[] Korvan Reaver - Pierce Cadence/RoS Shattered Blademaster

Hail Mamba!

Yeah, it’s pretty much the same as Blades of Wrath in terms of average cleartime but I like Oleron more.

To run SR effectively you just need a bit more focus on defense. This is what I run for SR farming for the past month & a half:

nice setup! some of the time though it doesnt matter how tanky you make yourself if you get a bad combo of bosses its curtains even for the tankiest of blade master specs.

Well, for the 50ish runs I’ve done with this builds nothing seem to be entirely impossible. At least for SR75-76.

So just bought this game on the steam summer sale and since I played PoE and D2/3 before know it’s always a good idea to go build shopping before playing and getting overwhelmed and quitting.

I figured this build looks enjoyable to play and [no greens] tag makes me believe it’s quite beginner friendly, but I can’t figure out why the buildsheet shows Pneumatic Burst doubleslotted in the hotbar? Is this an error or is there a logical explaination for why I’d want to doubleslot a skill in this game?

Check out Dragon’s beginner guide for blademaster: [DW melee] Beginner's Forgotten Blademaster

And do not be fooled by this “no green” non-sense. Some greens are trash, some greens are good. In fact, many “random green” item can be used as temporary items until you get BiS legendary for instance.

I double bind skills now and then just in case in miss button or have different rotations that fit my muscle memory better.

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[quote=“ReznoV, post:15, topic:82432”][no greens] tag makes me believe it’s quite beginner friendly,

This goes against the principle of self promotion but no greens doesn’t mean it’s beginner friendly. Real beginner builds are filled with greens. This is more like middle of the pack when it comes to gear requirements. Also this requires you to have a previous char that could beat shattered realm level 50 (or 60? i forgot, been a long time since I played realms. It’s pretty boring imo).

The no greens tag isn’t really meant for beginners. It’s for older players who play totally legit (no cheats) and don’t have the luck to find “impossible greens”. Legendaries aren’t easy to farm on your first char.

For a beginner blademaster, please refer to Stupid Dragon’s posts, then start transitioning to this build once you get both swords and the realms set.

There’s nothing to put beyond those slots. You don’t need to put in pneuma, I just like putting double of the last skill in my hotbar so it’s easier to press when I’m panicking.


Yeah, I do that, too. Especially for the two buttons I got bound to mouse wheel.

As for no-greens, it’s more like self imposed limitation or just a standard. Building no-green is in most cases infinitely more difficult. Certain green affixes like Stonehide or Thunderstruck make it trivial to cover resistances.

Addressing legit audiences? I don’t know… I mean yeah but… In the compendium builds with conduits with exact res affix, BoMs or purple MIs are all at the same level of beginner friendliness. It’s still not like dropping Thunderstruck Kuba pants of Kings but even if I used up all my mats gathered in my 1k hours of legit gamechances of crafting BoM or even an exact conduit would still be bey low. I think those things should counted as “green”

It really all depends on RnG I think. I got warborn chest after 1.2k hours. Also after all that time, I haven’t even gotten doom relic blueprint and couple of conduit blueprint.

Getting all purple is by no means easier than legit greens. You can actually get a couple of good nemesis pants and shoulder from cruci. Green weapons are another story, especially off hand one when you want maximum CDR as much as possible.

On topic. I am surprised that this build can get below 6 minutes with banner. I made this kind of thing before with similar itemization, but I am not taking oleron. It seems that azraaka cannot compete with oleron’s damage and AoE.

Well I have both Azraka and Oleron :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine use only azraaka… I underestimated oleron too much. It’s hard to get a respectable +%crit damage with purple devo setup though

Ok, will do. As for the attribute points, I read those are the only non-refundable points so should I keep following this guide as a reference for those? Honestly, I’m fairly certain I’ll brick this character on dumb NPC decisions anyway but anything that can help to prevent bricking it build wise is appreciated.

Got it, will keep it to double-slotted pneumatic burst than as it has been quite useful in staying alive so far would be a shame if I misclick and die.

Attribute points are refundable but you refund them all at once using Tonic of Reshaping which you’ll get from story quests.

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I totally agree but can not be changed due to “tradition”

This thread is not a guide, it is a build post.

I was a contributor of the current g1-5 classification system and it’s definitely not tradition as everything was put into place only around a year ago, in AoM. A lot can still be changed


We had some discussion about this in the build compendium for FG, I think the conclusion was that the g3 tag should be kept as it is now for the sake of tradition.

I am always amused,when someone is saying to level 100 build with full legendary setup,I am level 30 and following your guide.But I don’t have most of the legendary though.Hey playing the elemental Forcewave build of yours,what can I use until farm Arcanor weapon?

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I also think its funny how the word “build” is used for everything. Like “I am doing your build now but I have these items instead and I do not use forcewave I used blade arc instead”… THEN YOU ARE NOT DOING THAT BUILD lol

Did it go that way? Cause currently I don’t mind changing everything except for the fact that there should be a tier for all purple builds, i.e. g3, but it won’t necessarily be g3 (the middle ground) if things are changed

Still using it as a build guide though, arrest me. Gotta learn somehow and most of the documentation you find on google searches is on old forums so pretty much gone forever. This is the closest thing to a guide I’ve found so far. Also with a little prior experience in the genre, a build post is plenty to learn from, though it just takes some reverse engineering as of the reasoning of some choices which he even explained pretty well at some points throughout this thread. So I don’t see the problem here??