State of Venomblade

Good thread. Dmt’s VBs were always the tankiest. So, if she complains, it means the situation must really be tragic.

My two cents: I’ve been making max dmg VBs since FG release including the ones that beat all-time records. My newest no-green VB update cannot clear crucible 3+1 without pharma despite being the tankiest of all the setups I made. Still pretty fast, though, but what does it matter if it’s not really playable with any serious consistency.

So, dervish is dead. Witch Hunter is ok thx to added defense but itemization for non-oathkeepers is tragedy. Sentinel will never be good.

15% wpn dmg to an autoattack replacer is too much. Taking away anything from ABB is death sentence to witch hunters. Sentinel will never be good. It’s a nightblade set.

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It doesn’t really. The conversion in Possession will convert the chaos in Witchfire and Possession itself and all other flat chaos sources like Abomination proc. Plus Possession has % acid damage, so really the only thing Path has over Possession here is CDR.

is this not a bit darmatic? :stuck_out_tongue:

You make me want to retry this set

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Actually, no need - I’ve tried mine (you know, our setup are petty similar) and imo, the best it can do are SR65-66. :frowning:


I have two 2h builds around chest+helm and they are ok so my money is on the problem is in weapons and 3, 4 piece bonuses

I absolutely LOVE how you make that sound like a “bad thing”. You people fuck me up with that sometimes.

Yup. Must be a #deadbuild :scorv:



@powbam - As much truth as there is in that statement, I think it’s moreso a reflection of how far VB dervish has fallen from its lofty heights.

It’s kinda like having a billion dollars, and losing 999 million to some unfortunate event.

You’re still rich af, but still… :confused:

The salt is reel

Here’s something for all you rich folk to lick on…


mate, i’m poor af. I get by on 6 bucks a day :stuck_out_tongue:

But hey… you’re rich in #deadbuilds. I can’t wait to see what else gets killed off in 1.5 for everyone.

I’m getting everything prepared for everyone. It’s gunna be lit!



Make infinite shards and waystones for SR 75+
Nerf build that it can’t go further than 65?

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Guess it’s time for the buddy system then. Just because he’s letting everyone more easily go past it doesn’t mean he intends to balance builds to be able to. He’s made it quite clear that a build doing shards 60-65 is doing just fine.

Venom was a proper acid top tier build after first wave of OK nerfs and before the wave of NB, OK and Venom nerfs.
Or is it a nonsense that some acid build (without SR set) can do 75 SR consistently?

Ask Zantai. Only he knows. Maybe he has plans for such builds… maybe he doesn’t. Guess we’ll find out.

Actually, it’s not. Dmt made setups that afaik beat the SR record. I made the fastest crucible setups. Give us some cred. We agree on this so there must some truth to what we’re saying.

Check out my thread Dreeg's Acid Fisting - Venomblade Dervish - Caster/Melee Hybrid High Dmg Setups [ -] Dmg is superb. Def stats are real good except phys res and stun res. It’s the most solid no-green VB I made with real good dmg despite all the nerfs. But I honestly couldn’t clear crucible without a Courageous Tincture. So, imo, dead build… Dervishes can’t handle the debuffs and one-shots anymore without serious phys res. No Censure/Seal + no Maiven + no Military Training/Field Command + no Mog’s Pact + no AofG/Possession = wrong season.

A good solution to many nightblade problems vs. current environment might be changing the phys res scaling on dual blades so that it scales 1% per point not to 5% but to 10-12%.

As for VB, the 6% phys res to Possession should be global.

As long as there are builds that do SR90 and have almost the same clearing power as the “doing just fine” build, “doing just fine” doesn’t mean much. If a build can’t do 170 without pharma anymore, it’s dead (especially when it used to be one of the best - imo THE best - builds in the category). These standards are based on what the game offers. Not on what someone says they should be.

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  • That someone is actually Zantai, it’s not popular belief or something. It’s deliberate on his part

A nimble DW char not going beyond SR 65 very well has been agreed upon as being ok. SR 65 is where Cruci is at difficulty wise.


I don’t want to debate without having good arguments so I have made my own GT version today which I will be testing in crucible. Last time I did Acid Drevish seriously was with a 2PC vileblade pure RF and did quite well.

So i’ll do full Vileblade now with Dervish and see how I do.

The mods on the set are heavy on the occult side. Dervish will have 26% CDR, up to lvl 18 Ascension every 18 secs and more dots + some AA support. How much that evens out or not is the debate here

Occult has % absorb, more phys res, more flat damage to sum it up.

I’ll do my best to try it today. But to be 100% transparent I won’t do the 3 buff 1 banner thing. That is completely arbitrary on the player’s part. It will be 4 buff + banner, no consumables as per usual. Alo will opt out of testing so that items/ affixes are as they should be currently.

The Dual blades suggestion would make some tanky DW chars a bit OP. And 2h already barely takes enough from Kraken sometimes.

Consecration is a bit of Filed command. You get some DA and armor on My GT can be 2600 or 2800 which is ok with ascension


You might shoot me for saying this fluff, but if you really want to keep things even, you gotta go 3 buffs instead of 4, since 3 + 1 is what most individuals go by

3 + 1 isn’t random beacuse it allows for the player to upkeep 100 tributes so long as they can clear cruci 3x within the buff period.

Can this be done with 4 buffs?

@Superfluff is the sky falling? when the hell did you start giving hearts? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Never have never will. Someone started this trend and some people go by it. It does not mean it’s the norm.

If I make a build and i tell Zantai, i can’t do 160-170 without ulzuin pact then that means nothing to him.

The only part of that where you might get his attention is energy consumption. Anything else is on the palyer.

Also Ya uses consumable to offset low DA so it’s pretty much there

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Fair point. But tbf, ya hates using consumables…just not as much as he loves his dervish :stuck_out_tongue:

Like Superfluff notes, that someone is a pretty important someone and you are flippantly ignoring that fact like it’s no big thing. You wonder why you’ll never gain any traction with that someone? Stuff like that is a big part of why. Something to think about.