Cold fw battlemage upd. 18.03.22 (see first post for more information)

is it ok to have a bit overres of slow and freeze? or I dont need it
i changed devotion a bit becouse most of monsters have a phys dmg i take +4% phys resist (with 18.6k HP i still have 12HP/s)
also now I have a budget cold ring (still farming for elite cold ring)

also tried to overres my items

got covided(
I know some monsters can dispel all buffs, bottls of resist included?

have a question
when I tryied to craft

belt Wendigo Warder Waistguard then blacksmith added only 1 affix. so I have not prefix +suffix. is it random?
or should I farm Ugdenbog Girdle later? becouse they can be suffix+prefix

looks like green craft always +1 affix (then it pointless to MI items)
yellow craft +2affix

However, to compensate for their base stats, a Rare-quality blueprint will never generate two affixes. This means that rolling a single Rare affix on one of these blueprints is the highest quality item they will generate.

Yeah, it’s just as you wrote. I hate crafted belts because of that. Especially that they are not that cheap.


I know some monsters can dispel all buffs, bottls of resist included??

Yeah, there’s a rant thread about it from time to time:

I’m 99% sure bottles are dispelled as well - I wouldn’t count on them without my buffs anyway. I play with Grim Internals sound warning and text notification because I sometimes don’t notice being nullified and run without buffs totally unaware. Also made some mod turning it off for players that don’t like it.

so allres+40% (w/o bleed/poison because I have high regen) is musthave for HC, i think
the most problem to get HP, regen HP, OA, resists together on items that I have to change. it is belt, boots and pants. gloves already bis because have cast speed, regen, hp and 38chaos resist on them
pants is probably guardian of dreeg’s pants that I already have (just with different affixes)
probably I a bit overthinking, after bloom farming it will be eathier to get res later
also the only improving in dps I see is +1soldier belt or unique alk rings or judicator;s seals set.

tqFan SR games could drop every item from game? or I still need to farm MI specific items

sorry to tell you but those gloves are not bis at all, maybe a skorn will serve you better

sorry to tell you but those gloves are not bis at all, maybe a skorn will serve you better

also I know my build better.
i need 1 item with regen on it. (except set rings and medal) to get atleast 12HP/s

also i have already this one in stash

also I dont want to be less then 18k HP on HC.and dont want to be bottle resist dependent. I save some items in stash to combine them together after bloom farming

maybe later I will change my mind, but now I need HP regen to deal damage
because playstyle is looking for set proc and then try to deal max damage (probably facetanking), if set not proc there is no dmg
difference between proc and no proc is 188k(probably because of crits) and 90kdps

also ITS MY build and I love nem, crimson heart and this gloves, we are playing for fun isnt it? yr gloves will be ~5k dps difference (my green gives more dps) and less HP, HP/sec and RES


alright 1st unique ring done
tqFan SR can drop MI’s items?

Some yes, not all of them.

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They don’t drop MI from dungeon bosses and some nemesis

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so for example I cant get
Dreeg-Sect Legguards - Items - Grim Dawn Item Database from sr? becouse it is a dungeon boss most likely
Guardian of Dreeg


nor of the guardians of solael and bysmiel

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one more noob question MI’s items have same pool of affixes (prefix+suffix) than default green items?

Yes, the pools differ between item types (axe vs sword) not rarity (MI vs magic)

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so for example for me no point to check non MI’s pants, because
Dreeg-Sect Legguards
always have same suffix+prefix as non MI’s and on top of
+2/+4% Offensive Ability
Increases Health Regeneration by 20/30%
22/32% Vitality Resistance
26/40% Reduced Stun Duration

it is like triple affix item

The longer you play, the less you check non-MI items with random affixes because even if they could be good relatively the chance for that is so small that you basically only waste your time by checking them out in inventory (if picking all greens for $$$) or by not filtering them if not needing $$$.


actually I like this MI’s system,it reminds openworld to me like sacred underworld
still farming for second unique ring. but more sleep couse of covid
and dont ask me why russian translate of MI’s items is

enemy equipment

just got scythe update btw
same dps +cast speed + OA and 36elem res

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Actually I think this trully endgame boots

not my currently Amatok’s step
just need slow resistance on MI’s pants/belt

currently still farming for second ring and MI’s pants with slow res ( for heart for keys also )

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