?

I managed to improve Crucible time by over 1 minute and Dps by 20k,I can post it again,but this build is not gonna be hit minor like I expect it will be wiped out:D.Nerf to Virtue,including to different set pieces.Nerf to crit,fire damage and on top of that CD.Octavius is piano build,SB relies on almost spam Aegis.Nerf to Absolution relic,I used in update,less uptime to Ascension as well.