[] The Realm of Misery - Shattered Guardian Based, Acid/Poison AA Dervish

1st Aug 2019 Update Just got even better
3rd Dec 2019 Update New ring, relocating some skill points, and spirit dump. Increasing sheet DPS by 13.7%

The Build

with all permanent buff + Pneumatic Burst, Lethal Assault, Ascension, and Righteous Fervor charges.
DPS shown is Righteous Fervor.

Build Feature


  • Relax and fast Cruci farming
  • Fluid gameplay
  • 14 sec dummy :wink:
  • Hybrid Poison, allow kiting if need to.


  • Pure Auto-Attack build, need to know the kill order of enemies
Build Overview Shattered guardian set need more build posted! The set is a really good general set. Love it. Props to Crate for coming up with this set! Defensively good and giving +2 to all masteries. Definitely a worthy replacement for clairvoyant set. Though it's a shame that CDR build is an endangered archetype in GD now.

I always think that SG set is best paired with full offensive masteries. So here it is! An acid/poison, Shattered Guardian based, AA WPS Dervish! AA Acid dervish is infamously known as one of the most point-hungry archetype because both of them need so many skill points to work. This build has +6 to OK and +4 to NB. Good thing that we have misery swords for strengthening Acid RF and giving + skills to dervish. Also Deathguard rings for plus to fervor and execution. This allow us to have a top-notch Auto-Attack with almost 190k DPS sheet and supported by 103% WPS. Also super offensive Acid devo. Worth noting that the build can yield 240k Poison ticks in dummy test with decent duration.

Equipment Choices [i]Craft all equipment at Egellon for slow res, get vitality>acid conversion as max as possible.[/i]

Core Items:
Shattered Guardian Set.
Main/Off Hand: 2x Misery. Strengthening Acid RF, plus to dervish, nice DA, perfect Fit

Supporting Items:
Gloves: Mythical Iceskorn Talons. [Further overcapping Lethal Assault, additional crit mod to RF, relevant skill bonus, give pierce res the build desperately need]
Pants: Mythical Chausses of Barbaros. [It has lost its defensive properties, but we still need its OA and its proc is still good.]
Boots: Mythical Stonetreaders.
Belt: Mythical Pack of Deadly Means. [Brand spanking new acid oathkeeper belt, giving huge OA. Get as much Vitality conversion as possible.]
Rings: Deathguard Rings + Ring of Shuroth. [Glorious acid rings, relevant skill bonus, and good AS bonus, almost full vitality>acid conversion. Combination of the two is used for covering res

Medal: Mark of Lethal Intents. Giving decent OA, relevant res, +lethal assault, and craftable.
Relic: Meditation. Giving flat Acid, really good stats, and plus to oathkeeper. Get anything relevant +skill for the completion bonus.
Movement Rune: Rune of Violent Delights. Use whatever you’re comfortable with though.

Devotions [i]Full-blown Offensive Acid/Poison Devo[/i]

Rumor > to Ring of Steel
Raise the Dead > to Amarasta’s Blade Burst
Guardian’s Gaze > to Righteous Fervor
Scorpion Sting > to Summon Guardian of Empyrion
Tainted Eruption > to Blade Spirit
Black Blood of Yugol > to Whatever permanent buff
Ghoulish Hunger > to Whatever permanent buff


LMB: Righteous Fervor
Keyboard 1: Movement Rune
Keyboard 2: Shadow Strike
Keyboard 3: Amarasta’s Blade Burst
Keyboard 4: Ring of Steel
Keyboard 5: Ascension
Keyboard 6: Pneumatic Burst

Standard procedure:
Summon 2 blade spirit and 2 GoE before action.
Press to activate Pneumatic burst Ensure it to always be active and/or save it for heal.
Shadow Strike / movement rune in.
Cast ABB and Ring of Steel. Press them every 3 seconds.
Then just hold RF button.

Cast ascension whenever you can. Decent CDR make it better than deadly aims.

Build Performance

Update 2 For 170 crucible, video with 4 buff + 3 L1 storm beacons:

6 minutes clear time. The build is consistent around that timer.

You might want to only watch out for madqueen. If he’s in enraged mode, cast ascension for absorb, or just leave her and deal with other things until her aura is off.

You can leave most purple mobs in 1/3 of their health and move on to others. For nemesis, leave them after they are in 1/4 of their health.

Shattered Realm:
Haven’t checked again in this patch, should be good though. You can also give up some spirit dump for more DA.

Enjoy the Misery… :scream:


Thanks Nery!
Spellbreaker belt used simply because of res. Also note that because of SG set, we have a quite decent +% cold damage.

Good build again. Good job!
SG set is the most diverse and wonderful set. I like it, too.:wink:

Thanks Mochi!
I am still theorycrafting other variant of SG set. Really liking this set at the moment.

Nice one. Like Venomblade’s younger cousin.

Have you considered building around SR set with Mad Queen Claws instead? With 2pc Venomblade they’re pretty strong.

I’d recommend dropping 2 points in Dual Blades and getting Whirling Death to 7/8 and AQC to 8/8 (need one more point). Probably no real difference, just to satisfy my break point compulsion. :wink:

Anyways, nice to see another brother in Dreeg wearing Direwolf Crest instead of Mark of the Forbidden.

I haven’t consider MQ claws but I did consider venomlash. It’s just by theorycrafting, misery boast a really great bonus for this build, seems unbeatable compared to other acid weapon for dervish. +2 to both masteries is just too massive in a build that need so many skill points.

Direwolf crest because I need its res, also great OA and racial damage. I would like to use mark of the forbidden but it will stop me in using stonetreaders boot :stuck_out_tongue:

Just everything is perfect in this build, I like it :slight_smile:

Only one question:

  • why no Smite?

Thanks Korsar, glad you like it. :wink:

Because I use direwolf crest, giving another 12% chance WPS. Putting one point on Smite will give me another 22% chance WPS, making it 114%. This will lessen the nightblade’s WPS chances and decreasing total DPS.
Current skill arrangement empower the nightblade’s WPS heavily by going all out on NHH and execution.

If you don’t use direwolf crest, feel free to put 1 point on Smite.

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Cool take on Acid Dervish. Looks tanky af. So Murmur’s Kiss belt is worse? Seems like build is gaining a lot of flat damage on paper when you switch to it in GT.

Oh, haven’t thought about it at all because I was focusing on getting as much plus skills as possible.

The belt only convert aether and fire to acid though, which doesn’t use much in this build. Forgot the full stats of that belt, and I am in an area where the mobile signal is very scarce. Will try to theorycraft again after I got back home. Usually it’s overall worse because it doesn’t have +1 to nightblade.

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Seems like the WD flat damage using murmur belt is end up the same, because we need to swap the relic (to nidalla’s) and some augments to get back what we lost from losing +1 nightblade and res.

Shame that murmur belt doesn’t convert cold to acid. The build has 2 additional proc though and the belt proc seems interesting. Looks like it’s worth to try.

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Hello Mr. thejabrixone!
Great and impressive build again.
Seems like aa builds became really strong with that set. Caster cant use it in most of builds, because the rely on skill mods too much, and even lost their +1 from amulet.
Life reduction of SR set + OK also seems strong, too much enemies use this terrible mechanics, IMO rebuke should be 10/10, mb due to execution points.

It’s always nice to see min-maxed, well banaced build, thank you for it!

Thanks John!
Honestly, if we seek balance, this build should be even better than venomblade. It has no real weakness and still has monstrous strength.

You have a really good point on life reduction res. However, I literally have zero problem clearing cruci with this, I will apply your suggestion for SR though. I might want to finally do SR for real with this build.

can someone tell me how i go about leveling a fresh character while leading upto this build.


But I do hope the trend of using this otherworldly set won’t obsolete the alternatives. Saboteurs were amusing, but if every melee build starts using it I won’t be amused. :cool:

Do you want this build to be your first?
I really don’t recommend levelling with RF, it will be slow. Best levelling item you can use is gannarvakar sting which is quite hard to farm as it only drop by 1 monster and doesn’t have a good drop chance.

I recommend you to level with amarasta’s blade burst if you start with nightblade. If oathkeeper, you can start with aegis of menhir or vire’s might. Look at the levelling guide from the guide section of this forum to see in more detail.

Glad you like it my liege :wink:
Don’t worry lokarr, I will test this set as gunslinger build also…

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I haven’t seen such a…
… Wait, what? 3k armor and 160k DPS?:rolleyes:
Great using of SG set
P.S. going to steal that illusion:cool:

Very good and very comfortable build. Straight up autoattack. Currently, I think, the strongest pure melee dw g3 build with this kind of tankiness,

Dmt stole my illusion. Ya_ stole my devotion. Oh well.

Thanks both of you! Still has some thing to test here. I would probably try to fit mark of forbidden here to further strengthen RF.

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I did it for the higher purpose: proving that after years of neglect and discrimination acid became the strongest dmg type in the game.

Btw how do you feel Meditation compares to Nidalla? I’m trying to use Meditation on my new MI-ed Venomblade. It’s hyper on paper, 25k weapon dmg in gt tooltip. No crit dmg and no extra dmg from proc bothers me, though.