Fwuffy's Harbinger - Pet Dervish


First things first. you haven’t lost your sanity and are not seeing things that aren’t there.
People seem to like Dervish and I like Pets. So I thought, why not combine the two?

Note: It uses 2x Salazar’s Sovereign Blades without affixes. Hence the (g4) tag.


  • [Pet] [] (g4) (c-) (sr+) Fwuffy’s Harbinger - Pet Dervish (Maya)

    • Damage: Pets
    • Active Skills: Summon Skeletal Servant, Summon Eldritch Talon, Summon Chillmane, Phantasmal Blades, Pneumatic Burst, Judgement, Summon Guardian of Empyrion, Call forth the Harbinger (x2), Call of the Beast
    • Passive Skills: Path of the Three, Presence of Virtue, Veil of Shadow, Presence of Might (x2)
    • WPS Skills: none

GrimTools Link: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/m23g8Wq2

Shattered Realms, Shard 75-76: https://i.imgur.com/WtZxcrA.jpg
No Shrines/Potions/Consumables used except for Tonic of Mending & Elixir of Spirit.

Crucible 160, with 2 blessings, Stoneguard banner & 3 Lvl-1 Stormcaller Beacons: https://i.imgur.com/hPVyN8D.jpg
No Potions/Consumables used except for Tonic of Mending.



Reserbinger x2

Another one for Birb

Got enough Reserbirbs now. Feel free to lose your sanity here.

I will try Crucible later…

Some time later…

So, it can’t do Crucible…

Not like it can’t run 150-170 in a round of Blessings or anything like that. But like I died in wave 153…

but you can do 150 so its (c-) tag.

Why so much into blade trap? it wont work against monsters (bosses) with +100% trap resistance.

Hm… I was hoping to find some way to make it 170 viable. Hence why I left the crucible thing open for now.

Also, I wasn’t sure where to put the points. I am open to suggestions.

Perhaps one point anatomy of murder for more cunning so you do not need attribute points for the daggers?

You need something to activate Bysmiels command with, and you cant do that on a boss that has huge trap resistances with blade trap.

Perhaps judgment is better?

Hm… alright, specc’ing into judgement. 1 point in Anatomy got me like 16 cunning, so not sure if that is worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

You spent 8 attributes in cunning, would you want them in Physique instead?

But 16 cunning is like 2 points, right?

Yes. 8 Points= 64 cunning.

I know. But I was hoping for more than 16. I am disappointed!

Stoneguard banner seem to have done the trick. I am now at 160. Hopefully, it gets to 170.

EDIT: Nvm… I will just stick with 160 :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just looking at your build… and I had a question for you. I to like pets, and am trying to create a Dervish build around pets, but my idea is to utilize immortal pets (Blade Spirit and Summon Guardian of Empyrion, Nemesis) and then create other Player Scaling Pets with Revenant and Unknown Soldier.

I figured having 3 of each Pet via Conduit of Night Whispers for the +1 Blade Spirit and Word of Solael for the +1 Summon Guardian of Empyrion would be the base line, then obviously Nemesis Relic for that pet. The rest of the gear is up in the air, and I figured I would see what you thought about this.

Not sure what gear to use, as one is mostly cold and the other fire, so Elemental? Also, how best to capitalize on buffing your character so you make the pets beefy.

Was thinking something like this. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4VxLamlV

Unfortunately, I have no idea about how non pet builds work. And that includes player scaled pets.

Hi Rasalom
I’m playing a “immortal” pet build right now… instead of playing i should say leveling…
My idea is close to yours. Thus i started as fire/cold but want to switch to acid/cold by mutating Empyrion so merciless repertoire could give a huge damage boost. Celestial presence will therefore debuff enemy bleeding resistance, which is the damage type of blade spirit. Night chill will also be put to the next level by doing so.
Just my two cents i wanted to share

Would it be difficult to try and level with this build using just Salazar’s summon for a while?

I would say, yes. Dervish is not exactly a pet class and the build only works because of the endgame items.