[] Warder in Avenger + health regeneration. 90 SR, Ravager, Avatar, 150-170 1 baff + 1 banner

Hello everyone, I would like to show my version of Warder with the set Of the avenger of Nature. I made the build focus on health regeneration, it turned out even better than I expected, the results are shown in the video below.

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2B09XjZ


150-170 1 baff+ 1 banner

Ravager 4m 30s

Avatar 5m 10s


Mad queen:

90 SR

Reaper of the Lost in 90 SR

Archmage Aleksander in 90 SR


Sounds like fun, any details about how to play and what skills to use?

If you are talking about pumping a character, it is difficult for me to describe it in English, since I use Yandex translator and I am afraid it will very poorly convey the information that I want to write. I could write everything in Russian very easily, if you understand it, I will do it for you

Try Google Translate - seems Google’s improved it considerably, since now it makes Russian to English translations good enough that it’s very understandable.

Nice build!

I like your gear choices, Avenger of Cairn amulet is rarely picked for non retal builds, here is nice defensive boost. Also interesting devotion map with Tree of Life and Vire. Honestly it’s first time seeing Vire on non-shield build. I tried some time ago Avenger but with Giant’s Blood, Tree of Life seems better fit, since most physical devotions are in blue/yellow corner.

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Nice build!

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Nice to see 2H melee kill ravager in good time. As much as we hate on regen around here it’s very useful for this kind of task given the high enemy leech resist


2h warder still relevant I see, always inspiring to see other players building around HP Regen! Going to link this thread in another where the OP is asking for help on what class would go best with his level 34 Shaman that cant make it through Elite- this will give him a great example to follow!

Thank you for sharing!


Hi, very nice build with good results. Can i ask why no warcry? You could use the RR and the damage reduction mod? Ofc not maxed coz lack of points. Seeing the results you dont need it but wouldnt it be beter?

Look at the devotion procs

Yea i know physical damage rd. Thats okayish. Lots of physical dmg ingame. But its not all damage. And extra rr-shredding is no small thing

You need only one source of flat RR and Alex have devotion Scales. In my Markovian Warlord also skipped War Cry.


ofc, didnt notice break morale is flat rr. They should make that % based RR! Thx for pointing it out.

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It is impossible, War Cry is not a ticking skill

Been skipping war cry as well on my favorite https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28xM532. I think health regen is seriously underrated.


Yes it is a lot underrated by the Crucible crowd. If you have 500+ HP/s it is felt on the build and 1000+ more is really good.

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I have always championed HP regen in my own personal experiences with the game, such a fun mechanic to build around in this game with all the layered defenses and circuit breakers!


It’s not just underrated by the cruci crowd. It simply does not work well there. It’s more viable in SR.

AlexGoldFish you might have fun with these tweaks to the devotions.


More procs to play with. Lost the ever beloved Kraken to make the build but makes up for it elsewhere. Ulzaad is also lost. Ulzaad is ok but not as strong as it would seem with all it’s downtime.

Also one point in Blindside for Blitz to hit up to 8 instead of 3 for better proc’ing and stronger Blitz. One point to Counterstrike so your strong physical damage can work more when being hit in melee. Lost two points in Military Conditioning to pay for those but still improve to 19k+ HP.

The procs might take some experimenting to get on the right skills for your play style but they’d help net higher damage. Maul, Bull Rush, and Shifting Sands would bring increased Life Steal every time you’d use Savagery, Blitz, and Doomforce. Maul is probably best in regards to Savagery for Life Steal but there are other considerations. You have enough strong abilities for them all in what ever combination you prefer. Anyway, these are things to consider but I also like your current concept as it is!

PS I made a small change to the devotions (lost Sailor’s Guide for Lizard). It alters a few things slightly with the chief benefit being increased regen.


Also, here is an alternative if Kracken and Ulzaad are more strongly desired than Shifting Sands.


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First off thanks for the build!

The stats in your screenshot are in combat right?

I am at ~2900 OA, ~2600 DA ~130k dps and ~ 2500 armor while out of combat with pretty much the same build and only minimal tweaks that should not make any difference (at least not that big)