Grim Misadventure #171 - Expanded Horizons

I feared that would be the case, still enjoy this updates from time to time though, i can see that they still love the game and working on it as well :slight_smile:

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exclusive skill like occultists’ possession is the closest thing grim dawn got to shapeshifting. in possession’s case, the caster channels witch god solael’s essence into their body and turn them into a conduit for eldritch flame powers , which gives +chaos/fire/vitality damage and many other +stats. such skills are toggleable skills, and the way they works are pretty similar to shapeshifting toggles in many other games. they just lack the shape changing aspect.

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Dear Z, i know it will be released when its ready and we wont get any date or something but at least could you say if v1.1.8.0 is planned for before the next misadventure or after? :slight_smile:

Since is gonna be a big patch, I believe it will come in September or early October this year. Big patch come usually about 3-4 months each if looking towards some earlier patch.

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They removed that for a reason. Primarily, because it let you completely skip almost all of act 2, by accident at that (A very big part of why it was removed. New players could miss a decently significant chunk of content, and get lost as a result. Note that both Cronley AND Old Arkovia were skippable, where now they are both progression mandatory.

As far as what I’d want to see, a way to repair the bridge between Steps and the Staunton Mine area, purely for QoL on saving a rather long trip when wanting to farm Steps. The Roguelike dungeons are already gated by keys, making them also a pain to travel to isn’t really needed. I’d be happy to see each of the Roguelike dungeons reworked to have a special reward drop that is used to repair a shortcut bridge/tunnel/ect to it in that difficulty.

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the lack of cold gloomy winter areas is apparently disturbing to say the least. I wish moar bridges open up to snowy tundras or frozen villages and rivers.

Also earlier This could have been addressed by a rogue dungeon or hidden path quest patches but Crate made it clear that they are no longer doing those type of updates… :frowning:


cold snow areas of the north does indeed need more exposure. there are several tales about barbaric shaman tribes living in the north who harassed both arkovia and erulan, and perhaps many other civilization around these parts.

it could also be an opportunity to expand the lore of cold/elemental shamans, northern wolf king, korba and such viking-like legends. mogdrogen and amatok could get more backstories.


I’m fully aware of that. Roadblocks/barriers that could only be repaired from the opposite side would address that. It’s the same logic they’re applying to repairing the Twin Falls bridge, and for that matter, it’s how they would have to handle a bridge between Staunton Mines and Broken Hills.
At any rate, I don’t have much expectation they’ll restore those sections, which is why I’m working on a mod for it. But this felt like my chance to bring it up again and have it seen.

Dear Developers.

Thank you very much for bringing in the new topic 1.8 directly after 1.7 has been released. That is really awesome.

As I get more and more into this game and really need to state that I love this game, I would like to make a suggestion for world expansion as well. They are listed after my own priorisation or wish to say so. Before I will write a novel… let’s start :slight_smile:

1) The boat in the Cultist’s Lair

The atmosphere in the Cultist’s Lair is unique in the game. The mixture of brown, red & purple is a well choosen colour mix. I really like it. When this boat could bring us to another small area I really would appreciate it as expansion. An area with the same atmosphere and colour mix.

2) The Broken Hill’s Tower

Within this tower there is nothing. But you can destroy a wall to get into it. That could be a “door” to a nice expansion. I like the “Western Style” of the region. So a small expansion here would be appreciated as well. There is space for it

3) Gloomwald Bridge

This would expand the world from the DLC. So if people have not bought it so far… :slight_smile: They need to buy it now, to be able to get in touch with the story behind it.

4) A new DLC

Yes a new DLC is not part of V1.8. Sure. But like Göthe said. "Warum in die Ferne schweifen? Sieh, das Gute liegt so nah.


With a new DLC I think you could add new content players are suffering for when it comes to end game character optimization. You have added so nice new MI item. You could, by adding a new story as DLC, give it a final touch. I have mentioned this in another thread and would like to catch it up again:

What do you think about this?

1. You will be able to craft green items in a combination (Prefix + Suffix) you would like to have

2. Therefore you must first of all achieve something. Like finishing Forgotten Gods or Ashes of Malmouth and you need to be at level 100

3. You will get a new quest after you have finished Ashes of Malmouth or Forgotten Gods.

4. When the quest is finished you will be able to farm something like a “Prefix warrant” & a “Suffix Warrant”

5. These new kind of warrants are only farmable from Endbosses, Nemesis, or Superbosses. And only farmable after finishing the quest mentioned in point 3

6. These warrants can be used only 1 time. Therefore you must farm more…

7. When the new quest mentioned in point 3 is finished the blacksmithes have a new “tab” or “option”
In this new tab you can place 1 Suffix warrant and or 1 Prefix warrant and an item you would like to convert.

New stuff, new expansion, new really good reasons to go for Nemesis bosses… End up in much more farming/grinding fun.

This could be an idea for the Cultist’s Lair as well because the atmosphere could be related to a story add on that would fit as a blacksmith is probably not the perfect choice for this kind of forging. Cultists or Witchers would probably fit better. Finally the creation of double rare items would still be a thing that stays rare as you need to farm the correct Prefix/Suffix warrants from Nemesis Bosses. These bosses are only reachable after getting the full reputation. The new warrants will be splitted to the different Nemesis Bosses. Means you need to get the full reputation beforehand. This is a grind for players. They will not get it done so fast. Only when they get near to end game. What I want to say. The addition of the ability to create your own double rare items is still a very rare option for end game players. Double rare items would keep the very rare status if you make them soulbounded.

These are my thoughts for further expansions or updates. :slight_smile: Now it is up to you to decide if these suggestions might make sense and are worth it to implement.

With kindest regards


The area between Tyrant’s and Twin Falls would probably rule out anything at Broken Hills.

As for the DC bridge, it’s been said time and time again that it’s not going to be repaired. Going south isn’t a good camera angle - plus the fact that no more expansions/DLCs for the game are planned. Smaller content updates will still happen so long as Crate think it’s viable to do so (hence Zan’s comment), but that’s all. Their focus is mainly on other games they’re developing now.

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I’ve been thinking on the “camera” problem with the southern region and it occurred to me - they could just do it “kinda” like they did FG and rather than going across the bridge you would instead port down to some area below and then work your way back up, to the bridge. That would be a feasible alternative I think.

There is, of course, the small matter of them even doing another expac tho - that’s not seeming likely right now anyway.


That is the trapdoor from Convict’s Tunnel in Devils Crossing. In the edge of reality it does not seem to have a function, or? :thinking:

Yes to snow and ice. We had our share of sand and lava.


the north is always the right way! if going south is the only way to explore a mysterious southern region, then just teleport to the southernmost point, and go north again!

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Not really sure how to go about this, But I love Grim Dawn. In many aspects its far better than… Lets say one large “cold” company could do. You can see the dedication to Grim Dawn more than the big box companies; push-a-half-finished-product-for-the-sake-of-money do. With that having been said I do have an idea or two. I’m not in the market for credit or such, I’ve given up hope on that. No. more… “would be cool” like ideas for the next expansion of the game. Careful though this might be a tl/dr mass of info but here it goes…
2 new classes. Mechanist and Curator.
The Mechanist is a steampunk like class that can summon automatons and use poison/acid thrower bomb attacks aether batteries for power and lightning with or through its summoned mechs.
The Curators are a very old and enigmatic group. using cold and chaos as their primary skills with small use of vitality. this class prefers to use its hands and or claws (new weapon set) They prefer to slow time and lock down their targets. using deep magics for such things older than even the eldritch gods.
After their defeat at Malmouth the aetherials mostly retreat back to plan a next course of attack… Since using humans and flesh proved to taint the aetherials possessing them with emotional fervor. they opt for something without emotions. Powerful machines. They turn their sights on the mechanists to the far south hidden away in their city around a massive volcano as the mines are rich with iron and coal. The mechanist and their automatons prove to be the perfect vessels for the new invasion. but some resist…of course. but they all seem to over look one thing…

4 new allies.
The SteamWorks society.: the last of the steammech people who are fighting pipe and wrench against the aetherial invaders. Holding their own with the new and amazing machines they continue to invent.Some even seeing the invasion as an exciting time to innovate and create more and more powerful machines…like a very dangerous game of chess.
The Archives; the center of all. ALL knowledge. everything in Cairn. protected and preserved by the Curators. Who keep and inscribe all events, secrets and truly powerful artifacts of the entire world… and other worlds.
The Retaken. Those aetherials who have indeed taken possession… but also have become quite connected to their human hosts… even choosing to communicate and let their host hold equal control of their bodies. these aetherials have found respect for Cairn and it inhabitants. having made known their beliefs to the aetherial council, have been outcast and branded traitors. now they have formed a resistance against their once aetherial brethren.
The Tellers. These Four beings sleep nearly eternal, almost Permanent meditation. only awakening for a brief moment to speak of those moments of time extremely important. they are kept and watched by the curators awaiting their revelations. Some don’t move or speak for centuries…but what happens when all four awaken at once?!

3 new enemy types:
Machines. since the invasion some machines have begun to malfunction and attack everything mercilessly, or mercifully other enemies…
Aetherial Automatons. The fully produced and possessed Aetherial machines extremely powerful and without emotion.
The Hollow: Simply put…well souls without souls. angry and destructive. no feeling or remorse… just one purpose eradicate all things…everything…till there is…nothing. just hollow… annihilation.

Maybe a new customization feature…?? elemental infusion/ affinity: choosing an element that one can become innate too. becoming highly resistant to it and even enhancing damage and skill effect of those skills of that element.even having an option to change a skills element all together. but also accepting the counter balance and becoming slightly weaker to another element generally opposed to it. Like for example choosing chaos will make you very strong in chaos maybe even having a chance to absorb chaos or having no casting cost for chaos effect for a short duration… but having a 25% reduction of aether effects, resistance (not effecting the cap mind just another penalty like effect from higher difficulties), or even having a random monster(boss maybe) appear to attack you with higher aether damage.

Anyways these are my ideas. I still want a class of strong poison acid effect. while yes i understand that the oathkeeper is that class, we are still at the mercy of predominantly melee classes. and to get the best often is left to hopes and wishful thinking of a lottery like system of extremely rare legendary sets dropping. but where is my cold damage love for spell casters. make that assassin nights chill naughty… channeled hurricanes or cold whips multi striking as a caster/ attack effect…Fingers of frost?? maybe…
Anyway thank you for letting me pontificate. I’ll cross my fingers. I know this story isn’t done. Can’t wait to see whats next. Thank you to the Devoted Devs and all of Crate.

This is probably going to break your heart then, but…

Grim Misadventure #114: A New Thing...

What happened to the promised Steampunkiness, Crate?

If you ever want Steampunk in the game it’s going to have to be thru mods - because it’s not going to happen officially. Don’t feel bad tho - you aren’t the first to think that just because you saw some random ass engine lying on the ground around the game that that meant GD was Steampunk, and you won’t be the last.

If you ponder on it tho and really look at the game and pay attention it will dawn on you that, besides the Victorian-era feel of the game, literally the only thing in the game that even remotely hints at Steampunk is those exceedingly few engines. I guess you could make an argument for the firearms but for the most part they don’t really look Steampunk - but it’s kinda hard to pin down that area of Steampunk as gun designs vary wildly - from almost normal looking to extremely fantastical…

Welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

In addition to powbam’s points, the devs have made it clear that there’ll be no more masteries added to the game unless they make another expansion; and there are no more expansions planned for the game.

Crate are focusing on their other game projects, though they’ll continue to support GD so long as it makes sense to do so.

Regardless if the ideas will find their place anywhere I appreciate the amount of thought you put into your post.

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i sure do love some more techno-goth contents for gd. demolitionists will love em. grim dawn is more magic magic magic witchy witchcraft rather than goth victoria van helsingness.

that made me realize, grim dawn prioritize magic on its theme over technology. still love the magic theme of the game. but some more magitech items wouldn’t hurt. because there’s some hint about erulan military’s demolitionist division being created to utilize gunpowder/explosives to counter the devastating power of magic user.

a cool example of magitech item in grim dawn is this:

that pistol combines the dark magic and victorian era van helsing tech theme of grim dawn perfectly. i always found grim dawn’s idea of using pistols as magic wands and rifles as magic staff a unique appeal of its own. there’s also a part of me that hopes many spells can be cast by using unique pistol/rifle animations rather than typical magic hand casting animations. but if it never happens in gd series, it won’t be a big deal.

speaking of magitech items and gunpowders, that reminds me… does korvan and arkovian empire have gunpowder weapons in their time? its kinda funny if the one deciding factor that makes erulan survivors live for a long time is gunpowder…

erulan survivors: we might be besieged by evil spirits/demons/monsters/cosmic entities, but we got PISTOLS!!! RIFLES!!! EXPLOSIVES!!! THEY’LL ALL SHATTER BEFORE THE POWER OF EXPLOSIONS!!!

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What lies further in the Bone Pit ?