[] A Paladins Tale - The Runner Gunner | 5:20 Cruci |

Absolutely how I feel about this class now

Paladin is the exact definition of “To good to be true” , You can put both together in your head easily and go “Well fuck ya this will be dank” … Nope.
I have spent a remarkable amount of time on this and I think Ive gotten what I was looking for, Just a smooth gameplay with paladin.


Ingame stats with self buffs (includ. WoR)

This gameplay is very smooth, Im actually very pleased with Dire Bear I have used it a couple times since it got reworked and havent thought much of it until I used it with this build, Bound to vires it has a 50% chance to proc so the sustain off it + scales is fantastic, Just jet thru packs drop runes and enjoy BoW proccing.
I didnt get crazy with the greens, Pistol is single rare and ring is 2x magic affixes.

Decent 5:20 crucible run

Average time I get with this is 5:30 and it wants to go faster I just couldnt stomach playing paladin anymore lol.
I hope people enjoy this , I dont think ill make another paladin ever again.
Special thanks to @eardianm for bouncing ideas with me and testing it in SR.


Nice character name. The previous five are doing a great job too, as a decoration in my trophy room. :smirk_cat:


This is an affront to gunner purity everywhere.

But it’s also a fun build, kind of a come and chase me style as they run over vire for sustain and runes to go boom as you shoot them to death. Once I got the pattern down SR75-76 was a breeze, including having Kuba and Aethersnek chasing me around small arena. More engaging than the standard pew pew only pistols and great results!

edit: also I had virtually nothing to do with this so I reject any credit

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Well, I’m running a paladin in the ongoing Grim Dawn ‘season’ and I’m working towards using this (call me a masochist for not going something like Conjurer for this thing). I was going to do a more Sword and Board version but when I saw this the game play looked intriguing so thought I’d give it a whirl. That’s for the update on it and for putting in the work to eek it out. Truth be told Paladin is my favorite type of class to play and I’ve spent my fair share of time digging into also (and equally as frustrated at THESE TWO MASTERIES ARE SO SYMPATICO WHY ISN’T THIS OFF THE HOOK!) :smiley:

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Awesome man I hope you enjoy it , It is the most fluid paladin I played I was so happy and relieved too cause the others I threw together felt …well just not near this lol.

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@Crittrain Hey, did you find you had problems with Internal Trauma damage? I’ve got about half the pieces for the build so mileage may very but I had to spec into Inquisitor’s Seal because IT was just kicking my ass. I’d finish killing stuff and my health bar would just start plummeting and if there weren’t any enemies nearby to attack and leech from I was dead.

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Nah man I cant say I remember anything like that, I do know Im big on not using seal with inquisitor especially in crucible
but if it works better for you then by all means go for it.

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Realizes someone was busy with paladin instead of testing new birbs

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So the season ended and was really fun but I didn’t end up getting to play much due to RL stuff. :face_vomiting:

But I get to carry this over to non-season and going to continue to play it as I found it was a lot of fun. I’m still working on getting the rhythm down but have definitely enjoyed it.

Thanks for an enjoyable build (for my favorite class.) :smiley:

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Im glad you enjoyed it and appreciate the feedback.

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