[] Nightbringer Dark One Ritualist CR 4:55/ SR 105/ Ravager + Mogdrogen + Crate boss

Hello, some update for Ritualist to boost this class points into tier list. Changed some things from last build to make it more all-round and even with a lot of vitality nerfs it is doing very good. One thing I could not do is facetanking Callagadra in second phase which maybe is possible with totally another setup made only for her. Was too lazy to do naked crucible but it’s possible for sure, timing is unknown for me altough.


Compared to conjurer it’s very hard to manage resistances and OA without rares. So all three rare items should be farmed for as much resistances as possible + some OA/DA which can be modified with proper physique/cunning points, depends of roll. It’s good to stay around 2.9-3k OA and 2.6-2.8k DA to be comfortable.

The reason I use Oblivion relic is because it’s way more comfortable than Savagery, damage in crucible is very good for cleaning trash monsters and a lot of skill points are free without savagery so we can add them somewhere else. Another thing is that oblivion is great for survivality which is needed a lot after nerfhammers into vitality.


Crucible 2+4 4:55 (4:49 buff time as I see but I prefer real time metric). Average a little bit over 5min, like 5:10-5:20, got more runs like 5.0x, 4,59 etc

SR 105

Ravager 2:20

Mogdrogen 2:00

Crate boss

SR 80 all bosses pulled old build


Hello, I found vitality based 2hander Ritualist can be strong and promising for realms and superbosses. That’s my first attempt on vitality build ever so I don’t consider it 100% finished and polished, that’s why I would like to get some help from you guys - especially in making it viable without greens to be more accesible for average player.


My goal is to focus in meele fighting (savagery converted elemental - vitality) and good survivality and some damage from Dark one set, double totems heal a lot. It’s basically more hybrid, caster fighting in meele range what is necessary for survive and doing damage.

Edit: I’ve figured out good greenless setup for 75-76 farming, my goal was to make it deathless, safe and decent in speed, I will explain my item choices too. Most items are target-farmable and craftable. 2 deathless runs below. Craft everything you can for freeze resistances, I think even relic should be okay, however I forgot about it in my gameplay. I am still open for suggestions.
E: Thanks to Ya1 and Sir_spanksalot suggestions it can be worth to take of points from savagery/some wps and max RE + decay, should be easier to pilot, slighty dps one target decrease.


Ring: Just survivality, this 6% adcth makes HUGE difference, and we need to overcap resistances enough to be comfortable during farming. My tests were better with it than Ring of Basti but you can use it if you wish.
Belt: That was hard choice but I think this new one (Mythical string of maggots) is good choice, screw that conversion. Resistances/oa/+1 necromancer, that’s it.
Medal: Why not Mark of the forbidden? Just sacrafice something for something. More resistances which we exactly need and stun res. For SR I try to always go for comfort, consistency and no deaths, however you can use both choices, both are good.
Pants: Changed for Arcane Harmony because I was dying from skill disruption monsters sometimes. Remember we are mostly meele fighter so it’s better to stay safe near them.

Current results:
SR 100 pass - I can go higher for sure, 105 is realistic, only normal chunks are pain, decent boss combo with some amount of fishing for it should be okay. 1 stupid death vs Moosilauke because I forgot freeze resistance potion and I have no idea how to squeeze solid amounts of freeze res in this build without pharma.


Callagadra killed in 3:40-3:42 if you don’t count few seconds of luring her to the wall, I wanted her position stable because if we are fighting without wall near us she can run away sometimes, we lose life leech and we can instadie in second phase. I wonder killing her without pharma can be hard without some good RNG.


75-76 farming example runs, decent results, deathless, pretty comfortable. I didn’t agro-abuse at all, usually first boss who rushed at me was killed, then rest, every boss room should be always managable, especially if you use camera thing or something.

#1 12 min easier run

#2 15 min harder run, Moosilauke was pain because I forgot freeze resistances but everything was managable.




I’ve made greenless setup, updated post, recorded videos, I am open for suggestions!

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How does the no-green setup do compared to the BiS one? Also, how much do the tinctures contribute?

TBH I’m kind of confused. I’ve been trying to make 2h Vit AA work for years, and it was always a squishy mess with low oa/da/armor. But I’m a purist, so I don’t really use tinctures or gdstash stuff. Hence the questions.

P.s. the new belt is clearly better then whatever we could use before. The new weapon, however, is tailor-made for Blood Knight BH nuker rather than AA. I’m thinking if it would be more beneficial to try Wildblood Crusher, and get the conversion from rings. You can also get conversion from shoulders (both mi and leg) and helm. Just ideas.

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Well made, I’ve been theorycrafting around a lot with nightbringer+Dark One for conjurers/ritualists aswell, but did not have the time to level and play these yet. Nice to see the idea in action!

Edit: How so you think would conjurer perform compared to this?


Green setup is safer, got kinda higher damage (but not that noticable), got better OA/DA, more armor absorbtion, better resistances overcap. For 75-76 runs I never use pharma or any “dirty tricks” like this agromeraabuse, only for maximum challenge. For SR 100 it changes a lot (like in every build) but we can’t expect balance here :grinning: Without pharma it’s still very solid and safe, consistency in farming should be 100%.

This new weapon for this build is better because of simple reason. 16% physical resistances. It change a lot because we are melee :wink:

Then we lose Dark one set which is core of the build. These totems do serious damage, we can kite in bad moments because of it and they are increasing our survivality very much.

@RektbyProtoss Thank you! About conjurer - I didn’t play it but saw someone’s idea for nightbringer conjurer (not almost full melee if I remember). I don’t remember build because it was right after patch release but I would say it can be slighty better, like “20%”. You got more physical resistances and you can bump SoC for more heal + more OA shred from Wasting. Next thing is you got 100% skill disruption protection from Possesion so you have better items versatility for pants. Either you have +1 skill from the rare belt if you want to use it for conversion.

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I will definitely try a conjurer soonish. Got two other builds to complete prior to that though.

Try it and posts the results, should be very good! I think either Archon can somehow works here in theory but probably slighty worse than conjurer and ritualist.

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Yea I think Archon is probably slightly worse, too.
Will do, but will take me some weeks as I play HC, without GDstash and only like three times a week. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Like my farts, yet another beautiful build from the forum’s silent, but deadly SR crafter! <3

Seems like a shame to not hardcap decay or RE though

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@AlkamosHater Hi
can you make a screenshot in game version with out greens
want to add this build to “our” compendium

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Which kinda screws up SR climbs. Having to full facetank everything is a problem sooner or later.

I’d remove all points from Savagery and wps except for the buffs and 1p in Feral, and pump up RE. How much dmg/sustain can you get with 130% attack speed anyway?

But, if you insist on melee and wpn dmg, since you convert all cold, why no Soul Harvest?

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@omnitrio I’m glad you like that build, thanks :grinning: I don’t know how your compendium works but I suggest to add the note (if it’s possible in format) that it’s really better to farm for rare belt with good resistances because without this conversion we lose around ~20%-25% damage. With good belt medal can be changed for Mark of the forbidden for even more DPS then. E: It can be worth to craft Serenity with freeze resistances instead of %DA vs Moosilauke, should be more fluid farming experience.

@ya1 @sir_spanksalot Thank you guys for suggestions! I’ve made some short tests with dummy and Ravager (green setup, Arcane Harmony pants + more cunning), DPS single target is better with savagery setup (166% AS after proc), it heals more than it can looks like on the paper - but I will make more tests in high SR in the days and I think RE setup in some cases may be better here vs some enemies. However I will add note to the guide that RE can be better for 75-76 farming for players who may feel better with caster focus style, it’s easier for sure.

And @ya1 - I am interested in this bone harvest setup too but I have no experience with that skill. Do you have any suggestions how to make skill points for it? It looks interesting and I want to test it too.

Ravager killing:



try this

EDIT: @AlkamosHater - might be worth taking BH’s transmutor + 1 pt dread as well

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@sir_spanksalot and that’s the thing! Ravager killed in 2:30-2:31. More detailed tests I will do in some more free time but it looks very promising.

@omnitrio I see a lot of interesting builds here :smiley: It’s possible that this guide will be more updated too.

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No problem
Just PM me

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Personally, I would also drop upheaval to a one-pointer, and 12/12 necrotic edge as you’ll increase the number of targets it hits from 4
–> 5

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That’s good suggestion too, noted.

Updated old build to give ritualist some points in objective tier list. Results are good:

  1. Crucible 4:55 with a little bit over 5s average.
  2. All celestials except Callagadra which I couldn’t facetank in 2nd phase anymore, can be kited for sure.
  3. SR 105