[] Gloria Jailbird | DW Ranged Purifier | Deviltongue Fire Strike | Celestials | SR 85 | CR 170




Shattered Realm


SR 75 & 76 NEW VIDEO


CR 150 170 by Slev1n NEW VIDEO


Celestial Avatar of Mogdrogen

Celestial Lokarr

Roguelike Dungeons

Dungeons Mix

Special thanks: Safarel, ArchHeretic, mad_lee, KoS9K and Ricardi0

I also want to thank all Safarel Discord Community



Stun Res in game doesn’t match Grimtools
Because items have been crafted for Stun Res

Super Puper Tnx @Slev1n for Crucible Video

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I want to show you how Mythical Deviltongue make this buid super immortal


Nice&tanky build!

I also like the illusions, Vanquisher gunslinger.

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I really enjoy all your builds, playing a couple right now. I have all kinds of gear I’ve gathered but I’m poor at making my own builds , so I’m putting all the sets in my stash to use with a lot of your builds.


@omnitrio I love all of your Purifiers. You are a gunslinging God my friend. Is this version the safest for Celestials? I made 3 of yours so far, this version I will get to 94 today. I want an “idiot proof” version to take on Celestials. Thank you so much for your contribution.

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Hi and thanx a lot <3
This build can 100% kill Avatar and Lokarr w/o any problems
Heal from pistols are very powerful
But I recomend take Aether Cluster and drink Stormshroud Ointment then you go to Avatar

I am new to Grim Dawn and this looks like quite a fun build. Is there a leveling advice / progression you could give for how to get there?

from 1 lvl you can add 1 point into Demo mastery and use Fire Strike
after that take Inq add 50 points take Inq Seal and Aura of Censure
I recomment 1st time play non-Veteran difficulte


Thank you for the quick response… I’m kinda lost on the devotions. If you have time could you list order in which to work on them maybe?

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what would you suggest instead of the non mythical blood sigil of cthon. i can never get that to drop :frowning:

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Mark of the Shadow Queen or Mythical Mark of Calamitous Desires

  1. Bat -> Viper -> Hawk
  2. Solael’s Witchblade -> Eel + Panther
  3. Solemn Watcher -> Skipp Panther and take Quill
  4. Harvestman’s Scythe -> Hydra -> Revenant
  5. Skip Red and Green Dots from Crossroads + skip Eel and Quill
  6. Ghoul -> Raven -> Ulzuin’s Torch

Really appreciate the quick response and answers, Thank you!. Only level 28 so far but really fun build

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Hi there. Any changes with 1.6?

0 changes
all fine
in too

Hi, and what about pyroclasm instead of blood sigil?

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pyroclasm is fine too

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Hi omnitrio, I’m looking for a dual wield purifier build and your guide looks really interesting! Do you think that it is also viable for a (more or less) beginner to GD?