[] The Frame Killer - Elemental Fire Strike Purifier - 5:20 Crucible [g4][c+][vid]


Another build carried by a ridiculous green MI. 100% Pierce through fire strike with double jaxxon’s and brimstone is a truly ridiculous sight to behold. Gameplay is incredibly simple, hold right click and watch the sparks fly while your computer cries out in pain from all the particles.

Thanks to @thejabrixone for suggesting double jaxxon’s.



Affixes are BiS. In order to make it more obtainable you can change the suffix to of alacrity. It will still work fine, just at slightly lower performance. If you want more resists you can use fateweaver’s raiment at the cost of a bit of damage.

Gameplay is incredibly simple, but there is a bit of finesse when it comes to maximising your damage. Always try to position to shoot as many enemies as possible, especially on nemesis waves. The more enemies you hit in a group the more single target damage you do as well.


Character sheet with permanent buffs and Word of Renewal.


4:46 was my fastest run, but I had multiple runs under 5 minutes. My average time is probably between 5:15 to 5:30.


The weapon is a bit busted honestly, maybe removing the extra fire strike damage would be enough to tone it down. Other than that I’m not sure what should be changed, the whole build is mostly just carried by the MI.


Crazy run as always!
Would like to see legit version in use though.

Brimstone. One of the most baffling skills in the game. Its on ok-to-good level for melee. And it’s multiplied for ranged into lulz level. It needs rework.

Btw have you tried a demo relic with +1 to Brimstone? Will also cap FS. Should be good.

Nice build! Why Kraken though?? It requires a two-handed ranged / melee, no?

FINALLY someone appreciates the power of Shadowflame shoulders. They laughed me down when I said it was BiS on Valdun, too. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The amulet, wouldn’t Empowered Ess… nothing! Forget it. :wink:

Thanks! That kinda makes my recommendations to use Aegis on a 2H build less of a thing. :wink:

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Nice build and another crazy Crucible time from you!

I actually don’t think weapon should be toned down. It’s dreamy MI and game isn’t balanced around what we can GD stashed :slightly_smiling_face:

It was BiS even for my lightning FS build :grinning: Very hard to find Brimstone on a free slot piece of gear.

Yeah, Brimstone is a problem. It proccing on every target hit is insane. I haven’t tried another relic. Bane is pretty hard to beat, but hardcapping brimstone and Fire Strike sounds really nice.

You might want to have another look at the weapon.

Nothing can beat +4 to brimstone. A kaisan’s amulet with +3 to brimstone is actually BiS, but I figured that was going a bit too far.

Yeah, true. Maybe I should try some runs with more reasonable affixes. I’m a bit burnt out on the build right now though.

Oops… But…but…but it looks so tiny :joy:

It’s not the size that counts :wink:

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where can i farm for this weapon?

It’s nothing, brother. Reminds me of the countless times

ME: Hey! Why no Devastation? [5-paragraph essay on why Devastation is good]
SOMEONE: I got no offhand.
ME: Oh, okay…

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That was plasmo’s thread too! :rofl:

I’m not sure of the absolute best way to farm it, but I think going hostile with barrowholm and farming it in forlorn cellar should work. Without going hostile with barrowholm I think you might be able to farm it in the other cellar areas in ugdenbog?

Haha, I remember that. I thought he was wanting me to weapon swap just to cast devastation.

Love it plasmo. Crazy results, my God!

You may Want to test the build with “enchanter’s” and “of alacrity” affix. Enchanter is a must here with explosive strike buff.

It’s probably carried by the MI 'coz of your god damn affixes :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Now that I’ve taken a closer look…you’re right. Even with only a single rare affix, it should be immensely powerful.

mad_lee will disagree with me when I say this, but arcaneweaver’s OP’ness is no different than valdun’s.

The power comes from the high conversion value you can get on explosive strike,

BTW - have you considered trying harbinger’s glove? Should add a lot more damage than dawnshard

Right you are, that should be better actually. Didn’t think of it.

In early FG days, you’re offering every OK build to use Aegis of Menhir.

  • For God’s sake how I am going to throw my 2H mace, it’s heavy! :rofl:

Makes me sad that this weapon is such a pain in the ass to farm since I want to update my purifier to this one. Nice job :+1:

It all stem from here… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Specifically the part where explosive strike isn’t scaled by WPS leading to runaway interactions with piercing and multi projectile wps.

Drop the suffix from the MI and the performance will likely remain above average.