Interesting/strange/meme(?) builds you're most proud of


Bottle Fwuffy - Pet Battlemage , Crazy Fwuffy - Pet Purifier , Fwuffy's Harbinger - Pet Dervish


I was just looking at your non-pet class pet builds earlier today! Truly ice cream-worthy undertakings.

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Most of my recent builds are more or less memes :sweat_smile:

Like Chaos Defiler which is already weak class but chaos???

Infiltrator with basically no active attack spells which is working extremely well for some reason.

Or Acid Dark One Sentinel see the crazy devotions map and absolute weird setup, Dark one also is known as vitality set. Yet this build is very good.


Indeed! Do you think a map like this for Ascension is worth considering on acid Dervish as well, or is Abomination+Yugol just better there?

Dervish won’t have enough CDR for constant uptime of Ascension even with Aeon I think. So I wouldn’t use it for melee, only for casters or at least builds with big CDR.

Another interesting route is by @grey-maybe Dervish using Scales devotion with perfect vitality to acid conversion.

Yeah, I indirectly referenced it earlier, but Scales in @grey-maybe’s build

was kind of what got me thinking I should start this thread and ask a broad question to builders. I really enjoyed looking at the build thread.

Physical ABB spam Dervish. Because physical is the damage type of kings, and you might as well get some use out of all those ABB skill mods on Targo’s set (even the fantastic recent dervish with Targo/Earthsplitters doesn’t use ABB).

Mythical Leviathan should also have an ABB spam skill mod, prove me wrong.

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Ah yes, that’s pretty cool, I up your bid with pierce ABB spam with almost 100% acid and cold conversion to pierce. Little bit too green :sweat_smile:


Seeing these ABB builds is great! I’ve been fiddling a bit with the Amarastan Crusher weapon myself, trying (perhaps a bit naively) to pair it up with Mythical Scion of Bitter Winds on an acid+cold Witch Hunter, but perhaps unorthodox conversion is the answer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If GDstash props up a fun idea, then so be it!

Again I have made cold spam but as Infiltrator, wow how many absurd builds I have made?

Check the power…

Wow, you even tested Witch Hunter.

Also, this comment made me laugh:

Thank you both for gathering the trio of bros together.


Probably sth like this.

Rest in peace


SoAF witchblade. Elemental cadence is a meme on its own, and I tested a lot of devotion setups, the one with seekers + ultos proved to be the best for crucible (more aoe clear), while the one with seekers + seru was slightly better for shattered realm boss rooms (more single target).

The challenge here was the quasi non-existent gear support for elemental cadence. Results were pretty satisfying, all main campaign content - including roguelikes - was extremely easy, crucible timers were decent (around 6:40) and SR 75 was doable, but aggro abuse for some nasty boss combos was required and Slathsarr was pure cancer in SR.

Chaos Stun Jacks Pyromancer.

Vitality Devastation Spellbinder.

Cold Blitz Blademaster (which I hope receives buffs in 1.1.7 :pray:).

Vitality Decay Cabalist

  • Stacks Vitality Decay from Bone Harvest, Reap Spirit, Reaping Arc, Blood Boil and Ill Omen.
  • Soulrend is chosen as the flat Frostburn on it is converted and applied through Bone Harvest with Blood Knight’s conversion as is any other flat Vitality Decay damage (Second Rite, Harbinger of Death, Irrah’s Blood etc.).
  • There is no other 2-handed melee weapon with flat Vitality Decay so Soulrend has to be used here, the other stats on it are great anyway.
  • Only major downsides to it I concede are lack of CC resists, I wouldn’t take this anywhere near Crucible or SR.

Credit to @Nery for posting a better non-DoT focused version of the build :smile:

I have GT links for other memey stuff that I’ve had ideas for but they’re untested.


My most meme concept is probably Sorc in Lokarr set able to take end-game content :stuck_out_tongue:

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My aether + chaos spinner or my aether spinner Opressor - really strong build.

Are we strictly talking only level 100 builds here? Or just build concepts/builds currently in development, IE; builds so weird and memey that they struggle to level past 75.

That’s awesome!

Your vitality FS Defiler is actually one of my favorite builds. There’s so much going on in that gear set.

What?! I didn’t even know I needed this, but apparently I need this.

Talk about whatever builds of yours you want. I’m looking for what you think is interesting, not necessarily builds that have to meet any particular endgame content thresholds. As much as polished builds are fun to see, I’m really enjoying this idea of players highlighting a specific build or couple of builds for their own individual reasons. Lots of fresh and exotic ways to experience the game here too!