[] DREEG BRINGS MORE BROS! - (Almost) Pure Vitality Dreeg Scions + RE Oppressor


This is the first build I played since the patch went live cause I was very excited with the new Oathkeeper green amulet. Pretty generic RE build that gets 4 Guardian summons but this nets the most acid>vit conversion on guardians so this at least a bit more unique than Blightlord.

The Build


FAQ - even if no one asked questions yet
  • What exactly is that build? - Well it’s built around Vitality Guardians of Empyrion and Ravenous Earth. Some items support both skills in a single slot so it’s pretty efficient building around them. Also, GoE and RE are the strongest vitality skills for their respective masteries.

  • Doesn’t Blightlord build exactly like this? Yes, but Blightlord is Vit/Fire and the fire part is often a waste in that build. This build addresses that weakness by using items that actually convert the acid to vit in both main skills. There’s some tradeoffs too, like Blightlord having the RR advantage, meaning I can’t really say if this is better or worse than blightlord. One thing for sure tho, if you’re levelling, you can play this earlier since some relevant items are available at lower levels.

  • Why use the nerfed Biting Blades, it’s shit. - It’s not that bad. Meanwhile Acid purge is ugly and I’m not even sure if that’s a better option.

  • Wouldn’t the mafia kill you for using so many greens? - Lucky me, it’s the golden age of greens right now. Don’t even need to use the exact affixes, that’s 4 greens meaning 4 items that can have flexible stats depending on what you need/want. Just make sure you’re using those greens cause you want the skill points and the mods. The affixes are less important.

  • What’s Soul Harvest doing there? And Foul Eruption? Wtf? - Foul Eruption is very potent against mob clusters. You can trigger a chain reaction wherein one guy dies with RE, which activates eruption, which then kills another guy and activates another reaction and so on. Yes, it’s useless against bosses but remember there are more mob waves than boss waves. Soul Harvest because idk where to put my remaining points.

  • Scales of Ulcama is all the rage now! Adapt to the meta you noob! - Vit builds are the last ones that need scales. Wendigo is way better for the nodes.

  • Any videos? - Continue reading.

Cruci Performance and Video

Cruci 5:11 run

Average run is around 5:25 or 5:30. My best run is currently 5:11 but there’s huge personal potential for sub 5 runs considering the above run finished 160 faster than my 4:53 spite run (coming in the next build post). Better pilots will surely get sub 5 ez.

Shattered Realms NO


Uhhh, Thanks @Zantai and Crate I guess for a patch that reignited my desires to play, cause I really quit the game for I think 2 months already. Also to the private chat group @mad_lee, @nery, @banana_peel, @Valinov and the less active ones @Dmt @ya1 @thejabrixone which kept me interested in GD during the time I wasn’t playing.


Gt link is to your old retal DE build, isn’t it? Or am I clicking the wrong thing?

fuck /10chars edit: fixed

Nice Guaridans bros build and what a comeback!

Add another great vitality caster build.

Vitality so lucky even their main builds got so many itemization options. You can almost never go wrong with vit. Either build a very damaging char that is decently tanky or you mess up and have no damage but still very tanky.

Also thanks!

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I see Guardians, I upvote heart. Awesome build x1x1x1x2, some of the gear choices are interesting as well.

Thanks! The items you might find interesting aren’t really that weird, since they’re all chosen out of necessity for conversion or skill points or mods. Except for the rings and belt which are just general good items for vit necro.

WHO doesnt’ aprove this build for pandemic times!

Dreeg wants people to get sick :wink:

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Am I missing something here? How did you get 8 Chaos Affinity points there? Bat - 2, Wendigo - 2, Jackal - 3, so there’s 7 only… Revenant and Dying God require 8, 8th point could be gotten only from Revenant, but you have exactly 8? Some exploit?

Yes, it’s called revenant gives 1 red.

kay but like what did you mean by this


It means I never tested realms. That section was just a copypaste from previous builds

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Hi x1x1x1x2

This is indeed a nice build. I am currently Levelling a build like this in HC.
It has been a blast, and currently I’m Lvl 67 Act2 in Elite.

Would you change any skills or Devotions to play in HC , or do you think that the skill allocation and Devotion route should be optimal fir HC as well ?

Once again thank you for your commitment to this game and community, always sharing your wealth of knowledge and expertise.


Well I’m new to the game so I kinda don’t get that one. Revenant needs 8 red to be unlocked, but you get only 7 before, even if I replicate this Devotion setup when I reset points it’s not unlocked coz you get 2-2-3(bat-wendigo-jackal).

For example, when you already get 7 chaos points, take something give you more chaos (i call it “bait devotion”). After that get full Revenant to have 1 more chaos. Then go to Spirit guy and refund points from “bait devotion”. Problem solve

Ahh, ok so it works this way… Thanks for exaplanation.

Is that amulet and MI of an MI?
i have gotten around 50 ammy drops so far and none of them have similar stats.

[quote="Gogga, post:15, topic:101321]Would you change any skills or Devotions to play in HC , or do you think that the skill allocation and Devotion route should be optimal fir HC as well ?

I’ve never played HC so dunno.