Endgame balancing problem

:rofl: that’s what I meant by tight policy.
Internet address or a link to the competitor of the forum can always trigger deletion of the post. So we suck it up by getting around it by putting it in the pic or adding non-related characters to it, such as 8NKO模拟器QrON, you just have to delete 模拟器 then you get the right string 8NKOQrON

:joy: The tricky part is we are somewhat tired too.
And I never get a grip of what their standards are. There are 200 levels of SR, however they seems to be balancign around 65ish. I get this is for the benefits of the general non-hardcore players. But it’s the type of thing make our passion evaporate.
And history taught us that whatever we post here, it’s doom to a nerf.
Edit 1 : Crate has done some outstanding work on balencing in general. except one nerf to warlord wasn’t enough :thinking:

Actually it’s technically an infinite amount of “levels” you can delve (naturally, there’s going to be a very finite limit any given build can safely reach). Zantai considers 60-65 to be on par to Cruc 170, in my understanding.

It’s cause you guys got a different approach to the game and when it’s posted and people here start to adapt it to what we’re used to then your ideas get the blame and get nerfed.

The DA meta for example was IIRC only a bleed warder and some commando at the start and then people realized you can mix it with old OP rune infiltrators or the OP Vindicators and it just got out of hand.

It might not be indefinite. it was told by our modders.

Well, then I guess that’s between them and Crate as Zantai has always summed it up as being “effectively unlimited”. Maybe there is a 200 cap because they figured noone would likely ever reach it?

health bonus fyi. :neutral_face:

But it matters nothing. We can barely make it to lvl 100. :joy:

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Can you share some of the better builds from your community in private? Does your community watches builds from these forums? Do they build for Crucible too or just SR?

This is because bat/ghoul isn’t necessary in SR where the goal is to whittle the nemesis/superbosses one by one. Survival is of utmost importance in the crucible, and obviously not in the SR.

“Deader than a doorknob is a good one”

Off topic, whatever happened to your signature? I loved Jiaco’s comment on your signature :smiley:
On topic, great that you are putting so much effort into extracting the Chinese builds. Thanks

On that note, @ABCbarbecue have you considered making another one of those build collection threads where you demonstrate some builds to us.
In the past such builds helped a lot in discussions about balance.

Nice to see you are still around. I agree with your statement on as long as the end game is accesible to most build concepts then it should be fine.

But shouldn’t optimum performance also be a thing? We have seen crucible times go from 20-30 minutes in vanilla (correct me if I am wrong here) to 10 minutes average in AoM to sub 7 minutes in FG.

Clearly there’s been a shift in what’s considered to be “normal” by the community. So now I wonder what’s considered to be normal by the community now.


Even I could finish Crucible 170 with that Meta (5.000 DA ftw!). :joy:

Posting a build might result in a nerf. But on the Trickster with Shield e. g…it reminds me that I tried something similar and saw that there is no good Prefix/Suffix for Bleeding Damage. That is something to suggest for fixing.

I know but Ghoul e. g. helps a lot to survive if you got more than one Boss and rely on ADctH.

Well, we don’t have forum sigs anymore :frowning:

however, here is the post where jiaco dropped the famous line…

Console version or content?


I am always pro for reciprocal sharing and communitcating. That was why we first came here to share our builds at 1.0.40 time ? Because that’s the time when this forum was quite inactive. You needed new air here. We were hoping to help with it, even though it may be unnoticed.

Same goes with this time. I may not fully sharing which would require a full vote of our players, but I am sharing. :slight_smile:

Well I guess the worse than getting a nerf is to write all necessary things about it.
all we need is a link to tell the story for those who can well-play.

Spock is here, so I feel like should jump in!

Definitely is great to see different thought process of build crafting. But going in SR Behemoth or other means of healing can help you survive. My first char ever in SR was Shieldbreaker. I used back then Behemoth, Dryad and Chariot. So in SR, makes sense to go there. Although Bat+Ghoul is still premier defensive combo.

Oh I remember the quote very well. I was just curious why you dropped the sig. Makes sense now, I didn’t even notice that this forum lacks signatures. Heck I forgot that even I used to have one.

Ah, okay. Language Barrier.

Well, don´t write a guide. Make up a thread like “Builds from the Chinese Community”, drop in the links and a short explanation…and perhaps someone will give it a try (write SR 80 and surely someone will try it).

Yeah I kinda wish Zantai would just enable signatures (which he can do by the way).

Hello, ABC. Glad you are here even for just a moment, haha.