[] (S&B) The Dawn Is Breaking - Retaliation Warder, SR90 [c] [sr+]

Making a retaliation warder with Dawnbreaker’s Light set was my dream even since late AoM but on the start of FG the build showed itself very poor and I lost it for a very long time.
Now special thanks go to @Safarel whose build reminded me of revising my own and bringing it back to life.



  • Armor - super-BiS choice because combined Dawnguard&Dawnbreaker is the best and only combo for lightning retal.
  • Rings - overall good stats and good proc, very useful here.
  • Belt - boosts our retal damage, the best belt for it.
  • Relic - +1 to shaman, also boosts retal.
  • Pants - best pants for any type of retal build.
    Gear is crafted for slow res



  • Super-sturdy, almost immortal, this build is a true tank in a nutshell. High block, resists, tons of damage absorption.
  • Viable for new players because of pt.1.
  • High retaliation damage - up to 330k.
  • Doesn’t fear but like all powerful melee combatants like Fabius, Alkamos, Benn’jahr etc. Watch the videos and notice why :smile:


  • Build is rather slow but it is fully compensated by its tankiness.
  • Casters (especially lightning resistant like Valdaran) take long time to kill. Thus, Imbued Silver can be replaced by Purified Salt.
  • Lack of RR but it doesn’t feel like a problem since the damage is still huge.


Crucible - average time is ~12 mins but the build is almost immortal.

SR - some vids of SR75-76 below. Actually, pushed the build to SR80 but faced a bugged Crimson Sister that didn’t take almost any damage, broke the timer and got tired. Nevertheless, the build has the potential to go further - will try it with new Waystones.

Lokarr kill

Ravager of Flesh Ultimate kill

If I’m not too lazy, will try Calla/Crate and post the vid, if successful.

Special thanks to all Safarel Discord Community.

All my builds are available here: Afanasenkov26’s Build collection


Finally someone had the patience and made it!

I’d pull some points from Oak and Decorated Soldier and max Raging Tempest. Also, in my experience, pushing Overguard above 7/12 is questionable (after the warlord nerfs).

Last, I wouldn’t go so far as to say this is an immortal tank. That million health gets you covered for most content but… 15% overcap on aether, no overcap on acid, low af damage and therefore sustain - these things will get you sooner or later. These sets call for some serious buffs, imo. The fact that you can’t cover res with Empyrion (best devo for res) is telling.

Very solid and tanky build, congrats!

It’s good to see someone finally using this set, it has been awhile. Something I don’t like is that OA.

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A nice combination of blue and purple. How nice!
BTW, have you tried Crest of Winter Fortitude?
By dropping all MA and moving it to Blindside, you can get -DA (5target and -150da 4sec) and 18% RDAtD.

FYI - Missing augment in chest piece on GT link.

thanks for pointing that! augment added.

well, at least it is almost immortal to SR80 (nad further I haven’t gone yet).
about resistances - I tried to get maximum retal damage (and imo, direct damage by your swings is not so important here + we have 21% RAtA here) but it’s possible to shuffle components and gear a bit, like using Tainted Heart and M. Stonetreaders to cap acid/aether.
And sustain, as I feel here, is based more on your tankiness rather that direct damage by your hits.

Thanks! I don’t like that OA much too but we have what we have :slight_smile: since the main damage source is retaliation, I think it’s not such a problem.

Nope :slight_smile: seems like Markovian’s Stratagem is the best option here for multiple reasons.

Still prefer avenger over eye of storm and hourglass over Empyrion

That’s your choice :wink:

RR work for retaliation ?

Yes, still retal damage is normal damage, although dealt in a bit unusual way.

Have you tried with vindicator?

That’s the route I went. The damage is solid, but I do find him squishy (suprisingly).

That was the build. Not that it’s fully decked out, but I actually died to Gargobal and I think I tried SR (and while I might not be used to) I died along the way to 30.

Knowing myself tho, I wouldn’t be suprised if something flew over my head.

Nope, I haven’t :slight_smile:

Hmm. In comparison with inq, soldier here provides more usefulness with his Menhir’s Bulwark and Overguard.
Inq still has the seal but more hungry for skillpoints.
Also don’t think maxing savagery is good cuz it’s not your main source of damage.
Also, adtch is very low.

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I have a question about retaliation in general - can retaliation damage crit? and can it life leech?

  1. afaik, yes 2) no, only rata can

UPD: reached SR90. Added a video of SR87 boss fight.

Oh man, nothing more satisfying than to see Fabius kill himself on your retal build.

Yep, nothing is more satisfying than fighting powerful melee bosses with this build (except Shattered Sentinel, he’s annoying af suddenly)

Lightning retaliation sounds fun. Looks like a great build. The main thing that puts me off using any Lgt build are Wind Devils. I hate having to recast them all the time. Only with something like the Cyclone set, that considerably increases their life cycle, do I find them worthwhile.

I also hate recasting them but nevertheless it’s a necessary part of playing lightning shaman builds :frowning: