[] Thunder and Lightning - Upheaval Ultos Warder [c+] [sr]

◤ Upheaval of the game ◢

◤ Grimtools ◢

Leveling Guide by @Stupid_Dragon

◤ Celestials ◢

Celestial Callagadra, Scion of the Sands

Celestial Ravager Of Minds

Crucible 3.35 run

SR 75-76

Special thanks: Safarel, afanasenkov26, omnitrio, mad_lee, KoS9K, grey-maybe
I also want to thank all Safarel Discord Community


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Russia’s got talent 2019 edition :1st_place_medal:

Nice build and nice time!

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2020 too


Omnitrio is time traveler, confirmed. :wink:

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Thanks, bandit bee :slight_smile:

Ok so I’m gonna use this build as my first build because lightning. How should I start with it? Also, why both primal strike and savagery?

Primal is the main damage in the build. Savagery is for the bonus from the other 2 nodes. You just press savagery now and then to get the buff

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You can start with soldier+force wave and later take primal. Savagery uses for buffs

Level with primal strike since it’s your main attack and there’ll be no need to respec points later :slight_smile:



Thanks very much for that PDF. It looks to be exactly what I need.

Hi, thanks for the guide, noob player here, who’s planning to make PS Warder too.
How would the following devotions setup work?

It gives +21% AS from Jackal, Spider and Hungering Void (procced comfortably with 100% chance by War Cry) which would enable permanent max AS (not only when things like Ghoul are active). People always say AS is crucial. Viper to compensate for Ultos -20% Reduced Res. [edit] 4th & 5th nodes of Hourglass are probably worth more than Jackal though.

If you want more AS and crits you can find them here [ -] (2H melee) High Voltage - Primal Strike Warder [c+] [sr], but he lives worse than mine

1 Like UPDATE: Added new GT link, added new SR and 5.39 Cruci vid


Great guide. I’m a newish player and I was stuck on my old Warder build from before 1.1.4 & 5 and this guide was just what I needed to get me jump started again. Thanks!

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Added alternative version and new video

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