[] Beginner's Forgotten Blademaster

What would happen if I have over 100% WPS chance? Would it just shave each of them down proportionally, meaning that instead of a 20% chance on something like Amarasta’s Quick Cut I’d end up with 17 or 18% (just a random example number).

I’ll do as you suggested. Right now I can’t even use Direwolf Crest actually, still need to go up quite a few levels. But I’ll get there. Thanks for the help.

Yes, shave down proportionally. Overall it’s not recommended to go over 100% because some WPS are better than the other (e.g. Execution).

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Hi, thanks for this awesome build, I am past lvl 40 and so far its working great, but I made an oopsie, I only bought AoM expansion along with base game and started following this build I found from the latest build compendium, but when I went into devotion tree to find Ulzaad I realized my mistake. So now I was wondering if anyone can suggest me devotion path suitable for AoM, and if there are any gear pieces here I cant get without FG. Thanks. C:

@fLicker360 FG expansion added devotions Azraaka and Ulzaad, both useful for pierce DW builds.

You can check pre FG builds in the compendium, but is generally good idea to go Unknown soldier and Oleron combo.

Cool, thanks for the info man, I will try searching in older compendiums, but I easily get confused, so I will try to look for something like DW melee pierce build and see if I can find any beginner friendly builds.
Hey one more thing, can you please give me link to any build that is similar to this one and only has AoM stuff or vanilla. Everything I see is advanced stuff with legendary items and idk what to replace them with. Only if its not too much trouble. Thanks again.

Most of the old DW pierce builds are updated and is little confusing to try each GT link. Here’s one which isn’t. It’s not budget, but is some kind if mix sets, probably can work OK without that much gear. [] Impaler - DW Pierce Cadence Blademaster, Gladiator farmer (under 11 minutes)

Hey thanks! I will check it out and see what happens.

@fLicker360 the goal build in Dragons guide also uses a faction helm and augments that is FG only.

I tried to make a somewhat sensible version for AoM: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2Ebl1jV
remember that you might not be able to do an exact copy since you might get other rolls on the belt, gloves and boots.

Oh, I see, thanks so much for the build mate. Its nice to see some greens in there. C:

some greens are faction items (chest, shoulder, belt, helm). The swords are one of the bests pierce melee weapons, especially if you get extra flat pierce (or physical) damage and attack speed. They are also kinda easy to farm. Boots & gloves are basically placeholders until you get BiS Legendaries.

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Thanks for the build Dragon. Really enjoying it so far!

One question I have though. In the video you posted I’m not seeing the aura FX effect of the Field Command skill. Is there a way to turn the FX effect off? Or is it because it’s being overlapped by other aura’s/effects? Would be nice if it can be turned off so that it fits more thematically with my characters theme :slight_smile:

No idea about FX, sorry. Haven’t done anything in particular about it.

Weird. I keep getting these chevrons floating around me every few seconds. I’ll keep an eye out if it changes.

The video was recorded a few patches ago, perhaps they reworked it’s FX.

Just skimming through the guide and it looks very good. But its not very AOE oriented or?

Yes, not very good if you want AoE. It does have some AoE from WPS and devotion procs, but not nearly at the level some casters have. It’s single target kind of makes up for that.

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It’s hard to make DW melee build with strong AoE damage. Perhaps only exception is Acid Dervish, where you have both Tainted eruption and Yugol procs dealing AoE damage.

Outstanding guide. So much useful info for us noobs. Thanks for writing it!

after this sentence i’ve decided to give it a try on HC from all other builds. i guess they will never fix boss agroo on pet builds [Rip] :smiley:

This sentence is a bit outdated :stuck_out_tongue:

For starters I did it from scratch on HC veteran when it was patch 1.1.2.X, while early enemies and veteran difficulty were tweaked in a great deal. The core of the build still works fine, but the first 20 levels I’d do differently on HC veteran these days. Act 1 veteran is unproportionally difficult compared to the rest of veteran, unless you overoptimize your character I don’t feel like any melee start is good. Should be much easier if you kill Krieg on normal and only after that switch to veteran though.

Also I did say that I won’t do anything to this extent again, but I’ve got an Infiltrator in the works which will probably topple my blademaster in being the most elaborated of my builds, if not in sheer strength.