[] Thunder and Lightning - Upheaval Ultos Warder [c+] [sr]

You can start with soldier+force wave and later take primal. Savagery uses for buffs

Level with primal strike since it’s your main attack and there’ll be no need to respec points later :slight_smile:



Thanks very much for that PDF. It looks to be exactly what I need.

Hi, thanks for the guide, noob player here, who’s planning to make PS Warder too.
How would the following devotions setup work?

It gives +21% AS from Jackal, Spider and Hungering Void (procced comfortably with 100% chance by War Cry) which would enable permanent max AS (not only when things like Ghoul are active). People always say AS is crucial. Viper to compensate for Ultos -20% Reduced Res. [edit] 4th & 5th nodes of Hourglass are probably worth more than Jackal though.

If you want more AS and crits you can find them here [ -] (2H melee) High Voltage - Primal Strike Warder [c+] [sr], but he lives worse than mine

1 Like UPDATE: Added new GT link, added new SR and 5.39 Cruci vid


Great guide. I’m a newish player and I was stuck on my old Warder build from before 1.1.4 & 5 and this guide was just what I needed to get me jump started again. Thanks!

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Added alternative version and new video

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Nice build, though I hate relying on a 2nd attack skill just for the (temporary) buff that it gives. Is overall a big dps loss, inconsistent, and annoying AF to play.

Not criticizing you OP, I see this on tons of builds, its seems to just be accepted that it’s good to do this I think with no thought for gameplay mechanics.

edit: shouldn’t you give credit to: [ -] (2H melee) High Voltage - Primal Strike Warder [c+] [sr] as you basically copied his build but changed out a few things in devotion tree?

there’s no particular need in that cuz I helped @Slev1n with his build and Ultos Warders vary very little :slight_smile:


Ultos builds are old af, man. Even when I made my first build - Ultos Druid - 2,5 years ago, I gave credit to someone back then because I was the n-th person to that.

If we are to dig deep into Ultos meta, I would give credit to @Superfluff, because I think he was the first guy who posted an Ultos build with Thunderous Strike (it was Conjurer). But was he the first who came up with that idea how to play Ultos? Who knows.

I think at this point it’s just whoever posts the most min-maxed version, and Slev1n’s one is well-tuned.


Are you absolutely sure there’s a big DPS loss if any?
Suppose with Savagery we have 3APS and 2.85APS without it.
Theoretically on a dummy during 14s it would mean 6 Savagery attacks (2s) + 36PS (12s) attacks vs 40 PS Attacks (14s).
Add to that things like:

  • Savagery deals damage too
  • OA buff
  • Slow res, other defensive buffs that help with being more offensive
  • if you add 1 Savagery attack in-between PS attacks here and there isn’t there some sort of animation cancelling going on? I don’t really know but it looked that way when I was testing it
  • stacking Savagery in appropriate moments when it doesn’t matter too much
  • you can use it to proc devotion skills (skelies most probably) in some setups

I guess someone would need to test it but I’m not so sure. Of course you don’t need to use it if you don’t want to (in campaign for example it wouldn’t make too much sense where you dispose of monsters quickly/don’t fight in one place). I don’t think it’s that annoying, you can get used to it quickly or you can try to macro/script it.

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I tested your devotions setup, unfortunately he doesn’t live with it at all, and the best time was 6.05

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UPDATE : Added new vids with Lokarr and Mogdrogen. All videos made with alternative version of the build

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Hi Slev1n, im new in the game and in the forum, also im not an english native so please be kind with my horrible english.

Can you please put the order of the skill to lvl up and devotion? I dont know which skill I must lvl first and which path I have to make in devotion area. Also im lost in the skill section, how manny points I must spent in each skill.

Thx for this build! Looks awesome.
Saludos desde Uruguay//Greetings from Uruguay!


Update will be soon

UPDATE : Added new GT link, new videos. Helm was crafted to slow res


Any plans for a dual wield version?