Any advice for smooth levelling?

I am playing a cold dual wield/shadow strike infiltrator on hardcore.

Mid elite right now after resetting my saves so got no rep for augments yet and waiting on level 70 to equip a drop that will replace the main hand I’ve been using for ages (Enchanter’s Spectral Longsword of Alacrity).

So I want a pair of loxmere daggers but that is real spooky for me on HC. Any good MI’s I have missed? They have added so many!

Few scary moments with FG in Veteran but otherwise feels strong so far. Devotions feel a bit off though maybe some suggestions with less crit/active skill procs I have to worry about?

ugdenbog chillstrife is good, targetable farm and these can get 400% cold damage later on, -% cold res is good too.

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Oh okay I spared Larria so killing Janaxia in veteran is my best bet then is she one of the mobs where you can tell what weapon she is using?

Seems like a pretty quick run either way does it matter if I outscale the area like will she stop dropping her stuff like aether crystals do?

nah if shes lvl 55 shell drop a lvl 55 dagger, etc. I dont think the model changes with weapon wielded.

You might be level 70 before you get any good affixes though “Frostborn/Glacial ______ of Shattering” being my preference

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I made a few changes to skills, devotion and components:

And replace both rings asap :wink: