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SR 75 & 76 NEW VIDEO


CR 150 170 by mad_lee NEW VIDEO


Celestial Lokarr

Roguelike Dungeons

Dungeons Mix

Special thanks: Safarel, ArchHeretic, mad_lee, KoS9K and Ricardi0

I also want to thank all Safarel Discord Community



Stun Res in game doesn’t match Grimtools because items have been crafted for Stun Res

Nice one bro. After did my thread, i was thinking the fire FoI build, but i was tired to do.

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May I ask which items are the ones that you used as illusions? The ones before the red outfit.

u mean from this screen?

yes, which chestpiece and weapons/offhand are the ones you use for illusion?

i don’t remember names
and it is too late today to launch computer
i will show you tomorrow morning

here we are :smiley:


Build Update

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So I have actually tested this build in Crucible.

What can I say, it’s pretty strong and well-balanced. And fun to play. I think Omni got the max out of FoI there. Did make slight changes (devotions bindings and too Storm Box instead of WoP for proccing), but overall very solid build, probably can go as fast as 5:30 in Crucible with the right pilot.

Did like ~6 or 7 runs and this is the fastest. Did not die once (but you can’t be too careless, it’s still an FoI caster :stuck_out_tongue:)


Thanks :blue_heart:
Glad to see how SR spec can in fast Crucible
Added to 1st post also made some updates in GT

Thanks for the update - and for creating a good build with FOI!

I tested a lot of FOI Mage Hunter builds after the buff in 1.5.0, but didn’t manage to build something really good… So, Paladin instead of Magehunter it will be… :sunglasses:

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Just made alternative version with 2 -X% RR in Devotions
Need to test it
Tnx @Firozo


Thanks, for the build, I like FoI very much (yes, such players do exist). Although it’s optimized I’ve obviously felt a natural urge to make some changes (I wanted to see what happens if you take out Pyran’s) and here’s an untested :rofl: variation of your build using

  • full Mageslayer (for Hood’s and 4p bonuses)
  • Mythical Tome of Names (for proc with Elemental Damage and 20% RR and casting speed which enables us to use
  • Mythical Band of the Eternal Pyre (with 25% Lightning & Cold to Fire conversion)
  • 1 Green Purifier’s Valaxteria’s Arcane Robes (with 30% Lightning to Fire and Slow Res, no suffix, not sure if it makes it more farmable though)

Tried not to lose stats too much, I hope I didn’t miss something important
I think main gains are -20% Elem. RR from the proc, 25% more Fire to Lightning (5% Cold to Lightning gone) and various skill modifiers to FoI. Not sure how it compares to the losses (for example some %damage and OA (I cheated by adding some points to Cunning and putting more points into temp. buffs).

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hi, i am very interested in your build, can you please give a guide on leveling? which skills to prioritize? thank you!!!

Use EoR, Aura of Censure and Inq Seal till 94 lvl
That’s all secret
99% OK leveling thats way

then what about devotion? please guide…

You can take it like in final build

It is very difficult for me to write guides, because my knowledge of English is extremely low

I’m new to Grim Dawn and trying some classes out, this looks very promising! For Devotions, would the following path make sense?

Crossroads Red, Rat, Ghoul, Remove Crossroads Red, Crossroads Yellow, Lotus, Remove Crossroads Yellow, Solael’s Witchblade, Quill, Scholar’s Light, Oklaine’s Lantern, Remove Rat, Toad, Rhowan’s Crown, Wolverine, Crab, Blind Sage, Attak Seru

There might be a more optimal way to go, especially if you want to get the skill bindings for Attak Seru and Blind Sage quicker, but I’m not sure.

It’s good leveling
But first devotions I’ll take Bat (instead Rat) for more survivability