Cyclone Archon 93SR viable, not a guide

Yo guys, today I wouldn’t write a long guide, because it would be nerfed to the ground till you reach the end. Just a little demonstration.


ultos’ spec dps with all procs
>>>grimtools<<< new defensive spec with Ishtak and Obelisk of Menhir, 93sr

>>>grimtools<<< first usual spec with Ultos, 90SR + <7 min crucible naked




89 SR Alexander,Fabius, Reaper facetanked

With Ultos



88 SR
83 SR hard room


Mate from our comunity Alexgoldfish also tested fire eor
Unfortunatly, no vid from SR, only cruci
screenshot of 91 SR completed

there we go

The end.


holly-molly, monster build:D


Good on ya, John. A++

Wtf kind of DPS sheet is that, John.
Wtf with that clear cruci time, wtf naked cruci below 7 minutes. Wtf John

Mad job! BRB, trying EoR now.

Ha-ha,that DPS and clearing time naked:D.Good job figuring stuff!Before nerfing your build again,we should build hall of fame with builds from different patches that achieved crazy times.This pic should go on top of thread,followed by N&O and spellbinders you showed in previous patches.


Hall of broken fame

Ha-ha-ha :smiley:


Thx, glad u liked it :slight_smile:

Open 3rd page and look at phys res :cool:
Btw it is not only fast, it’s very safe, u can see that i even didn’t break timer on 89 SR (Grava did it on 90)

Hall of fame (cemetery)


Open 3rd page and look at phys res

I try to figure out where it all comes from…:confused:

What is dummy killtime with your setup?

set(10off hand+10set), scepter, chest,pants,boots, 2 seals of might

with hotfix3 and def setup ~21 sec, barbaros’ pants, ghoul, diamond procs give a lot of dmg due to AS

set(10off hand+10set), scepter, chest,pants,boots, 2 seals of might

Right. Chest has two times. And you´re using only 1 Seal of Might, could even be more. :wink:

In the Ultos setup i see you have taken Savagery/Tenacity etc, i dont see you using it in your vids on first glance.

Also what do you think about storm totem?

oops :slight_smile:

Yep, it was first version of build, on lower shards I used savagery, AS from last nod and OA gives a lot of dmg. But on higher ones it became impossible to use.
And those points wouldn’t give a lot of benefits, only invest in mastery and rebalance attributs for more physique.
Totem is waste of points and time to cast it. On high shards I have no time to use winds or corruption. And totem has no dmg compared to winds and EoR.

So what was it that made this so broken john? Can you explain the mechanics to dumb spanks here?

EoR breaks GD mechanics of hitting in face/kiting. You could move near target, you will hit it and take no dmg or much less dmg compared to usual facetank.

You got full lifesteal from every enemy on the way kept going.

Winds give additional option to kite in difficult situations and paladin has additional RR and dmg absorption.

And so far EoR dmg is awesome(for fire/lightning and mb phys EoR). It would be really difficult for Crate to make it balanced between oupie and garbage.

Forgot to add nice phys resistance on Cyclone.

How does it break GD mechanics exactly?

I’ll try to find vid to explain, wait for it.

Unfortunatly i have’nt recorded successfull run, but this videven better explains it.
This is first ultos’ build. On 87 2 reapers kills me in a couple of hits, and Alex spams his shit all the time. But I keep moving and with correct microcontrol could kite them 3-4 mins till they die. Pay attention, char recieve dmg all the time, but he LL it fast. No more skills in masteries allows to do it (mb siphon souls, but it’s dmg is quite low).

Usually we can: hit in face and have LL, but enemies would hit us with full power. Or we could kite, but without solid LL(only bat and so on), and enemies wouldn’t stay in our dmg:cocktails, meteors, totems dmg area etc)=> effictiveness drops to zero.

EoR saves our effective dmg, effective LL when enemies get dmg loss due to kiting. And it does many “ticks” 5-10 per second, so it’s hard to kill us between LL “procs”. And the more enemies the more EoR effective.

foooh, I hope I made it clear

That was a beautiful explanation, and an even funnier video. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for going through all that trouble for me.

You totally reminded me of a beyblade. #letitrip.