[] Edgyswingsetacid - DW Righteous fervor Dervish [SR 90] [4.50 crucible] [Avatar, Ravager, Crate]


Venomblade dervish had changed over the summer.

Gear explanation
  • 2x rings and belt - BiS for any acid build with Oathkeeper + 100% conversion.
  • Mark of the Forbidden - amazing medal, BiS for any acid build.
  • 2x Venomblade pieces - helm is a perfect choise, chest for set boneses and usefull stats.
  • Shoulders - most of acid shoulders are garbage, Zantarian’s are really good (of Amarasta's Flurry stands here for %slow res, because acid devotions lacking any CC res).
  • Icescorn Talons - bonuses to RF, but mainly, it’s just a consequence of poor itemization (Only 1 pair of acid gloves gives AS, the other one gives AS to Blood of Dreeg).
  • Vilescorn bracers - best acid gloves currently
  • Grava’Thull legguards - I decided to pick them, +6 acid RR seems massive, instead of Nidalla’s. But they are more or less equal, these are slightly more offensive. Formidable stands for phys and ele res, could be replaced.
  • Gulgazor’s Heart - just tiny little 12% 10% WD nothing special, really. It just good for acid RF, 8% WD and +3 to the main skill is great.
  • 2x Misery - because I like being miserable.
Shattered Realm performance

Despite having low OA and not the best % acid damage, the build is a beast in SR.
SR75-76 - I speedrunned it several times, under 9 minutes, and the only threat is (probably, because never have encountered her) Mad Queen. Apart from her, Grava + 1 and Reaper +1 can be tough. Slathsarr is a bitch. (surprisingly, right?). Agroabuse isn’t required.

Here is the run, made only one:

Deep SR

Build is capable of passing SR90 (that’s where I usually play), however, keep in mind, that regardless of build’s strength, it’s still melee. So you’d better play safely. Kiting is also required, especially against Grava, Kuba and some Shattered bosses (Gargaban’s second phase). Some mutators are not welcome (-%hp, -AS, -total speed, +% acid resistance to mobs, shattered).

SR95 bossroom:

Couple of SR90 runs:

Crucible performance My best run is about 4.37 (didn't bother to upload it), here's 4.40: https://youtu.be/JapzZ8p_b5Q

And here’s run done by Slev1n (although, the version here is a bit old):

Naked crucible is possible, however, high piloting skills are required.


Avatar of Mogdrogen was an easy one.
swapped some augments (calc in desc).

Ravager of Flesh takes some kiting in second phase.
swapped some augments and reinvested skillpoints (calc in desc)

Callagadra - I wasn’t able to beat it w/o pharm.

Crate of Entertaiment possible, however ... it takes emotions, it takes dedication, it takes dedication, it takes a death, and I dislike this boss in general.
Done with the help of some pharma and kiting.
swapped some augments and reinvested skillpoints (calc in desc)

History setup setup


@mad_lee for helping with the build.


Nice build, I love it!

Are you the guy, that came up with the idea to use Scales on acid map with Yugol and Abomination? Very intriguing approach.


Yes, that was me.


Probably more of a feedback thread, but what’s your take on converted scales? I had used it previous on vitality builds but I think the mixture of bad sets (looking at you, rotgheist) and generally higher vit resistance made me write up off. Now that I’ve played around with it converted on builds in the past few weeks and see the russian discord crew is doing the same on recently posted builds, wondering if it’s over tuned.

  • Basically covers all the non-ADCtH you’ll need when converted. As you mentioned in the OP, it slaughters bat for sustainability on anything that is hit regularly. It’s taken builds from being on the glassy side with bat to face tank any single boss or large pack in SR65+ range
  • Covers all energy regen needs. I have a physical sentinel caster that would drain energy in 10 seconds or so at full spam. With scales I need no other regen
  • The RR is honestly just a nice bonus now compared to the sustain it offers

Don’t know what to think about it. 8 yellow actually takes a dedicated effort to get on non-physical or pierce builds, and it really does seem to need conversion away from vitality to make it sing.

You’re completely right, scales gives more sustain than any other ADCtH devotion, and the reason, imo, is simple - you don’t need a dedicated skill to bound it. Sentinel can still go for Bat+Eye, because it has 2 curses. On the other hand, as you have already pointed out, it also solves energy problems. The only drawback (apart from it’s price) - you need good amount of health (12k+) and you still need any other source of ADCtH. I’ve tried to build warlord only around it, and it hasn’t been enough.
That are probably the reasons why phys builds have gotten rid of ghoul in favor of scales.

@grey-maybe Like the Acid Dervish here - good job!

This is why I think Scales is just fine. Conversion is really needed and you need to be able to cover the costs. Scales was avoided like the plague for so long and it finally is a viable option to take, in my opinion.



Solid melee build, mate. And that M.I. amulet is definitely not overtuned, nothing to see here.

Great build. Full VB should be buffed. It has no skill points to do anything.

This is arguable. But it’s BiS on this build for sure.

Venomtongue Mantle is ok especially for witch hunters with chaos. But only if you make a no-green restriction on your build.

Perhaps, I just can’t remember any other medal except for green one for acid RoS.

Good choise for WH, however apart from conversion, this mantle looks bleak.

I still think that acid has some itemisation problems in boots, gloves, shoulders and pants slots.

Those m.i. shoulders drop like dirt if you farm Crucible or SR. And they have been definitely overbuffed. Single-rare m.i. shoulder already shits on any legendary shoulder. So no more restrictions.

That’s true but also because acid has no items. Like op said, no shoulders, gloves, boots, pants (though now those pants are better and the other acid ones too). Also no non-oathkeeper belts (sorry, there’s one for necro, now).

Especially gloves. Can’t even use craftable Plagueguard Grips because acid affixes are probably the worst of the lot. They added some awesome “of Amarasta’s Alacrity” with attack speed for pierce that never gonna use it. While all acid affixes look basically like this “+40%acid, +40%poison, +40% acid res” for everything.

Still, there are some crazy good items for acid like Meditation is pretty op, this amulet now, I think Pestilence is pretty good, too.


yes, those pants are actually good, I overlooked %to avoid hit.

Just to remind: there are no acid gloves with %CS AT ALL. Literally. And the ones with %AS are crap, except for venomfangs, which are available only for occultist.

Some parts of Acid itemization are indeed shitty


that sweet acid res on acid items… Smells like… victory.

The blue acid gloves are doable but imo Iceskorns with crit and convertible flat DoT and crazy attack speed are almost always better.

And acid builds are still the ones dying most from Kaisan because of no phys res on anything lol (gotta love them acid rants under a top acid build though). :joy:

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Hi im currently levelling this build and I founs I have blueprints for some of the items. What extta attribute should I be looking out for? Crit damage maybe?

%Physique or Slow resistance. The best ones.

Hi, I am sorry but I’m new and I would like to ask how do you get to Scales in the devotion tree. Is there a guide for this?

get crane constellation first, then pick up lion and full scales, and then get rid of crane.