Announcing Fangs of Asterkarn!

asking the real questions :grin:

Included in 1.2 obv. :face_with_monocle: :point_up:

Good Bye New World, welcome Grim Dawn back into my life with wide open arms!

Amazing news! Looking forward to pairing Nightblade with Berserker and seeing where it gets me.

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Licks fingers in anticipation

What in the actual world is happening here! Someone woke me up from the grave! I sense an ungodly developer lying and his presence disturbs my eternal slumber! Oh Zantai, why are we still updating this game? :imp:

I think he took my words with serious care and consideration in deciding to break his promise, pulled his trigger on another expansion? The nerve he has lying straight to our faces? Is this the kind of development team we want in our modern age of gaming?

Well guess its time to be back, Im tired of sleeping anyway! :grin:

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Anyone know if blueprints in the Ascendant Game Mode are going to be separate from other game modes like HC/SC?

ascendant mode was mentioned as a toggle for Ultimate, sorta like “veteran” is for Normal, as in a higher difficulty scaling modifier (just not the same as veteran/way harder), not an actual separate game mode as HC/SC, ie blueprints should stay the same

I know now, how cool!
Thank you very much Create!

Any chance of a slightly more specific release date?
Been feeling the Grim Dawn itch lately, but if the expansion is only a few months away, I’d rather wait before playing again.

You should rly play now that 1.2 is in a pretty nice state,the game is very ‘‘complete’’ now,when the expaansion comes out the flood gate of patches will start flowing in with either fixes or nerfs for op stuff,better if you play now

No, far too early. Closest we have is it’s probably going to be the latter half of 2024 Zantai said. That’s assuming they don’t give us way too much MOAR and it stretches into 2025. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Ah well if that’s the case, guess it’s time to scratch the itch now :slight_smile: thanks

Question, do you think there will there be new pet related items such as a pet related axe, permanent pet on an item, a one handed ranged pistol or new item sets in this new expansion since it says it will have hundreds of new items?

U know, we can see new locations at grimtools on a cell phone? Like a Mallen’
s fortres, Tomb of the first inquisitor and some Asterkarn locations?

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s not from the new expansion, it’s from the recent Grim League Season mod.

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Oh, my bad, i think is a bug xD

No, it’s not a bug. Grimtools does support the League so you can see things to do with it there. It also supports the Reign of Terror mod and the Diablo 3 classes mod. The Grim League Season mod can be played even though the league itself has finished. There’s an offline version you can download and play if you want to.

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