Eye of Reckoning: Soldier or Demo?

i’m making a fire Eye of Reckoning build (as the title implies) but i’m not sure of which second mastery to pick. I love the survivability that comes with the soldier, but demo has some pretty cool fire abilities (mortar and mines)

is there much of a difference in regards to survivability? that’s the most important thing to me since this is supposed to become my “relaxing character”. i’m aware that blast shield can make you pretty tanky, so that’s why i came to ask on the forums

best fire EoR based on Paladin class
Oathkeeper + Inquisitor

i’m not gonna be farming high-end stuff due to my time constraints, i’ll be satisfied with a character that can clear the campaign (on Ultimate)

still, thanks for the tip

They are both stronk, in my experience shieldbreaker (demo) was more relaxing to lvl and probably has better synergy with fire.

I’m not sure about this. I think the best fire-based EoR spec is @plasmodermic’s infernal knight Shield breaker.

@RickM: it depends on the damage type you’re going for. EoR is a strong skill.

If you want the soldier, you’ll be going for physical EoR using warborn + beronath sword.

While it may have a little less damage output than other elemental EoR damage types, it plays INCREDIBLY smooth and is far sturdier.



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I think the best is @mad_lee’s fire EoR

Mines now a little bit overbuffed
Inq has Seal it is more safer spining inside it
Also Inq has bonus damage to Chtonians

Maybe Shieldbreiker show us a little bit better Crucible time
But better time is not better build

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It is ~40s faster. That’s a massive difference.

You’re neglecting the massive burn damage from BWC and new/improved thermite mines.

EDIT: you also get far more flexible devotion pathing thanks to agonizing flames.

@plasmodermic’s IK EoR also does 76 very consistently, so it appears to be just as reliable.

34 sec
It is not realy big difference
But with Inq you have Seal = flat absorp!
of couse I choose more safer build with simmilar timings

lol. 34s is as big a difference as night and day in ~6min runs.

P.S: You have blastshield with the demo too.

I guess we can agree to disagree here, mate. Different priorities, different specs. At the end of the day, they are both excellent

I guess it all depends if you prefer survivability over better times/damage. Paladin is probably tankier but the shieldbreaker melts things much faster. I actually think there might be a decent shieldbreaker version using SR set for the extra survivability.

@Plasmodermic - did you ever consider trying wyrmscale on your gloves? grey magi’s might be worth testing too.

I don’t think I did test them because I wanted as much attack speed as possible. Maybe it would work out to be stronger, I might test them if I update the build next patch or something.

seems like most of your damage is coming from burns rather than eor’s flat. better OA and %burn might be better here.

I personally prefer shieldbreaker over paladin aswell for fire EoR on patch Buffed thermite mines are too good and BWC+blast shield is really solid. Also Aura of Censure exclusive’s damage debuff doesn’t stack with soulfire so it loses value. Paladin was stronger in 1.1.3 and can very easily be stronger in 1.1.5 again depending on buffs/nerfs.

Paladin/Shieldbreaker > Warlord for fire EoR.

@RektbyProtoss Dis motherfucker plays HC too :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote Necromancer! for the passive RR on both masteries

damn, i loved that shieldbreaker build. thanks for the links

Necromancer for fire EoR? Nice :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I know you are talking about physical EoR and necro is good for that, but OP said he wants to make a fire EoR build.

Oops :stuck_out_tongue:

@sir_spanksalot Mmm Phallus me daddy! :heart_eyes:

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