[] Pet Conjurer - Birbs and Kitty, ez 96SR/Celestials/75-76 farmer + [] 5:36 CR run with piano setup

Pet Conjurer - Birbs and Kitty (very tanky)


Hello, I wanted to check if I can make good and comfortable build for Shattered Realm which is based on pets and doesn’t use Beastcaller set - we have a lot of good builds with this set already. I wanted to find good middleground in being tanky myself(dead player = dead pets) and my pets with good damage. I think I made it. I want to present you Pet Conjurer based on Birds and Primal Spirit.

Credits for @Maya because this birb provided a lot of great pet builds and informations.
Next credits go for guy who few months ago posted similar concept based on Necrolord’s Gaze and Bound Wraith - but I can’t find this topic, it’s not in compedium and it’s not tagged. However our builds are totally other.


Rare offhand is necessary and it’s core of the build - but not prefixes/affixes (this one is my legit farmed). It’s basically target-farmable item in Tomb of Ugdall, few runs and you should have at least one. For maximum push I suggest with of the Sands suffix, but any should be good, We use it for -4 second for Primal Spirit, not for other bonuses. 18% CDR is recommended too if possible.

In my opinion Mythical Footpads of the Grey Magi are best boots for both 75-76 farming and +90 delving because of DA/resistances/reduced entrapment/Survival Instincts proc. You can fight bosses without agro abuse and BenJahr won’t stop you with his cage - that was one my issues during playing pet builds. It’s also craftable item so will provide you blacksmith bonuses. If you don’t like these boots - you can go with Mythical Deathwalker’s Grace or Mythical Fiendflesh Greaves. You won’t see any damage difference anyway but my main choice will rescue you many times and it’s very noticable.

Pants are bis because of CC resistances.

Devotion path I found is optimal both for us and our pets. 4 point in Obelisk of Menhrir provide even more CC resistances and armor absorbtion so we don’t have to sacrafice components on chest and helmet.

Craft gear for 2x slow res + 1x freeze res or for 3x slow res if you have no slow resistances on offhand.

Damage is good in forum pet builds standard, more about it in “Performance”. 3.3k DA, 100% armor absorbtion and maxed CC resistances helps us kiting and staying alive. There were not even one unfair oneshot during my adventure.

96 reached very easy, died only 5 times, not even one in boss room. 0 Pharma used. This time not crash or too hard enemy stopped me but headache for too long playing in one sitting, I have decided to stop, it was taking too long and was unhealthy. I promise this build is 100sr viable (won’t be outscaled), gonna prove it next patch. One dangerous enemy is Shattered Gargaban in second phase because he can one shot our pets with volcano - teleport rune and move command is necessary. He can’t be pulled at first boss over 90s or run is done. Other bosses are easy, our pets rarely dies and we can’t be oneshotted by any boss.

Ravager killed in 3:50, used timer in my phone :stuck_out_tongue:

Callagadra killed in 13:00, I think 12:00 and less is possible with better pet command manage, I made mistake at start and killed them in her tornadoes few times which cost me a lot of time.

Crate done few months ago with unfinished build and missed components. I don’t want to fight him again so sorry, no current screenshots.

75-76 farming is not a challange, it’s fast and you can’t fail it. Agroabuse is not necessary because of our boots choice.

I was testing some Crucible version and had good result 5:36, altough I will not fully update it because it’s very piano and uncomfortable to play in longer game session so I can not recommend it to average player who want to just enjoy farming. Damage however is very high and if you have korean fingers then there it is: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/Q2zQeYkN

Everything, I am open for suggestions. Regards


Maya is not a “he.” Maya is not a “she.”

Maya transcends humanity.

Spell maya backwards and what do you get?

Ayam - which is malay for chicken.

@Maya is a birb.

nice build btw


Credits corrected.

Thanks :grinning:


well what i can say is first congrats and i think ur oa pets is low and attack speed + devotion u need to change some thing’s and ur pet ressistances is low to .

Resistances capped in the game, pets were unkillable in +90s shards and ravager died in 3:50 - standard is around 4 min as I saw in every pet build in the forum, so DPS is good. Primal spirit + 2x birds hit very hard.

well good job

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Great achievement!

I like also the intro pick, although no birbs there :frowning:

And interesting twist with Grey magi on pet build over absorbtion ones.


Thanks, couldn’t find cat in tank with birds around :frowning_face:

We have absorbtion from another sources like turtle and seal + behemoth + 20k hp + 3.3k DA with 100% armor and boots passive abs has 20 seconds cooldown and it’s not so big. Capped trap resistances are pernament and 15% phys res are for 4 seconds every 8 seconds. In past I have died from benjahr too many times to use other boots now :stuck_out_tongue:

All I am going to say is, I am legit impressed with the results.


Seriously, Congratulations on both the build and piloting it. I know how brutal the deeper shards can be.
So this is kind of awesome to see.


Only I don’t see pictures?

@Maya thank you :grinning:

@omnitrio I don’t know, I can see them both logged and unlogged, in mobile and pc.

I can see them from my phone, but not from my PC. I think Imgur can create troubles, why don’t upload them directly to the site, it’s fast and easy?

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Thanks Nery for advice, I have uploaded them directly in site now. I didn’t think about it because I was always uploading images in imgur.

@omnitrio it is better now?




nays build! kudos!

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Seeing that SR level.
This build seems amazing. Congrats!
Though, now I gotta ask, for my 4th Conjurer, @Maya, Birb-sama, Birb Emperor, Pettus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the Birbs of the North, where does this variant slot in your builds? This seems like halfway from Sanguine Lupus and up to Fluffy Squishy. Meaning somewhere in between for damage, survivability seems off the charts even compared to Lazy Birb. Really curios on your take on the comparison (since I only did 2 of your builds so far… there’s time…). Is this the same level of damage as Sanguine or slightly under?


To be perfectly honest, I believe the performance seen here is more of a testament to OP’s piloting skill than the strength of the build itself.

That said, it is more similar to Fluffy Squishy than Lupus. Lupus is a straight up DoT build. And my piloting skills amounts to “Standing still and watching”.

So for a proper comparison, the same person will need to play all 3 builds.

I would also like to add: For pushing deeper into SR, this will outperform all my builds. Because you can’t afford to get CC’ed in higher Shards.


I think every pet build can go ++90 shard, even without hard tweak into defensive side like absorb/cc resistances, if I remember some guy reached 90-91 with one Maya’s concept few months ago. Squisher one just need more careful gameplay. In 75-76 farming or vs uberbosses it’s not so important

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28e0z3V this one reached 98 shard on legit hardcore, was piloted by chinese guy.

Edit: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZo6MMoV or this one? I don’t understand chinese so I can’t exactly tell but this concept.

Aye, it was Fluffy Squishy’s older version. Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_vcjMRfPao . But it was in SC though. I do kind of need to see how far I can push my builds, but waiting till the new Waystones come.

Also, yes. Callagadra, even Crate has nothing on how difficult SR gets. I once had Kaisan, Grava, SR Ana + Benny on 86, ended up aggroing all of them at the same time and stopped complaining about how hard Callagadra was after that…