Diablo 4 - no more rainbow shiny bullshit

Diablo 4 is actually going to look dark, gritty and gross - no more rainbow shiny bullshit this time!

So apparently Diablo 4 will be be a Grim Dawn clone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

the diablo 3 devs do realize that original diablo 3 is too bright and cartoonish, so they try to make reaper of souls expansion much more dark and grim. and i’ve read somewhere that they learned their lesson. they want diablo 4 to go back to its creepy and dark atmosphere of diablo 1 & 2.

hopefully their diablo immortal mess won’t hinder their focus on making diablo 4 better than its predecessor while keeping in spirit with the original dark theme of diablo 1.

Overall i think they go in the right direction if this leaks are true. I spend thousand of hours on D2 but D3 never got me really hooked. Worst part for me was the missing skill trees. The GR focused endgame killed the game for me too. I liked the way D2 played itself much more. Finish the campain on all difficulty and farming bosses was more my kind of the cake. Yeah sure the one billionst Baal run wasn’t that much exiting but feels for me much better than GR pushing.

Such a disappointment. Diablo IV is totally Diablo 3.5 with Dark contrast colour. Rather stick with Grim Dawn.


I saw the trailer. Best diablo trailer ever made, seriously. Probably best game trailer made by Blizzard. I didnt saw much from the gameplay, but only I can tell is this: If they keep blood, gore, dark and gothic enviroment from D1 and D2, if they keep some serious character development (active or passive skill tree) and if they keep fluent combat and shared stash from D3, they could bring franchise back to top. Its too early to say anything and only thing we can do is hope and pray :slight_smile:

I will not forget the Travesty that is Failablo 3.

I was there during it’s Development, I was there when it was brought forth unto the world in all it’s unnatural state and I was there when the Developers continued to fail the Diablo Fanbase.

While there may be some amount of hope for Diablo 4 that is marred by the History of Blizzard.

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I see a lot of people saying this, but for the life of me, I can’t understand it. The gameplay shown looks very different from D3, much more realistic.

It’s just a new “dark” skin on the same engine from what it looks like.

So was I - for some reason I got into the friends and family beta and they changed the game almost every week getting worse and worse…

I would not count on D4 looking anything like this just yet, anything and everything can change - except the rendered trailer :wink:

To me it looks like they want to go conservative again, almost like a step towards D2 rather than forward from D3. All classes are from D2 rather than showing anything new. Turning brightness down while keeping the comic look mostly intact (shame, that) for a more D2 look… on the one hand I can understand why they play it safe, after getting burned by D3 so completely, but on the other I feel like they did not have much to show that was new / interesting because of that.
If someone told me the gameplay was from the long delayed 2nd D3 expansion with the new class being the Druid, I had no reason to doubt that.

It looked like a Diablo 3 reskin to me with clunkier gameplay given its early status. Personally, found the announcement completely underwhelming – felt this way about Blizzcon in general this year. They gave every indication that this game is 2 years away and talked a lot about theoretical plans. Diablo 3 looked decent early on as well, but a lot off the ideas got stripped away as they progressed. Early iterations of runes were completely different than the mess they ended up.

I think I would have been more hyped about a Diablo 2 Remaster because at least I know what I am getting with that game. It’s weird to have lost so much faith in a company that not too long ago would have been a “take my money with no questions asked.”

Right now I am more or less going the way of the D4 “hate train” but to be fair to D4 I have to chime in and note that it actually isn’t a reskin, by all accounts:

GamesBeat: How much new tech is there with the lighting in the game?

Murphy: It’s a brand new engine, brand new renderer, brand new lighting tech. We have dynamic time of day that happens when you’re in the overworld. We even have dynamic time of day in the random exterior dungeons we’re making.

We have dynamic weather systems. When it starts to rain, things get wet. Ripples start to happen after it’s been raining for a while. Water accumulates. Your hero gets wet. All these things happen, and that affects lighting. It’s PVR, so this is the first time we’ve had that in Diablo. It’s a completely new lighting pipeline. It’s actually been really cool to build it.

While I wouldn’t be surprised if they ported various things from the D3 engine over to what they built for D4, in the end it sounds like it has mostly been built from the ground up.

Yeah, I read all of the stuff about the new tech and all of that and I didn’t mean that it literally was a reskin, just that it felt similar enough that it didn’t get me particularly excited. Maybe that’s because I knew it was coming and I know it is a long way off? Maybe it is just the unfortunate acceptance that I have lost complete faith in Blizzard’s ability to produce a game that feels like a true RPG.

I also fully accept that I’m not even sure what Blizzard could have announced that would have excited me, which is completely unfair. I guess I would have been excited about a D2 remaster, largely because WC3: Reforged looks pretty great to me, but even that is just renewed excitement that something I once loved is again enjoyable because it doesn’t look like psychedelic, blurry painting.

Also, they already confirmed no offline play for Diablo 4, which I find disgusting. Idk, very strange.

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Agreed. I don’t mind a diablo game having multiplayer and I could stomach D3 at the beginning long enough not to overly mind the online-only requirement since the multiplayer aspects were out-of-your-face sufficiently enough. The decision to go deeper into MMO territory turns me completely off as I feel diablo-type games should remain flexible - maybe GD spoils us in this regard, I dunno. Just the way I feel about it.

Reading this pretty much killed any shred of interest I had:

Yeah, no fan of forced MP either, and wondering how many players there will be in one instance. I never felt that meeting another player I don’t know (ie am not playing with) added anything good to the mix, and more often than not was actually detrimental.

I find it weird that the article you linked says it is unclear whether dungeons are instanced, anything else I read clearly said they are. Maybe the author should pay more attention to the events he is visiting :wink:

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Yea I’ve read in the other articles about it being instanced. From what I’ve read it appears that it all depends on where you are in the game influencing how many people you’ll see around you at any given time. They are also claiming that it’s going to be designed that you can tackle it all solo if you want but it’s too little too late for me. I gave up on online-only games completely some time after D3 and I just don’t care for the hassle of other people in my games anymore.

Plus, if I’m being honest, I have much greater respect and affection for games that allow you to mod to them - something incompatible with online-only. I find offline moddable games have infinitely more replayability than any online game ever could have and a superior shelf-life.

I assume you can, minus maybe the world bosses. But being able to take on anything solo from a power perspective is not the same as actually being able to play solo, i.e. without anyone also fighting the same bosses or whatever as you do in ‘your’ game (you cannot actually select to play solo, you are always in MP)

same, at best they are not a positive addition, but more often than not I feel they get in the way of me playing how I want to play / force me to change how I play

ironically I do not play mods all that much, I probably spend more time actually doing the modding, but apart from that I do agree with your statement :wink:

Honestly, I’ve only dabbled lightly here and there with them so far in GD. And I totally understand about “spending more time doing” - I have learnt all about that end of the stick while making GD Switcher. But I suspect I’ll get more into them once development on GD runs its course.

While technically you’re forced to see other players not in your group, you aren’t grouped with them so you aren’t interacting except to complete the objective, like killing the world boss during the event.

They said that the new engine will show around 20+ish characters on screen with you during these events, though more may be participating in the event. This will help reduce lag and give a sense of scale to the battle. Towns will show a lot more people.

At least that’s how I understood it. I may be wrong, though.

Just look at some of the Lost Ark world boss videos. Such an absolute mess with names, effects and characters standing on top of characters and so on. Disgusting.

This is one big reason why MMO aspects in an ARPG (or in general imo) are more of a detraction. If you want a ton of players you need to expand the battlefield and force said players to disperse and not clump up together in a mucus covered blob of indefinable proportions.

If there is just 1 big boss target you need other enemy objectives. Like what about the group of evil shagnasty spellcasters who are healing said boss while throwing down lightning bolts of amazing power? Or maybe this boss has a few generals who intimidate the lesser minions of evil into being far more dangerous? Maybe there is large offensive movement by the enemy that hopes to actually gain some sort of objective value in the game in which case usually there is ZERO OBJECTIVES AT ALL!

No purpose, just pure stupidity and vomit strewn across the computer screen using a Cats Ass to spread it around.

There are ways to do what these MMO’s want but they aren’t being done because that would take too much thought and work not to mention causing your computer to have a complete meltdown making Chernobyl look like a wet fart in comparison.

edit: That being said Chernobly is a great mini-series though not entirely factual.

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for mmo bosses. i think dungeon bosses should be spread out across the field working as team to bring down player parties. in essence, split down the objectives so that numbers and gfx doesn’t clutter the entire screen which happens a lot when more than 10 players beat up a giant boss that also fills up the screen.

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