[] Alaska Nebraska | Ranged Purifier | Stronghold Fire Strike | Dungeons | SR 85 | CR 170

Excuse my ignorance, but in your screenshot you have 35% stun resist from crafts, but as far as I can tell I’m only capable of 18% crafted stun resist with max rolls from kaylon on belt/helm/medal. So my question is how exactly am I supposed to craft 35% stun resist. Nice build btw been using it for a few days

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max roll =12% (
in I don’t check

Which blacksmith can go up to 12%? According to my research Kaylon can only go up to 8%. Sorry for being a pain btw I’m a total newb to crafting for endgame builds.

Kaylon - Forgemaster

  • +4-12% to stun duration reduction
  • +4-12% to freeze duration reduction
  • +2-6% to damage blocked

Ah so I was looking at outdated information. Thanks for clearing that up for me and keep up the great work with your builds :slight_smile:

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When are we gonna get the sequel character Assapoopshits Massachusetts?

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hey, really nice build

I just have a question, why is Eye of Beronath good? wouldn’t a Mythical Alazra’s Ruby be better?

after some patch OA grow UP
and maybe yes
Alazra’s Ruby can be better

Hello omnitrio

I am following your build which so far, I am very much enjoy the range build agian !!!
By the way, as your are expert in range build, I want to know what is your top five range build in term of damage, survivability and beginner friendly.

Thank you very much.

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The best frendly build is from that thread :smiley:

The second is

Other build are all similar

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Greetings, omnitrio!

Many thanks for all your great Builds. I’m returning to the game after quite a while and hoped you could answer a few questions for me.

Do you feel it’s worth it to take the Fiend devotion if it’s not bound to something really spammy like Fire strike?

Do you think this build gets a lot of use out of Bat? I would love to get your opinion on this devotion path https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVba7L82.

Last question. When last I played, Jaxxon’s Lucky Bullet was very popular for Stronghold Purifier. Has it been nerfed?

Thank you again for all the work you put into your Grim Dawn builds. I appreciate any feedback from you or anyone else knowledgable.

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I’ve Never thought Pistol build can be useful without dual wield, but gun’n’board looks badass.

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Fiend is cool, strong devotion. It has 20% WD that give a little bit regen for this build
Also then around you a lot of foes Inq Seal activate Fiend very well

I agree that on Fire strike on Fiend has more profit, but in this build it’s more useful bound on Magi (for fast killing big bosses)

Bat give life-leech, it’s not replaceable
Look video of Crucible
99% time hero stay at the center of map

Jaxxon’s is still nice. I use it for another build
Maybe nowdays everyone is tired of them
Also Jaxxon’s make gameplay a little bit difference
It’s cool for big (by model) bosses but give less dmg on common enemies

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I just tried this gun and shield combination, thanks to my Purifier has the same skill set. And i must say this is freaking amazing. I’m now using thermite mine+ dual guns against common mobs and gun’n’ shield + mines+ flashbang against bosses. Thank you for this topic.

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Made about 15 runs, average time is 5.20-5.30, HUUGE LIFE, GOOD DPS


Build Update

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Super Thanks for cool video <3

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Is this build starter and beginner friendly? If not, do you know of any guides/builds for purifiers that are and where I could find them?

Edit: do you still recommend your other build gloria jailbird that you mentioned previously?

I don’t know about leveling guides for Purifire
But if you’ll get all this items you can play very easy
Even if you don’t have enough experience
The build is very solid

Planning on playing Grim Dawn again now that I have a new computer, so I was just checking to make sure this build is still awesome. Looks like it is, so I’ve got a nice goal to work towards.

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