Announcing Fangs of Asterkarn!

There wont be any texts to translate this time :slight_smile:

Android and Switch port please. The performance was leave some to be desired but there was no other games like TQ or GD. Torchlight was lackluster in term of combat and felt nothing of power increase and little feedback. D3 i honestly couldn’t swallow. it just not my cup of tea.


Fire it up!

(Warning: may be “trigger” inducing)

What do you mean tomorrow? Patch is coming out then, not the expansion.

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Lololol. See. I get steam notifications. Get all excited. Then my hopes and dreams are crushed because my reading comprehension sucks. :crazy_face:

Wouldn’t that be a nice surprise tho? :grin:

Where is patch? :thinking:

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asking the real questions :grin:

Included in 1.2 obv. :face_with_monocle: :point_up:

Good Bye New World, welcome Grim Dawn back into my life with wide open arms!

Amazing news! Looking forward to pairing Nightblade with Berserker and seeing where it gets me.

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Licks fingers in anticipation

What in the actual world is happening here! Someone woke me up from the grave! I sense an ungodly developer lying and his presence disturbs my eternal slumber! Oh Zantai, why are we still updating this game? :imp:

I think he took my words with serious care and consideration in deciding to break his promise, pulled his trigger on another expansion? The nerve he has lying straight to our faces? Is this the kind of development team we want in our modern age of gaming?

Well guess its time to be back, Im tired of sleeping anyway! :grin:

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