[] Pure Vitality Oblivion Spamlord/RE leechtank Oppressor. Crucible 5:54. SR+

So – continuing with my habit of taking one of x1x1x1x2’s builds (ain’t got no respect for the old guard over here!), throwing some kind of auto-attack in there & calling it broken, I present to you today: the Oblivion Spamlord. [–>source build]


Note: since this is not as much of an original build as it is a simple variation of one, I will keep things a little shorter than usual this time. If you have any questions, please just tell me in the comments!

In-game stats (all buffs up except for Ascension):

The build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNn6qywN

The MI’s are required, unfortunately. The affixes seen are really just taken from x1’s build, here. But, as he said in his guide:“the affixes are totally replaceable. Roll with what you have then adjust boots, pants, chest or gloves depending on what you need.”

What you need: 1. fix primary resists. 2. fix DA. 3. a little bit of secondary resist, if possible.

Crucible run:

(best of 3 runs; gear rolls could still be improved. Any form of crazy double-rare setups have yet to be tested.)

The Oblivion skill basically works like Stormfire on steroids here and turns the build into an absolute tank (~17.5 effective AdctH), whilst also improving clear times by 20+ secs as compared to the source build.


Spam it. SPAM IT ALL!!1

Exept for maybe Mark of Torment. Save that on for the big guys.
Try to line up your enemies for Oblivion (Forcewave style) if you can. Just remember that you still have to be pretty stationary due to RE+Flame Torrent (you lose a lot of dmg when enemies leave their AoE radius).

Notes on gear/skill choices:

  1. Harbinger over Mandate+HoW: crit dmg is pretty bonkers, but Harbinger still cleared ~10secs faster for me – whilst also giving an enourmous boost to sustain.
  2. Wendigo over Ghoul: AdctH is already through the roof here, so Ghoul isn’t really needed. The extra physres+CS from that awesome 3rd node really help here, however (and the proc is nice, too).
  3. 2pc Dark One’s for the full chaos>vit conversion+awesome set bonus.
  4. Signet of the Fallen over M. Cursebearer: not quite sure about this one. The choice is either CS or more consistent RR; might have to test this one further.
  5. Racial dmg as completion bonus for the relic might, on second thought, be outvalued by the +%OA one which I kinda missed at first. Racial dmg is still damn strong though.

SR 76 clear (~12mins, 1 death on 76/4 due to failed aggro abuse/standing on stacked ground effects like a doofus):

Credits to
x1x1x1x2 for doing the lion’s share of the work (again).
hammyhamster1 for bringing the Oblivion relic to my attention. I might not have made it work as a main skill, but… will this do, anyways? :sweat_smile:
& thanks to you for reading!


– Reserved for… whatever. :sweat_smile:

Wait… what? No, I must be daydreaming. What the heck is that?

So oblivion is strong. Or is it gear combination. Idk, but this is bonkers.

That’s a nice build. Agree with most choices. Except one - exclusive. Although wait, Path of the three has Fire to Acid conversion. God damn it. So yeah, nice build!

I doubt Oblivion itself could ever truly carry a build, I’m afraid. RE still does most of the work, here. But Oblivion does fit onto this Blightlord setup like a glove :slight_smile:

The base build 1. focuses on CD nukes with a decent amount of downtime to spam things in, 2. has no real shortage of skill points and 3. has a resting value of ~25% AdctH that do pretty much nothing if you don’t use a decent %WD-skill.


To be fair, though, x1’s source build was already very nice, too :wink:
I just shaved off ~20+ secs of cruci clear time & gave it more sustain so that it could stomp SR as well…

Nevertheless, maybe give Path of the Three a chance? Conversion, I know, but CDR might prove too strong in a build like that.

I’ll try it; but the extra flat dmg on RE might just outvalue the CDR, still; extra flat dmg is pretty crazy on any kind of shotgun ability :confused:
But I do love me some CDR for Ascension & Co, I have to admit…

By the way, does anybody have an idea where this build might hide a terrify effect? Because stuff runs around like crazy for me in Crucible, which is both really annoying & slows down clear times (by a lot, sometimes)

Didn’t Crate pretty much remove terrify from this game a while ago, anyways? :thinking:

Path is straight up dps loss on two of your main dps (RE and Flame Torrent) while you only gain like 2 seconds less cooldown on Ascension. Totally not worth it. I find it weird that the flat stats on mandate is outperformed by harbinger tho, especially since you only have 10% crit. But hey, results are results!

@Cinder hey why are you minmaxing my builds just like that? And unlike mad_lee I actually agree with your choices! :stuck_out_tongue: good work man!

Revenant skellies screws people’s pathing a lot of times just by existing.


I have same effect when playing my Defiler Blightlord. Might be just Confuse from somewhere.

Flat damage is nice but you have nowhere to utilize it on. Adding flat to 65% weapon damage on Oblivion is a drop in a bucket in your overall damage output. Fire conversion might fuck it up tho.


Thank you!

No, I’m pretty sure it’s an actual effect… sometimes they just run all the way off (like into the last corner of a spawning pit off) :confused:

Could it be the %confuse on Oblivion, as mad_lee suggested? That would be kinda weird though, this never happened to me with Flashbang & Co.

Well, there is DG which has ~95% uptime, but yeah: this is indeed weird. Could it be possible that the %vit dmg is also helping this build more than might be expected? In its essence, this is really just a non-WD caster build, after all. And those guys do like %dmg…

Or maybe my results were just scewed by unlucky mutator RNG and I should just test it a little more extensively? :thinking:

Either way, Harbinger is definitely best for SR/overall survivability. Its combination of %AdctH & CS is pretty unbeatable there.

I also agree, it’s a fine polished build! I am just saying, Path of the Three is worth testing. It’s not just Ascension, it’s basically everything that is getting sped up by extra cdr.

Bad english. I meant the one time you tried to minmax my build I didn’t agree with your choices (and teh build was worse in my hands), tho it ended up better this patch due to nerfs.

I mean on RE it’s basically ~40 flat dmg vs. 0.25 secs of CD, so it might be worth it. Still feels weird though, breaking up full conversion like that…

I’ll just test it and see how it does. No use in arguing on a case like this much further, I believe :slight_smile:

What do you mean by flat damage on Ravenous Earth? Ah, lost Fire to Vitality conversion. Well, you have a mix of fire to vita and elemental to vita which is also not 100% conversion. Adding a third one to the mix will lose you some flat (40 sounds about right), but will speed up RE deployment and everything else.

It can only be found out thru testing tho, hard to say like that but 13-15% extra CDR might make this build become absolute bonkers.

What? They changed it? i swear the belt was fire to vit when I made the original build. Path makes more sense now. WHY ZANTAI THO WHY?

Btw don’t say stuff like this. Makes me think that you believe players have instant reaction time. 0.25 seconds cdr isn’t the relevant part here.

Why not, if he spams RE, it all adds up. CDR even made your BWC spammer sorc better, remember?

Damn. Yeah, they did. I actually didn’t even think of this…

Could M. Darkflame Chestguard be an option again because of it?

‘Breaks into tears as his world breaks apart’

Not its initial setup, I don’t think (and that was the base on which x1 was arguing there afaik)…

You are totally comparing apples and oranges here, anyways :stuck_out_tongue: That build needed more survivability, whilst this one really only needs more dmg

Nicely done.

RE is a workhorse, indeed.

You are not interested by chance to do a comparison run with the Conjurer version? (But I can not be disappointed if you are just happy to showcase this relic and move on; I`m content that you made this relic work quite well.)

That’s what I am saying but you are not hearing me :slight_smile:

I think it’s worth testing out Path of the Three because it actually might be more damage.